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 Reflecting the timeless roles of the larger members of the herd
at Blue Star Equiculture, Custard, the Miniature Horse mascot, will
learn to drive (in a Bitless Bridle©) and perform landscaping duties
for small, urban projects and gardens.
“There I developed a deep appreciation for indigenous culture,”
he says. After returning from colombia, he followed the work of
quicultur g manusoba Fukuoka of “The One Straw Revolution” and began
tar E
to practice no-till gardening and organics in general. “The most
recent studies that have inspired me are permaculture, Terra
Preta, biodynamics and vermiculture. I hope many people will
esy Blue S
.equicultur come to walk our us plant...and learn to create their
w own Garden of Eden.”
To learn more about Blue Star Equiculture’s workshops and clinics on
organic farming, permaculture, or draft horse husbandry and driving, visit
When Blue
Means Green
You have a better horse than you think!
Massachusetts sanctuary knows the real
Over 100,000 Dr. Cook Bitless Bridles are now in use
meaning of “horse power”
and over one thousand user testimonials are on our website!
by L.A. Pomeroy
This is the best tested, most trusted bitless bridle you can buy.
blue Star Equiculture, a 129-acre farm and working/draft horse
Try the painless bridle
sanctuary in western massachusetts, is replacing hydrocarbon that started a revolution.
energy use with ‘animal traction,’ on its sustainable, organic
U.S. Patent
No. 6,591,589.
and permaculture farm.
The Bitless Bridle™
by Dr. Cook
Founded by two Philadelphia carriage horse drivers – christina
No gimmicks, no hype.
hansen, 29, and Pamela Rickenbach, 49 – the farm
Just solid science based on
incorporates the agricultural philosophies each learned from over 50 years of veterinary research
experiences in bolivia and France to make sustainability a part
to provide you with
of daily operations.
the best bitless bridle on the market.
Safe, Gentle,
“We believe, in these troubled economic and environmental
times, working horses offer a sustainable means of equine
Effective Control
husbandry,” says hansen, who holds a degree in history from
See for yourself
the University of North carolina-chapel hill. “We hope to
with our 30-day trial!
initiate new uses for working horses in urban environments,
such as watering urban gardens, collecting recycling or making
deliveries. We hope to expand the use of horses in organic
or call toll free 866-235-0938
Rickenbach, who studied Organic horticulture at the Nature
Lyceum in Westhampton, Ny, says, “We have developed a
delivery system for our liquid soil conditioners that can be
applied with the horses. The horses also help us move compost
and tools around the farm. Last summer, we planted a spiral
permaculture garden with students from the Pathfinder
Vocational School. We taught the kids how to grow in a non-
conventional, creative way, and how to heal soil and produce
vital produce and flowers. We also taught them to hitch and
work the horses, to move things around and get from one
point to another. It was tremendously empowering to them.”
The farm’s resident permaculturist is Sam Kephart (aka Dr.
Dirt), who grew up gardening in Troutville VA, before attending
Julliard to study viola, then working in bogota, colombia.
| holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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