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CYM Consulting Ltd became involved with local business and community regeneration work about 5 years ago
when its MD Bryn McNeill became involved with some issues around the Well Hall area. Since then he has become
involved in the wider issues of Eltham Town Centre and more recently the wider issues of SE London business
regeneration. The challenge has been to lend the skills of CYM Consulting to the issues of business regeneration
and community building, without becoming too embroiled in petty politics and the general bureaucracy of local
government. The goal has been to create a web (forgive the pun) of community led communication that would
tap into the real energy and willingness to get involved of local people that want to make a difference.
Getting involved in the way CYM has, requires a certain amount of luck and good
fortune but quite often having a focus generates its own luck and as so often happens the people of the moment
just pop up at the right time. For example the magazine you are reading, developed and driven by Mark Wall
has been a major asset in helping along with ourselves to develop a sustainable framework that encourages
community spirit, aspirational ideas and community energy. Being invited to develop the local MPs web site has
also been crucial, as on the web side of things, the site acts as a powerful hub around which linked Eltham web
sites get more search engine exposure. This is good news for site’s like the Well Hall Pleasaunce site brilliantly run by
a member of the Pleasaunce friends group. To make efforts like this sustainable means involving dedicated people
and groups who can use technology well. Technology on its own is never an answer.
One challenge therefore has been to create a combination of technology and people that in turn will create a sustainable effort that will
continue to develop once the technology development finishes. This has meant putting energy into such things as the Eltham Town Centre
Partnership, The Pleasaunce management committee and its friends group and even making sure that community meeting places driven by
good ideas and people, like the Park Tavern and the Tudor Barn get off the ground and become commercially sustainable.
Like a few other small firms in Eltham, CYM Consulting has put hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of effort
into trying to make a change in Eltham. Some have said, “but I can’t see any major change yet”. Creating a culture
change and making people believe in their own community is not a five minute job and it cannot be done by just
chucking money at an issue. Money helps when it is directed in the right way and it slows things down when the
right money for an effort is not available. Given the amount of time we as a company have volunteered and the
current recessionary times, CYM Consulting must now focus on its paid assignments in order to stay in business,
but hopefully enough has been done in Eltham by CYM and a few others over the past 5 years, to create the
communication facilities for people to use for developing a more active and useful community. CYMs work over
the past five years, both in Eltham and the wider sphere covered by the SE London Chamber of Commerce, has
provided small firms in particular with the ability to have a good presence which they can manage themselves.
Both the Eltham Town Centre portal and the SE London Chamber portal allow their business members to create and manage up to 5 pages
of information about their business and the business offers they have.
You as individuals in Eltham can support your Town Centre businesses simply by signing up for a free subscription at This
will ensure you receive regular details of current special offers in the Town Centre.
CYM can do much more for communities like Eltham and are always looking for right projects
to get involved in, that will add to creating sustainable business and community growth. Bryn
McNeill can be contacted on 020 8294 3055 to discuss such projects.
Please do not forget to add your support to your local Town Centre web portal and also this magazine which
does so much to create and improve community.
114 4 Weell Hall Pll Hall Paradeade, ,
EEltham, Lltham, London SE96SPondon SE96SP
0020 8294 162220 8294 1622
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