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‘Order to the seas...’
One of our
buoys is
BRITAIN is heading an missing
international naval task
force formed to tackle the
...BUT not any longer thanks to
scourge of piracy in the
one man and his dog.
Indian Ocean.
Let us explain...
Got brass
HMS Enterprise was carrying
Rear Admiral Phil Jones and
out detailed survey work off
his team based at Northwood
Belfast, including measuring
have been charged with executing
in bucket
the current flow in the North
Operation Atalanta – the fi rst naval
Channel and approaches to the
mission ever carried out under the
banner of the European Union.
Her surveyors fixed a yellow
A CAPITAL ship in the capital.
EU Naval Force Somalia,
buoy, a current meter, to the
Not an especially unusual
comprising six warships, supported
seabed and left it for several
sight – except for once it was not
by surveillance aircraft, has the
London graced by the presence
joint mission of patrolling one
Mother Nature had other
of HMS Westminster.
million square kilometres (386,000
No, the Duke-class frigate
square miles) of the sea in the
The current ripped the buoy
sailed up the Bristol Channel
Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean
from the bed and carried it to
and moored at Britannia Quay in
and safeguarding aid shipments of
the Isle of Man where it was
Cardiff for a three-day visit.
food to Somalia.
found by Malcolm Hutton as
The ship and her sailors were
Besides warships, those aid
he walked his dog along the
in town to celebrate the national
vessels are also likely to receive
game (which in Wales means odd-
armed guards.
Luckily, the Devonport-based
shaped balls...) and 101 years of
Somali-based pirates attacked
hydrographic vessel was due
history between the rugby playing
around ten boats/ships each month
to visit the island... and so was
peoples of Wales and South
last year. In around 40 instances, reunited with its errant gizmo.
their attacks succeeded. Mr Hutton was invited aboard
The Prince William Cup
British Foreign Secretary David the ship, anchored off Peel
was introduced in 2006 by the
Miliband said it was time to put a Harbour on the west coast of
namesake royal (who’s Vice
stop to their brigandage. Man, in gratitude for finding the
Patron of the Welsh Rugby
“This operation under British buoy (sadly he didn’t bring his
Union) and is up for grabs
command will begin to establish pet with him).
international order in seas that
● HMS Northumberland’s boarding party inspects a suspicious vessel in the Indian Ocean while the
each time the two nations clash
frigate stands guard
He was given a tour of the
– except during World Cup
are vital to trade right around the hi-tech vessel and left clutching
world,” he stressed.
The Springboks bagged the
Rear Admiral Jones will oversee
of a ‘partial global’ deployment. were a little compensation for plus RFA Wave Knight.
various gizzets, not least a
trophy in its inaugural year.
Atalanta from Northwood, with a
The Type 23’s sailors were the ship’s company who heard A ‘round robin’ of stores and
ship’s badge.
They held on to it in 2008 – just,
commodore – currently Greece’s
looking forward to three oceans, that their ‘partial global’ would personnel ensued before the quartet
As for Enterprise, she
squeezing home by 20-15. Cdre Antonios Papaioannou –
a trip around both capes, a bit become an ‘even more partial split. Kent returned the Royal
resumed her survey work to
update the charts and other
The thrilling encounter was directing the international force,
of anti-terrorism, a bit of flying global’ and there would no visits Marines boarding party she had
environment data vital to the
watched by a sizeable number of at sea.
the flag, a few penguins, Panama to the South Atlantic or Pacific:
‘borrowed’ from Northumberland
safe operation of Belfast port.
Westminster’s ship’s company – The admiral said no-one should
Canal. Lovely jubbly. the frigate would be committed on
– much, apparently, to the delight
although it wasn’t all about sitting underestimate the scale and
Best laid plans and all that. Operation Atalanta.
of the female mess (can’t think
back and lapping up the sporting difficulty of the challenge facing
A couple of months down the “The threat of piracy was just
why – Ed) before heading for
Daring days
atmosphere. his task group.
line and the Type 23 frigate had too great – and like it or not
home. Cumberland and Wave
Around 40 sailors joined “The pirates are very agile, they
completed the first bit, chasing we were off to our old stomping
Knight prowled the Gulf of
and Northumberland made for
volunteers, the Army and RAF to learn quickly, they are adapting
pirates and other nasties around ground in the Gulf of Aden,” said
the Red Sea.
raise money for Help for Heroes new tactics all the time,” he
the Indian Ocean, and headed to Northumberland’s Commanding
Eilat last hosted the frigate in
– which supports Servicemen warned. “We have got to be very
the Seychelles for some R&R. Officer Cdr Martin Simpson. “As THE future is no longer
2007 – and the ship was well
and women wounded in the line agile too, to learn lessons from
The R&R didn’t last too long always in this job, anything can tomorrow. The future is today.
remembered by the Israeli Navy
of duty – plus the Royal British operations and deploy our forces
– but there was enough time for happen.” HMS Daring is no longer a
which pulled out all the stops to
Legion. accordingly.”
the ship’s qualified bubbleheads Every stick needs a carrot. ship of tomorrow’s Navy, she’s
accommodate the British warship.
The two good causes split the The decision to formally create
(divers) to grow to 40 in number There was the promise of four formally part of the Fleet.
