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They shared the bill with ‘The Kinks’ at Eltham Baths and
played before 2,000 at the Palace cinema in the High
Street. Local band Lynx4 are still rocking. ROZ BRITNELL

spoke to them.
in Eltham during The former Eltham Green pupils have
the 1960s and fond memories of catching the music
rehearsing at drummer Martin Davies’ house bug in lessons and from singing hymns in
where we played in Roper Hall and
on Dunvegan Road, Lynx4 quickly became assembly. So what lured them into
Jeffrey Hall and then The Avery Hill Mansion
popular regulars on the circuit performing rock ‘n’ roll.?
for a Summer Ball, with the Mojos on the
at Avery Hill Teacher Training College and
same bill. Our biggest venue in SE9 was at
the ABC Cinema. Roger explained: “First hearing Elvis
Eltham Baths with the Kinks”.
Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and
[November 8, 1985]
The winning musical formula includes Buddy Holly and then seeing Buddy Holly
Roger Bowman on bass, Mick Cater on performing live on TV on a Sunday night at
More recently you are likely to find the band
rhythm, Martin Davies on drums and Ron the London Palladium! We all thought ‘we
playing at the New Eltham Social Club which
Morris on lead guitar. could do that’.
they favour as a more intimate setting.
So watching Six Five Special on TV with
Traditionally the band prefer to perform
British performers made us think "We could
cover songs, but have written and produced
do better than that!”. Lynx 4 may have
their own material including a rare 60s track
travelled all over, but they certainly left their
called ‘I Think I’ll Lose My Mind”. So does
hearts in SE9, as Ron tells me about their
mainly performing other bands songs
favourite gig venues.
become a jar at all?
“We have wonderful memories of
performing in Eltham. Our all-time
favourite venues in Eltham were The
ABC Palace Cinema in the High Street
which was a 2,000-seater and we
loved the screaming fans on a
Saturday morning.
“Another favourite for us chaps
would have to be Avery Hill
Teacher Training College,
Lynx 4 won several Battle of the Band
competitions and went on to support
legendary act ‘The Kinks’, who had a hit
single with ‘You Really Got Me’, a memory
the band is keen to reminisce. “We stopped
the audience from shouting out for the
Kinks as the crowd danced and clapped
when we played”, says Ron.
Although the band hasn’t needed to enter
any Battle of Band competitions for quite
some time, among other highlights of
their careers is recording in the famous
Abbey Road Studios with Sir Tim Rice at the
recording desk.
Band Members with Clive Biley of Normans Music in Well Hall Road
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