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connected. make sure he stays aware MULTI-TASKING ON THE TRAIL
When you have completed your session
of your presence even while you are your trail horse has to do many things
or ride and return your horse to the field
relaxing. At minimum, keep your mind at one time -- maintain gait, be aware
or stall, make a clear break much like
connected. If you are standing still, of predators (a natural instinct,) listen
you do when you release a dog in dog
occasionally talk to him and pet him to to his leader, pay attention to the
training with the OK command. OK.
remind him you are there. terrain and so on. We can talk to our
Now it’s time to be just a horse.
friends and enjoy the scenery while
happy Trails!
still staying connected to our partner
through our seat, voice, reins, and
Angelia Robinette-Dublin and Jenny Lance met in
While trail riding, you may be tempted
2001 at a horsemanship program and immediately
brains. yes, it may sound exhausting,
to just sit back, not guide your horse,
struck up a great friendship. Both were certified
but it doesn’t get much better than a
by John Lyons Trainer, Kathy Huggins. Angelia
and simply be a passenger. This can
fabulous trail ride on a trusty steed. A
went on to become a Josh Lyons Accredited
be a dangerous proposition and can
Trainer. Together, they created Live To Ride,
trail horse IS a performance horse (for
also break your connection. you may
focusing on the Trail and Recreational Rider. www.
hours at a time!).
not hear your horse tell you that he is
worried about something ahead because
you don’t notice the hesitation in his
step or that his ears perk up and his head
We have the only saddle in the world that lets you independently adjust
goes up. At this point, let him know you
the width, arch & angle- so you can use the saddle on different horses.
are aware of his concern. As his leader,
stay focused ahead even if your horse
Fitting a Specialized Saddle is as easy as
stops. Let him know you understand
he has a concern. When are you sure
he will move forward again, you ask.
Now your horse knows he can rely on
you for comfort and security when he
loses confidence (even if it’s just for a
moment.) If you completely miss this
communication from your horse, you
are not doing your part as a leader.
Call for
that demonstrates
Eurolight Lightweight
our easy-to-use
le fit
w/bottle holders Western Saddles
1. Adjust The Width - Use our fitting cushions to achieve
perfect fit with over three inches of width adjustments.
2. Adjust The Arch - With our patented system, you can match
the arch of the saddle to the exact arch of your horse’s back.
3. Adjust The Angle - With our easy-to-use wedge shims, you
can precisely fit the angle of your horse.
Specialized Saddles • 575-882-3342
Hands-on teaching procedure to relieve stress and
chronic muscle contraction for horses, horse riders,
and horse handlers.
with Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, Ed.D.
& Dennis Reis
Equine Clinics & Ranch visits with
Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, Ed.D.
1516 Grant Ave., #212, Novato, CA 94945 USA
ph (415) 892-0617 fax (415) 892 4388
holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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