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business profile
Science and Wellness
Walk Hand-in-Hand
Dr. Rossana Figuerola believes in angels. The story behind her life-changing line
of natural products could make you a believer, too.
iguerola Laboratories, of Santa ynez, all his mares came out to him. I fell in love
developed JointSaver ® Equine.” And Angel?
california, was founded in 1992 by immediately.” After her cure, she “lived happily until she
Dr. Rossana Figuerola and her late was thirty-two.”
husband, Alfonso Figuerola, and manu- With the mares and the man. Over time,
factures 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade the couple launched several business ven- Alfonso died in 2005, but thanks to his wife,
nutraceuticals, in environmentally-safe pack-
tures, from fine jewelry, to luxury saddles reclaimed 14 years of an active equestrian
aging, that target specific ailments in people,
and gourmet coffee imports, until Alfonso, lifestyle. “Until the day he died, he took
horses, and pets. Its therapeutic supple-
had a stroke, leaving him almost paralyzed, JointSaver® and InflammaSaver®.”
ments include NutraSaver® and EquineSav-
and in constant pain. “I took a sabbatical
er® superfoods for humans and horses.
from designing and promised him he would
ride again.” C
hanging Alfonso and Angel’s lives
changed Rossana. She left jewelry
It also represents a family where science
design to lead the company’s veterinary sci-
The prognosis was not optimistic. She
and wellness walk hand-in-hand. Veteri-
ence division. “The family name on a prod-
recalled the lessons of her father: “I remem-
nary science division president, Dr. Rossana
uct means I have twice the responsibility to
bered what he showed me in his laboratory.
Figuerola, was born in Peru to a multicul-
those who use it.”
how he called his work ‘the medicine of
tural family, and her father’s work, in labo-
the future.’” She used those lessons to create
ratories and health insurance companies,
Figuerola Laboratories represents three
kept the family globetrotting across much of
generations of responsibility. “Our sons,
South America.
Antonio and Alejandro, share the family
passion for promoting good health.”
That includes EquineSaver® an all-in-one
s a girl, I called my father’s work ‘old
people stuff.’ I wanted to go another
superfood with 300+ compounds. “The or-
way.” She moved to America as a teenager,
ganic flax seed and rice bran multi-vitamin
and mineral supplement offers probiotics
becoming a U.S. citizen after launching
and supports functions, from cardio to glan-
an award-winning career designing jewelry
dular, and eye health.”
inspired by her exotic homeland (“I was in
california yet winning recognition in New
Another is LaminaSaver® whose active ingre-
dient, Restaurex®, and antioxidant properties
enhance cell regeneration and help hoof
her greatest adventure lay ahead: a Peruvian
laminae, injured by founder or laminitis,
horseman with a herd of foundation mares
restore, rebuild, and regenerate. canadian
cherished for their brio -- that intangible
veterinarians named LaminaSaver® the “best
inner flame that separates the great from the
medicine and therapy” for treating laminitis,
ordinary. meeting Alfonso would later test
and horse Journal has proclaimed: “We’ve
the depths of Rosanna’s own brio.
Dr. Rossana Figuerola and her beloved
never seen anything like it for chronic lami-
Alfonso Alejandro Figuerola Saavedra was
stallion RDS Engano.
nitis. It’s worth the price.”
born in 1945 in Pacasmayo, Peru, the de-
“My mission,” Dr. Figuerola says, “is to
scendent of two (Figuerolas and Saavedras)
hat’s how our first product was born.
Soon after, InflammaSaver® for
save horses’ lives. That no horse is eutha-
of the original families instrumental in es-
humans was created. both were crucial to
nized because of a diagnosis when hope is
tablishing the Peruvian horse breed.
Alfonso’s recovery because InflammaSaver®
available.” Take it from a woman whose life
prevented pain and inflammation, by pre-
has been all about hope, health, horses and
arly in their courtship, he asked if she
venting the manufacture of enzymes that
lots of brio.
owned any boots. “I was a model. Of
promoted inflammation, and JointSaver®
course, I told him, I had lots of boots.” The
started the rebuilding process. he amazed
For more information, visit
next morning, he picked her up for a date.
his doctors with a ninety-nine percent recov-
“I was wearing a high-heeled pair, and he
ery from paralysis, and became pain-free.”
said I looked lovely, but my boots are all
During Alfonso’s recovery, they went to see
wrong!” After choosing a more practical
his horses, and noticed one aging brood-
pair, they drove to his hacienda where, “We mare, Angel, suffering from arthritis. “We
went in the barn. he opened the stalls and knew we could help her. That’s how we
holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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