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Old Fox Out-Foxed
Herbaceous is aware there are two schools of thought about
the foxes which let us share their neighbourhood.
himself is never seen ate half of them
putting out bowls of warm before you had
milk and bread on frosty nights for the chance. The
the creatures by way of rental. pop bottle cob
protector tactic
Coming from a part of the world saw off that
where foxes knew their place problem.
was rural, he spent his first nights
in SE9 alarmed at their tortured So, a degree of
screeching, thinking babies were cat-and-mouse
being mutilated, or worse. had grown up
between the
In the pre-wheely Black Sack days, wily operator
the morning routine would always haunting the
involve collecting unpleasant back garden
under-estimated their gastronomic
debris strewn far and wide by and the wily operator in the potting
overnight raiders. shed.
The ripped bag was found empty
And, when planting out his new The crunch came over an eagerly
under a bush, surrounded by a mass
garden with shrubs, it seemed the anticipated bag of mussels, stowed
of cracked shells, the only thing
vulpines had their own opinion for safekeeping in the snow outside
missing a paw-printed message of
about where they should go, the back door.
‘thanks mate’ in the snow.
usually removed from the soil and
left sideways on the lawn. One of Herbs favourite lunchtime
But rumour has it that his garden
treats, it seemed an unlikely target
is the only one in SE9 with a three-
Next it was the allotment. The good for a foe with no access to white
star Michelin rating. Herbs’ only
news is that the foxes would always wine, cream, butter, garlic, black
consolation was that if you’re to be
let you know when your sweet corn pepper, parsley and Book Two of the
out-foxed, it’s only right it’s by the
was ready. The bad news is that they Delia Smith Cookery Course. He’d
real thing.
The Family Business that still offers a personal service
 Covering all areas  Private Chapels of Rest
 Pre-paid Funerals  24 Hour Service
 Monumental Masons
Branches also at:
Petts Wood, Dulwich,
Forest Hill, Sidcup,
In the care of Nicholas & Matthew Uden New Cross & Camberwell
51 - 53 Passey Place, Eltham SE9 5DA
Tel: 020 8850 2868
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