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HigHfields farm
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prevent soil erosion, the moreheads
are planting trees and other vegetation
native to the Piedmont region along
steeper slopes. The use of native
vegetation will help ensure that the trees
and plants grow tall and healthy without
the need for synthetic pesticides or
excessive watering.
Saddle Pads
ighfields Farm will soon
become home to horses and
a variety of other livestock,
including goats and chickens. The
moreheads will take advantage of
raising different animals by employing
multi-species rotational grazing on their
pastures, naturally helping to control
the parasite cycle of each animal and
allowing for better utilization of pasture
forage. michael and Suzi also plan to
raise colonial Spanish horses, a unique
lineage identified by the American
Livestock breeds conservancy as in
“critical” need of conservation. Suzi met
her first colonial Spanish horse several
years ago while attending a natural
horsemanship clinic. Impressed by the
esy of Sustainable S
horse’s calm temperament and athletic o c
disposition, she began learning about P
the need to preserve this historic lineage
and decided she wanted to contribute to
Under the expert guidance of timber harvester John Hartman, Stella and Dolly pull a half-ton
the effort.
log up the skid trail. Eventually the wood will be processed on-site with a portable saw mill
and used in construction of a cabin, barn, and run-in shed.
building the framework for a work. To help perpetuate the emerging moreheads’ efforts to preserve and
sustainable farm involves considerable community interest in sustaining sustainably manage highfields Farm,
research, trial and error, and hard “greener” pastures for America’s small it is evident the land that hattie and
farms, michael and Suzi Pearl will someday inherit, along with
plan to use the farm as an the animals who call it home, are in
educational resource. “Our good hands.
hope is that this farm will
become a valuable resource Clay Nelson is the co-founder of
for local schools and others Sustainable Stables, an organization
in the community,” Suzi that encourages green practices for the
explains. equestrian community. Sustainable
Stables provides free educational resources
michael and Suzi plan through,
esy of Sustainable S to one day pass on their as well as public-speaking and
farm to their two young consulting services. Contact Clay at
o c
daughters, hattie and
Pearl. It is their hope that
Farm owners Michael and Suzi Morehead plan to salvage
this old cabin built in the 1940s when the land was a
the land will be as healthy
more info at
tobacco farm. Wood and other building materials will be
and scenic then as it is
reused in the construction of a horse barn. today. considering the
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