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Purify Your Pasture continued
Seek and Destroy
Old railroad ties can be enjoyed by
goats or used to line a fence to deter
varmints from digging under.
Why not consider a natural cedar fence while controlling brush and
improving pasture for more beneficial equine use?
This bushy, coarse summer annual Horses like to graze where new
weed and its prickly clusters of grasses appear in moist areas that
flowering heads are a menace to cater to the cockleburs’ love of water.
Make use of old metal water troughs
your horses and pasture.
Burs tangle in manes and tails and with rotted bottoms by filling with
your horse transports these pesky soil and transplanted succulents or
plants to other areas of the pasture. add useful herbs or plants.
Infesting mostly moist areas and seasonal creek bed edges, cockleburs
Machinery parts
produce fruit from July to November. Leaves are bright green, shiny on top,
get second career:
taper to the tip and have notched edges. The perfect time to remove them is
when the burs are green; when burs are brown, it’s challenging to keep them
from bursting and dropping their seeds.
Frequently seek out and remove cockleburs BEFORE they take over a large
area! Even before the burs appear, stems can be easily identified by their
purple (almost black) spotting. Pull weeds when they are in the seedling
green stage, preferably in moist soil. Removing the smaller plants earlier
- a mineral block server for your horse,
avoids dried burs from bursting and releasing hundreds of tiny seeds that
complete with built in water drainage
come back as more cockleburs year after year. It is always faster and easier
to pull by hand, but some tiny plants may be hoed up. Never hoe or till
cockleburs with brown burs!
- Best choice: Pull the green seedlings by hand BEFORE the burs become
dried and before seeds are vulnerable to spreading.
- BURN cockleburs safely on an approved burn day. If possible, burn them
where they grow so as not to disturb and spread the seeds.
- Remove mixed burs (green and brown), hand gathering tiny seeds that
- fenceline accents
break away from broken pods. Carry them to another area for burning or
disposal off the property.
- If pulling or burning are not feasible, make up the following solution to slow
growth (may also eliminate tender new plants):
1 gallon vinegar
8oz Dawn Soap
2 cups Iodized salt that has been dissolved in 2 cups of warm water
Apply cooled solution using a sprayer directly on young leaves. Leaves
should wilt and many will die off.
- creative gates and yard art
| holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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