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Shame, shame, shame
toilets in Well Hall Road have might be getting an award from the New The contact
re-opened to provide public Shopper for being the greenest leader in SE centre could
facilities in the wake of the Eltham Centre London, but he would not win any points also promote
Fire. on the health front. arts and
However, you would have to be SEnine put forward a suggested attractions
very brave to use them. They are not fit solution to the improvement and healthy in Eltham
for a dog to use let alone members of the use of the facilities. That suggestion can be by acting as
public. viewed on the SEnine web site a contact
SEnine visited the toilets to gauge point and
just how bad they were, and was shocked In a nut shell, it was suggested sales office.
that the council would even attempt to to council that the toilets could be The centre could be staffed
suggest these are anywhere near up to redeveloped by turning the male toilets by volunteers from the various groups
standard. Council Leader Chris Roberts into male and female toilets, and the involved
existing female toilets into a into to a • They could promote Eltham,
local contact point, unofficial tourist promote other tourists attractions,
centre, booking office and local arts give information, sell Eltham tourist
contact centre. paraphernalia and tickets to shows and
The contact centre could be performances around Eltham
staffed by volunteers who, as part
of their function, would oversee the Overall, this appears to be a win/win
healthy and polite use of the toilets. situation for everyone, with the council
The contact centre could be used benefiting from the toilets being managed,
to direct tourists, who often travel from and thereby reducing if not eliminating
Eltham station to Eltham palace on vandalism, anti social and promiscuous
foot, to other attractions in Eltham. behaviour.
Deansfield Supergrounds Grant
The playground at an
stepping stones, mosaics and mirrors. Bernard, said the initiative had enthused
The children come up with ideas which the children because they had been able to
SE9 primary school is
are discussed among themselves, parent contribute to the planning.
helpers and staff. “Parts of the playground weren’t being used
being transformed – by
Among the new features are three totem and needed a tidy-up”, she said.
poles liberated from the O’Neills shop in “It has been really good for team building
the children themselves.
Bluewater, which was closing. and skills for life”, she said.
Deansfield’s Inclusion Leader, Michelle
at Deansfield
primary have
been planning how to spend a £4,000
grant from Supergrounds, the community
programme of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
The funds are being used to add new
features to the playground and bring
into use spare patches of land alongside
So far, art tutors have worked with the
children to create a giant heron out of
willow and an outdoor frieze depicting
scenes from the Owl and the Pussycat, as
well as decking and new shrubs.
In the pipeline are small allotments for each
class to learn about growing their own
vegetables and a quiet play area, away from
the rough and tumble of ball games.
Ideas for the quiet area include hop scotch,
Eltham a great place to live
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