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horse or balance the hoof for even weight-bearing. The best uct like White Lightning is applied under a wrap or within an
way to avoid flares caused by hoof overgrowth is to shoe your airtight soaking boot, releasing a chlorine gas that penetrates
horse at regular intervals. deep into the hoof tissue. The treatment should be done once
a week until healthy hoof attachments have grown all the way
NUTRITIONAL down and there is no separation or stretching showing in the
CAUSES white line. horses who don’t respond to treatment for hoof
Deficiencies or infections and careful management may have a weak immune
an F
om Imbalances: horses system and treatment will need to be focused there to see
need adequate results.
minerals in the cor-
esy of Br fr
rect balance to have
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healthy hooves.
f your horse has hoof flares, I recommend trimming them
Sulfur is especially
important because
aggressively. When I trim a horse with hoof flares, I rasp
from the front of the hoof wall until I no longer have any
it is a disulfide bond
space showing when I run my straight edge around the hoof.
Typical appearance of a flared hoof.
that holds the hoof
This may remove enough wall that shoeing will not be pos-
laminae to the coffin bone. If your horse suffers from poor
sible and the horse may need boots or pea gravel footing to be
hoof quality, analyze the nutritional content of your hay before
adding expensive supplements. consider giving your horse a
Some trimmers are not going to want to do this but I feel it
food-based supplement such as blue-green algae, which pro-
is the fastest way to grow out a healthy hoof as any flare that
vides a broad range of trace minerals in a balanced form. biotin
is left in place will tend to drag the new hoof growing down
is another nutrient important for hoof health; if your horse has
away from the bone. The best plan is to avoid hoof flares with
plenty of beneficial bacteria in his gut, these bacteria will pro-
proper management of the hoof, diet, and immune system.
duce sufficient biotin. It is better to support your horse’s good
gut bacteria by feeding pre- or pro-biotics than feeding biotin
Madalyn Ward, DVM, owns Bear Creek Veterinary Clinic
because the healthy bacteria do so much more for your horse, in Austin, Texas. She is certified in Veterinary Homeopathy
including keeping his immune system strong.
and Equine Osteopathy. She has authored several books and
publishes the monthly newsletter, “Holistic Horsekeeping.”,
Overfeeding: Giving your horse too much feed high in starch
will cause a shift in the bacterial population in your horse’s
hindgut (or cecum). Normally the cecum is designed to digest Harmany SHop
only fiber; if undigested starch makes it past the small intestine
into the hindgut, the fiber-digesting bacteria that live in the
The Harmany Shop has what
cecum die off and the starch-digesting bacteria take over. This
shift can be devastating to your horse because it causes toxins to
you need for the Laminitic/
be released into his bloodstream that, in turn, cause an enzyme Insulin Resistant Horse and Pony
to be released that breaks down the laminae in the hoof wall.
any types of fungus and bacteria have been blamed
for hoof wall separation or “white line” disease; in
reality these pathogens are probably simply taking
advantage of the environment when the hoof wall attachments
become weak from another cause. To promote healthy hoof
growth you may need to treat your horse’s hooves even after the
underlying cause
has been corrected.

ga Very minor hoof
wall infections
The most comfortable
an Jur OB Formula, Helps
respond to a topi-
muzzle! Open design lets
horses lose weight
the horse breathe,
cal mix of 1 ounce
and metabolize
easy to clean!
esy of F
tea tree oil diluted glucose Available in Horse and Pony size
our e and L
o c
ar in 16 ounces of
apple cider vinegar.
Go to the Harmany Shop for holistic products
Deeper infections
to keep man and animal healthy!
Hoof wall infections, generally caused
must be treated
by a fungus or bacteria, can weaken the
more aggressively. A
laminae, leading to hoof flares.
commercial prod-
fax 720-519-0291
holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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