The resort is a relatively
proceeds of the bucket collection a task force to deal with the pirates
and for the maggot danglers days in Eilat, the popular Israeli The first of the Type 45
short distance from some of the
at the Millennium Stadium 50-50 comes on the back of a series (fishermen) to actually catch some resort in the Gulf of Aqaba, plus
destroyers was officially handed
treasures of antiquity.
– more than £10,000 apiece. of high-profile police actions by fish – their first haul since leaving Christmas in Dubai.
over to her ship’s company on
There was a day trip to
The evening before the game British and other warships in the Devonport (for the record tuna, Before the carrot, there was
December 10 and the White
Jerusalem via the Dead Sea
the ship hosted a reception for region. trevally and snapper); the secret, another security patrol to conduct.
Ensign raised for the inaugural
where, says Cdr Simpson, “one
around 120 members of the Welsh And the new emphasis on the apparently, was to use pusser’s Northumberland headed for the
of the more seasoned senior rates
Rugby Union, giving them a tour anti-piracy mission has scuppered bacon as bait. Horn of Africa to meet up with
It also meant an end to living
mentioned that he remembered
around the frigate. HMS Northumberland’s dreams The various sporting activities HM Ships Cumberland and Kent,
in flats around Glasgow for her
visiting it many years ago when it
“It was truly a great honour to
sailors, who have moved on
was only sick.”
have been involved in what was
And there was a day trip across
a nail-biting match towards the
After Christmas leave, they
the border into Jordan and the city
end and thoroughly enjoyed by all
will return this month to bring
carved into the stone, Petra (for
who attended,” said Westminster’s
her down from the Clyde for the
the less-culturally minded, it’s the
CO Cdr Ken Houlberg.
first time.
city at the end of Indiana Jones and
“I was incredibly proud to see
A fortnight (ish) of trials and
the Last Crusade).
my ship’s company looking so
tests will follow her departure
“Both were cracking days out
smart in their Number 1s on the
from BVT’s Scotstoun yard,
– and for many the chance of a
pitch and drumming up support
followed by a lightning first
lifetime,” said Cdr Simpson.
and collecting.”
visit to her affiliated island
Carrots eaten, more sticks, and
(Guernsey), then her first
Two big bangs
three weeks patrolling the Gulf of
entry into her future home of
Aden looking for pirates, terrorists,
smugglers and the like.
Apparently only God
in 24 hours
Still, Dubai for Christmas. It
himself can now prevent that
could have been worse...
as the arrival date of January
marina Kent gears up for anti-piracy 28 is ‘concreted’ in the ship’s
RN DIVERS north of the border
patrol, pages 10-11 programme.
dealt with two bombs in a day –
on opposite coasts.
The experts from the
Northern Diving Group based at
Faslane faced the legacy of war specialist legal advice
off Largs and off Leith.
Civilian divers working at
Largs promenade in Ayrshire
to forces personnel
found an unexploded device
and immediately raised the
Suffered a Military Injury?
We deal with all types of injury claim involving
The five-strong team of RN
bomb disposal specialists
the military.
determined that the device
We can assist you with your claim under the
found was an aerial-launched
new AFCS and advise you on whether to
Mk11 depth charge – and still
...We do n
ot, as a rule,
pursue your claim in the civil courts under our
live. ‘no win no fee’ specialist military legal
It was brought to the surface advice scheme.
and moved a safe distance
from Largs before being blown
publish ‘g
rip an
d grin
Police Interview/
up, although the operation did
Courts Martial
guillotine sailings in the area for
a few hours.
Nigel Burn and Gilbert
... AS IT says on page fiAS IT says on page five ve of the of the NavyNavy News News including some frincluding some fresh paint on her hull (which looks esh paint on her hull (which looks
Blades are well known for
Nigel Burn or Tean Butcher
Barely had the divers dried Bank Street, Lincoln LN2 1DR
off and had a cup of tea back handbook (no, really it does). like it could do with it after a busy few years…),
their Courts Martial
Tel: 01522 512345 between 9am - 5.15pm
at base than they were heading But in this case we’ll make an exception. some TLC for her propeller shafts, upgrades to her
expertise throughout the
or for Military Discipline Matters only contact
to the Firth of Forth – their This is a unique view of HMS Albion and the weapons and sensors, and some much-needed UK and Europe. Nigel Burn Mob: 07775 860608 after 6pm
second call-out in 15 hours. chap on the left, Capt Wayne Keble, is handing the maintenance on the upper decks.
keys of the assault ship to his deputy, Executive In the meantime, her younger sister Bulwark
Fisherman had found a We can also advise on:
suspected bomb while trawling Offi cer Cdr Simon Turnbull. is raising the amphibious fl agship banner, with
Employment Issues
off Leith. He could, of course, have done this in his cabin. a familiar face in charge… Capt Keble has just
So decayed was the But this makes a rather more impressive sight: the assumed command of the ship from Jeremy
Family Problems
explosive that the dive team bottom of the dry dock in Devonport where Albion Blunden.
House Purchases
was unable to identify it, is beginning an eight-month overhaul. He’ll lead Bulwark into the Mediterranean next
but they were able to safely Albion is the fi rst of the RN’s amphibious assault month for a major amphibious exercise involving
neutralise it... by blowing it to ships to enter dry dock for a refi t. Allied navies. A LEADING SPECIALIST IN MILITARY LAW
kingdom come. She’ll emerge next July after £25m of work, Picture: LA(Phot) Dan Hooper, HMS Albion
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