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on transforming the building in any sort of condition. It’s in
old Coronet cinema a prominent position in Eltham; how
will start within weeks, the developers much longer do we have to put up with
Cathedral Group have promised SEnine. this?”
Problems of gaining freehold ownership The managing director of Cathedral,
and loan funding have now been Richard Upton, said that the company
resolved, removing the last barriers to had invested a great deal of hard work in
re-construction. making progress. Some of the contract
have been signed and work should start
Anger at the delays in developing the on site either late in March or during
cinema in Well Hall Road had boiled April.
over, prompting a demonstration by
Mr Upton said that the first work on site
would be the erection of temporary
hoardings, dealing with issues such
as contamination from asbestos, then
demolition of the existing row of shops
and the former Youth Opportunities
building in Tudor Parade.
Contracts had been signed with
construction company Bulger and loan
finance secured.
Work could be completed by early 2012.
There are also plans for a family-style
restaurant and a 60 seat cinema in
association with Ravensbourne College
of Design and Communication, who
are currently moving from Chislehurst
to purpose-built accommodation on
Greenwich Peninsula.
Frustration over the lack of progress Planning permission was granted by
forced the Progress Residents Greenwich Council in the teeth of
SEnine understands that the partnership
Association to step up its campaign to opposition from cinema conservation
would see part of the space used by the
renovate the cinema, which closed its groups who wanted it restored to its
College during the weekdays for their
doors 10 years ago. former glory. The Coronet originally
TV and film production courses and
opened as an Odeon in 1936 but closed
then converted into a 60 seat cinema
The residents were particularly angry in 1999 due to falling demand.
on Friday nights and over the weekend.
at the lack of public engagement
A retail tenant has also been found
by the Cathedral Group which has An agreement has been signed with Moat
for one of the newly re-built shops on
gained planning permission for a Housing to provide 22 affordable homes,
Odeon Parade.
mixed development of flats, shops and out of the 63 planned, as part of the project.
business units.
Chair Margaret Oliver said: “They were
all over us like a rash when they wanted
our support to get their plans through
the council. Now they just don’t want to
know us.
“The whole site is a disgrace. They don’t
make the slightest attempt to keep the
Strong People Strong Families Strong Community
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