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Primark Healthy Trend…
Shooters Hill, O’Dowd’s home haunts.
SPY has been travelling through Regulars might remember SPY’s
It’s being filmed in Manchester….
cyberspace and found a head of steam rant at a recent consultation
building up behind Primark putting meeting on changes to local
down roots in Eltham High Street. In health services, ‘A Picture
Cashed Up
the old days, you signed a petition. Now of Health’ being held at Elephant and
you become a fan of a Facebook page. Castle. The health watchdog Greenwich
SPY thought that while the council
More than 1200 have put their names Link looks set to put that right by
is splashing end of budget money
to a page called ‘Put a Primark in Eltham organising an event at St Mary’s in the
about, on all manner of public realm
High Street’. High Street. As the changes will mean
improvements, if it has all this spare
concentrating acute and maternity
cash it could get the ball rolling on the
The budget fashion chain, which has services on fewer sites across south
changes to the Well Hall Road toilets
weathered the recession well, currently London, SPY suggests you pencil in
suggested in SEnine. It would be a
has outlets in Woolwich, Lewisham and 22nd April at 2pm.
better use of funds.
Bexleyheath and at one time was tipped
to move into the old Co-op building.
Un-joined up government.
For those unsavvy in Facebook,
here are some of the remarks.. “Cum
While one part of government is trying
Blockbuster on the high street are
On I No U All Want 1”, “Mee to whoop
to boost interest in local attractions,
packing up their DVD's and games and
whoop”, “Yes please we neeeed one”,
another clearly doesn’t give a monkeys.
heading out of town. SPY was told that
“One has just open in Cambridge and
Now that local bus services have
trading had dropped off under pressure
I going back again, good luck”, “Why
started to announce the locations of
from movies on demand, downloads
not get read of pound land and have
bus stops, SPY thinks it’s a shame that
and mail order movies. SPY understands
primark down stairs and wilkinsons
their descriptions are so uninspired,
that the space has already been taken
upstairs.” [All sic]
also inaccurate. So, instead of the 160
up by a furniture store.
SPY suggests ideally it might be near
stopping in Eltham declaring ‘Eltham,
the Early Learning Centre..
St Mary’s’, it’s ‘Eltham, Roper Street’,
No smoke, no fi re…
despite the fact Roper Street is 50 yards
Weakest link…. away on the other side of the road. And
SPY understands local firemen had a
in Well Hall, the 161 lady’s cybervoice
surprise when investigating a late night
SPY’s friends at the Green Chain Walk trills “Well Hall Road, Kidbrooke Lane”
alarm from Eltham Palace. There among
have been at it again. Having spent instead of “Well Hall Pleasaunce” or “Well
a maze of cameramen was one
£100,000 on the Path to Nowhere across Hall, Tudor Barn”. Were Greenwich’s
Cheryl Cole, X-factor judge and wife
Eltham Green, the walking wonks have tourist bosses consulted?
of Chelsea fullback Ashley. The A-list
had on their thinking caps and come
celeb was filming her latest pop video
up with the Sign to Nowhere. Perhaps
Oh Yes They Did…
‘Parachute’ just released on MTV…
it’s part of a magical mystery tour or
meant to fool alien agents. Either way,
Congratulations to the Bob Hope
Town Round-up
at £2,000 per sign, this particular effort,
Theatre; this year’s panto Aladdin,
outside Mottingham Tarn, doesn’t seem
played to 19 full houses, a huge success
to be the best use of taxpayers’ money.
Oxleas NHS have moved into
for the second year running. There are
offices above the Lidl store.
plenty of great performances lined
up for the next few months before it’s
Eltham Safer Neighbour Teams
time to book for Sleeping Beauty next
(North and South) have acquired
Christmas, perish the thought!
and will move into the Vision
Building on Footscray Road. What
No Place Like Home.. was wrong with the police station?
Watch out for a BBC 2 biopic about one Costa Coffee have opened on the
of SE9’s best-known sons. high street. Not much fanfare but
Boy George aka George O’Dowd’s rise SPY noted business was brisk.
to infamy will be the subject of ‘Worried
About the Boy’ a 90 minute drama to be The tenant seeking to rent the
screened later in the spring as part of Greyhound (SPY heard it was
the channel’s ‘Eighties Season’. But don’t going to be an Indian Restaurant)
look out for glimpses of Middle Park or are tackling planning issues.
Strong People Strong Families Strong Community
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