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providing educational information to the
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equine caretakers, professionals and practitioners
of integrative therapies.
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back in 1995, Stacey Small and I saw a void in equine publications. of its readers to make sound decisions
for holistic health care options.
Fifteen years ago nutrition didn’t make headlines; miracle Drugs did. Fifteen years ago
horses with tendon and ligament damage were left to rest in a stall. Fifteen years ago Karen Tappenden
massage was considered a luxury and was only for the wealthy. mainstream magazines
Stacey Small
did not focus on The Whole Approach to equine health care; the mindset was to react Editor
to symptoms with medicines.
Ellen Fatiuk-haight
Graphic Design
I am not saying these medicines are bad, I say that integrating
Robin Gardner Smith
the old with the new is the way to go. We were put on earth Advertising
with the answers growing amongst us, we just needed to figure
Frank Vivian
out how to harvest and create.
L A Pomeroy
We were an 8-page newsletter back then. Now look at us 15
Website and Video Marketing
years later. I remember going to AAEP with that little manila Karen Tappenden
piece hoping to get the attention of a few straying vets. And
we did! Dr. Kim henneman saw an article we published and
Veterinary Advisors
quickly emailed us to correct some information. We have been
Joyce harman, DVm, mRcVS
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friends since. Other stimuli for our early work were Dr. Joyce
Kimberly henneman, DVm Nicholas Larkins, bVSc, mRcVS
harman and Dr. Ed Schaeffer. Responding to a classified ad
Judy L. morgan, DVm, cVcP, cVA
“homeopathy for horses,” I attended a workshop 17 years ago in baltimore. That
bill Ormston, DVm
workshop turned out to be my psychic shift. Drs. henneman, harman and Schaeffer
Allen m. Schoen, DVm, mS
Kala V. Shaw, DVm
have been our mentors ever since, as have dozens of other Spartans in this movement
Ed Sheaffer, VmD
toward healthy integration of modern technology and nature’s remedies.
Judith Shoemaker, DVm
madalyn Ward, DVm
Stacey and I developed this publication so that others could read what these three, to Contributing Consultants
name only a few, were doing to help make the paradigm shift. And boy, has it ever
catherine bird
Fiona Farrell, Esq.
Shari Frederick, bS, NmD, LE
James helfter
We are proud to be members of this movement toward conscientiousness, to finding
Fran Jurga
bonnie Sheaffer, RN
the answers to questions that have been “band-aided” for a long time.
mary Ann Simonds, bS, mA
In our quest we made self discoveries. my horse Gunner has been with me the entire
way. he has given me the questions that need answers for all horses. That was a gift
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from the Universe, an all-knowing horse who not only taught me how to ride but how Phone: 215-249-1965
to respect other living creatures, to love life and the environment we live in.
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“If you just spend a few minutes each day thinking about the choices
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you make: What you buy, what you eat, what you wear, how it was
made, if it harmed the environment, if it hurt animals, if it was
socially unjust, that would cause you to make small changes. And busine


if millions of people make small changes, we start to influence the
holistic horse is published bi-monthly. Reproduction in
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companies who are making unethical products.”
Opinions expressed herein are those of the experts consulted
and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editors
and publishers. The information in this publication is for
-- Jane Goodall, renowned researcher and conservationist
educational purposes only. It is not intended to medically
prescribe or diagnose in any way.
| holistic horse™ • February/march 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 65
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