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At one time it happened behind
the bike shed or at the back of class.
by John Webb
Now, bullying can happen any time
any place, with no escape.
the advantages of the internet The Cybermentoring team say their and many of their leisure hours hooked
age are capable of abuse and input is vital because they can identify up to friends on Facebook, Bebo, etc,
young people are the victims. with the problems of victims. just asking someone to turn a blind eye
is not the answer.
Now, a fight back has begun
and students are being The initiative to beat
trained to help their peers Cyberbullying is a
through the problems. national one and the
‘Beat Bullying’ team,
At Eltham Green, a new team launched by Children’s
of cybermentors is being Minister Ed Balls, visited
trained in order to provide Eltham Green to recruit
an e-shoulder to cry on for some local volunteers.
young people suffering Eltham Green’s squad
bullying. will raise the profile
of the problem in the
According to the school and also provide
cybermentors, the worst a refuge for people who
thing about this form of have suffered abuse. In
bullying is that it’s a haven addition, they will be
for cowards who can operate able to log on to the ‘Beat
from a distance. And the Bullying’ website where
bullying can continue even they can counsel victims
when the victim is in the on-line and will form
safety of their own home. part of a 2,000-strong
Eltham Green Head Joan volunteer effort.
Pickering said: “The internet Any people they
and networking sites can identify suffering serious
offer great opportunities for problems can be referred
learning and social interaction. But, like One said: “If somebody being bullied on to trained experts.
anything else, it’s open to abuse. goes to their parents or teachers, they
“This project is good because it involves tend to just say ‘ignore it’ or ‘turn your Mrs Pickering said: “I’m pleased our
young people addressing these issues phone off’ but we know it’s not that students have got involved in this
themselves. It raises the profile of simple.” project and show they are willing to
the problem and it means that students take responsibility for things that are
suffering bullying don’t have to suffer in With young people spending anything happening in the school.”
silence.” up to £20 week on mobile phone credit
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