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One of my claims to fame
is being the first person
fined for a traffic offence
after being caught on
I can see where the pro-
privacy lobby is coming from.
Nowadays a short trip to the High
Street means facing more cameras than
a celeb treading the red carpet.
But, we're all different and I can't say it
gets me too worked up.
I try to imagine the scene at Big Brother
HQ, where all the officers on my case
I don't think so. But in the early days of of the local post office. And who is that
have come together to discuss Yours
Surveillance Society, I can report that youngster, captured riding one-handed
Truly. One might observe frequent
even a small girl couldn't idle carefree. in the very centre of the road, coat
trips to the newsagent, emerging with
My mother, even in our isolated country flapping in the breeze?
bulging bags, a second, reporting till
village of just two residents' cars, had
receipts collected from the bin outside
a rule that her young daughter must So, a sixpenny fine was
the Co-op, might indicate many items
never take her ‘trike’ through the garden administered on the
listed only as ‘confectionery’ . And a
gate and out into the road. And being basis of the evidence,
third, having intercepted and opened
an obedient child, this was something as produced.
my Christmas presents sent by post,
that would be adhered to. So, the What was my other
might back up the trend.
Saturday sixpence was always earned hand doing while not
"Boss" says a fourth, trying to draw
and spent on sweeties (please don't tell holding the handle
some meaningful conclusion.
Big Brother HQ). bar? Forget it! That
“I think we've got a chocaholic on our
was no mobile
hands. Shall I pull her in?"
That is, until the first official postcard of phone, it was
our village went for sale on the shelves a lolly.
Jane Webb has lived in Eltham since '85 with her husband and daughter. She has taught at several local primary schools'
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