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renewable energy 101
turbines that convert simply do not work out in economic
the water’s energy into terms. The installation and maintenance
electricity, seems like costs of small hydropower often far
a good idea on the outweigh the electricity benefits, and
surface, but consider the changing flow dynamics can make
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impact. While the need power generation unpredictable. Of
to develop alternative particular concern is the large number of
energy is very important, outdated dams in the United States that
new hydropower no longer serve their originally-intended
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projects, even small function. These dams are too often left
our ones, are generally not in place, causing ecological, recreational,
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the answer. The dams and safety hazards, because the owner
and channel diversions does not have the necessary funds to
associated with these remove it.
dvances in renewable energy projects have a significant impact on
technology are making green the environment, blocking fish and For these reasons, wind, solar, and
energy options more and more other aquatic species’ passage, altering geothermal generally provide more
accessible to both large and small farm water temperatures, trapping sediment, environmentally-sound, economically-
owners. Determining if renewable and changing the stream’s natural flow viable options.
energy is right for your home or farm, regime. Additionally, many projects
however, may seem daunting given
the number of variables that must be
considered when evaluating the options:
- your current and future projected
energy needs
- solar and wind resources in your
geographic region
- installation costs
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- state and federal tax incentives
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Talk with a renewable energy contractor
with experience in your local area.
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Most contractors will offer free initial
consultation services to help you
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navigate the maze of renewable energy
options. Before you commit to spending
any money, they can tell you what
systems will work best on your land,
how to take advantage of tax incentives,
and how long it will take to receive a
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favorable return on your investment.
3” x 5” or Smaller - Colour Version
February 11, 2009
As green energy becomes increasingly
popular, more and more companies
are popping up across the country
and advertising themselves as green
energy “experts.” Make sure you do your
homework when choosing a contractor,
and find one that is experienced and
willing to provide referrals for their work.
Small hydropower, where the water
from a stream or river is used to power
holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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