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The Eltham Town Centre
Regenerating and developing our town centre
The Eltham Town Centre Partnership agreed as a ribbon from Eltham Palace
Some of the hard core team of volunteers
(ETCP) which was established in 2005, to Well Hall Pleasaunce and from the old
that have worked so well together over
brings together people from the public, swimming pools in the lower high street
the past few years, to create the energy
private and voluntary sectors with an to Elderslie Road at the top of the High
behind the Partnership, are now stepping
interest in the vitality and future of the Street, thus taking in the Parade opposite
back to let others take up the mantle with
town centre. The Partnership plays an Southend Crescent.
fresh energy. Thanks must go to retiring
important role in monitoring change
Chair Sarah Dean, retiring Vice Chair Elaine
in Eltham and recommending projects This definition had all the components to
McDermott and retiring Secretary Bryn
for implementation. The Partnership make a successful trading area, a successful
comments on plans relating to economic community space and a successful tourist
development, local environment, planning, area, using resources such as the railway
The new team, with Chair Patrick O'Sullivan
traffic and transport, as well as initiating its station, the Palace, the new Eltham Centre
(St Mary's Community Complex), Vice
own projects and work programmes. and Well Hall Pleasaunce / Tudor Barn.
Chair Laurie Baker (Eltham Society) and
The five years since 2005 have flown by
Secretary (currently vacant, can you help?)
since the ETCP was formed by Town Centre The Partnership also hoped to generate
look forward to continuing and expanding
stakeholders and created a mission of an ambitious attitude in the rest of Eltham
on the work started as well as introducing
regenerating frameworks, institutions and and to develop effective methods of
new projects.
community efforts that would bring the communication within the business
Town Centre back to life. community and outwardly to Eltham
These new officers, together with
The early main constraints were no residents.
other Partnership members, which
include business representatives, local
organisations, the local MP, Councillors, the
Town Centre Manager (TCM) and council
representatives will determine new goals
and objectives, covering the next few
years and encompassing the responses to
concepts from the Eltham Regeneration
Anyone wishing to have their views
represented at Partnership meetings or
put forward suggestions for future work
programmes, should contact their relevant
stakeholder representative on the ETCP
available funding for its operation and The Partnership has worked hard to
development (still true today), no sizeable encourage team working of major
community meeting place in the Town stakeholders in and around the Town
Anyone interested in becoming actively
Centre and no vehicles for easy and Centre and it has helped to create a new
involved with work of Partnership should
effective communication to business or Commerce Association
get in touch with Chair or TCM.
residential community.
A few local businesses owners came to The Partnership, the Commerce Association
the rescue, providing operational funding, and the Friends of the Pleasaunce have all
Patrick O'Sullivan
services and meeting space. benefitted from the help given by CYM
St Mary's Community Complex
Consulting, a local web development firm
020 8850 2040
An early objective was to define the Town that also developed a Town Centre web
or The Town Centre Manager, Alison Harris
Centre area, such that it was viable in terms portal, provided a Pleasaunce web site and
of business, community and tourism. The donated a Partnership web site.
07940 440 389
Town Centre area for ETCP purposes was
Your Community, Your Voice…
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