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HigHfields farm:

A Model in Green Planning and Design
esy of Sustainable S
o c
by Clay Nelson
As stewards of 240 pristine acres in the North Carolina foothills,
Michael and Suzi Morehead educate themselves on how they can build
their farm using environmentally-friendly principles and practices
he two draft horses log up a skid trail that, a few months estled in the foothills of the
wait patiently, a pair from now, few will know ever existed.
of chainsaws dangling N
Sauratown mountains in
Danbury, North carolina,
from their harnesses, as Eventually the wood will be processed highfields Farm is home to 240 acres
local timber harvester into lumber on-site with a portable of Piedmont forest, flowing streams,
John hartman stands over the trunk saw mill and used in construction of and rolling green pastures. With
of a downed poplar tree. “What do a cabin, barn, and run-in shed. From its panoramic views and dynamic
you plan to use the wood for?” John tree to structure, the wood will never landscape, it is easy to understand why
asks landowners michael and Suzi leave a half-mile radius. Talk about michael and Suzi are inspired to protect
morehead. The two confer a moment. your local building material. This the land’s ecological health and preserve
“Interior siding,” they reply. The unique and environmentally-friendly its unique pastoral beauty. “From the
decision made, John and his draft horses method of using horses to extract trees moment we first saw the land we loved
go to work. With the tree trunk firmly and process them on-site for lumber it and thought it should be preserved,”
secured to the harness, John gives a is just one of the many ways that
few words of encouragement and an michael and Suzi morehead are going
 PHOTO ABOVE: Fully equipped, Stella
experienced tap of the reins. On cue, the green in their effort to build a modest
and Dolly are ready to go to work extracting
horses begin deftly pulling the half-ton but thriving horse farm. trees for timber harvesting.
| holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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