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Parking at Avery Hill Be nice to Eltham
I have written to Greenwich Parking Services A team called 'Strategy' at
about the unsatisfactory situation as regards Greenwich Council have
street parking in the vicinity of Greenwich decided to move the breast
Star Letter
University at Avery Hill, SE9. feeding cafe (Baby Cafe) from
The University has recently changed its policy the United Reform Church
in regard to parking and, in order to dissuade in Court Yard to the Storkway Centre in
students and staff from using cars, has Kidbrooke.
introduced charges for parking on campus. I'm really disappointed with this. When I had
Whilst such a policy is good, the effect has my first baby 3 years ago I used the Baby Cafe
been that many people now park their cars to get help and advice from breast feeding
in the nearby streets rather than on the counsellors, but more importantly, to meet
campus. In particular, there are cars now other local mums. Many of the people I met
regularly parking at the end of Crown Woods there are now firm family friends. Why does
Way, which makes vehicular exit from the BP the Council insist on making Eltham a worse
I would just like to echo the
garage hazardous. Also, there are cars parked place to live? Don't they realise that families
comments of Nick Craddy
regularly in almost every available space in come to live here because of the town's good
who wrote in support of
the nearby parade of shops, including the end reputation for being family friendly and a
Eltham station staff. I have
of the access road opposite the University. strong sense of local community? Well, that
had the same experience
Apart from making navigation difficult along good reputation will soon be in tatters if they of their helpful and friendly
the access road, there are now few spaces keep moving important facilities like the Baby
service. It does seem as
available for people wishing to use the shops. Cafe out of the area. Come on Greenwich - be
though some people enjoy
This is not only bad for local trade, it also nice to Eltham!
complaining, this month we
increases the risk of accidents. Maria Hicks
have a rather silly comment
Consideration should now be given to
about Eltham station trying
to stop people catching
introducing restrictions in this area to prevent
their train! This is related to
college users parking all day, so that the
the closed entrance at the Fond Memories
spaces may again be available for short-
station; anyone looking at
term shoppers and to improve safety for
I would just like to express how fantastic this it could see there had been
pedestrians and vehicle users.
magazine is. My family and I look forward
damage; if Kim Brown had
Peter Smith
to each edition, my father especially who
asked the nice station staff
has fond memories of life in Eltham . The
they would have told her
magazines are always very informative and
the damage was caused by
many of the photos published fascinating.
a ram-raider trying to steal
Strange Fruit
the ticket machine to get the
For instance, the latest edition features an
Any idea what this is all about? Picking up after
cash in it. Perhaps someone
old photo of Eltham High Street. We were
your dog and then hanging the bag in a bush
can enlighten me as to how
not aware that a church once stood on the
that is the fault of the station
for all to see when there is a dedicated bin
site where McDonald's is now based. staff or the rail companies?
nearby strikes me as a very perverse activity.
Patricia Somerset
Is it some sort of statement or an odd artistic
Your hard work and efforts producing the
installation? It certainly does not enhance
magazines is greatly appreciated. I’m sure
the attractiveness of King
many families living in Eltham share the
John's Walk and Eltham!
Have your say
same views. Either go to the SEnine website at
John. Yeardley
Warren Thrower
or write to the Editor at:
SEnine, PO Box 24290
More Memories
Eltham SE9 6ZP
Dear All at SEnine, after enjoying January and
February 2010 issue, cover to cover including
advertisements, thanks for a very engrossing
The Star Letter
afternoon's reading, lovely to keep in touch
will receive
with Eltham, its history, current events, always
a hard cover
something new to learn. A delightful way to
version of John
keep in touch with the place that will always
Priestley's book ELTHAM
be in my heart. Hanging out for the March
PALACE valued at £18.99
Rosemary Seam
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