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Connect With Your Horse,
The strong connection
you have with your horse,
no matter what your discipline,
is the difference between
being good and being great
by Jenny Lance and Angelia Robinette-Dublin
ew disciplines other than methodology. Take the time in the your horse properly and be sure you are
Trail Riding, Endurance, beginning and it takes less time overall. connected before you go out on the trail
or real cowboy work or start a teaching session. This “prep”
require you to stay connected Practice college level leading every time time allows you to get a feel for your
with your horse for long periods. you lead your horse. mirror your horse horse’s mood and physical condition
you and your horse have to be mentally, to get into sync; you will be amazed that at that moment: is he grumpy, lame,
physically and emotionally fit to endure you become more connected. make a distracted, exuberant?
hours on the trail. Talk about being habit of asking for excellence. Raise your
“on”! expectations and teach your horse as you Go through a series of exercises such as
work around him even if you are just allowing your horse to move without
When you stay connected with your cleaning his stall. Ask him to move his guiding his direction or speed in a
horse mentally and physically, you are body parts instead of you moving your small, enclosed area to get a feel for
safer. your horse knows you are aware feet. Leaders do not get moved around your balance. When he stops, rest and
of everything he is feeling, thinking, by their horses. pet him. Then ask softly for “go” again.
or seeing. he knows you are his leader move on and ride with focus from one
offering direction, comfort, confidence, begin your riding session by doing a few point to another to create impulsion.
and reinforcement as you encounter ground exercises. Try a few minutes of Again, rest at each stop. Try serpentines
scary things and varying terrain. leading and moving hips and shoulders for flexion and bend. Warm up at all
to get your horse’s mind in the work gaits and even try a low jump to make
CONNECTION BEGINS mode. you might also practice what sure you are ready for the
ON THE GROUND you will be working on that day in the trail (simulates your
be aware that you are starting your saddle: sidepass, obstacles, or shoulders horse taking a big
connection every time your horse first on a “clock” if you plan to spin, or a mis-step and
spots you and comes to you. Don’t turn on the forehand. making sure you
chase your horse to halter him to start can ride that!)
your sessions. Teach your horse to MAINTAIN CONNECTION
come to you and bring his head to the WHILE MOUNTED If you are in the saddle
halter every time, through patience, If you absolutely refuse to do ground on a long rein on the
consistence, and the approach-retreat work first, take some time to warm up trail, keep your seat
| holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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