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Plan early for
Rural idyll exists
TO many people a boarding school facilities and a stable environment.
in the English countryside conjures A country setting provides an
up scenes of a bygone age: misty environment where children can
mornings, healthy air, a place where be children.
children can climb trees, camp out Equally important are the
and do the things that you read members of staff that dedicate their
RELOCATING can be a stressful that we may be able to offer about in Enid Blyton books. time to help growing children.
time for any family and moving First Steps: At Shebbear College we strive Shielded from the dangers of
schools can be especially difficult CEAS is here to help if you need to have the best of the old but add city streets, pupils experience
for your children. information, guidance or support, to it the very best of the present. personal safety – a highly desirable
The Children’s Education and produce a ‘Moving School Many parents feel that the prerequisite to learning.
Advisory Service (CEAS) are here
Pack’ of booklets designed to help
essence of boarding in the UK is Removed from the hurly-burly
to offer you help and support with
the families prepare for a move of
best captured in a rural setting. of the metropolis, pupils keep in
the issues around education and
The natural elements of peace touch through email and internet,
The packs are available from the
and quiet, fresh air and space to allowing frequent communication
It is advisable to start planning play are combined with modern with home. Parents can feel
● Live theatre in this country has a bright future if the West Hill Park CEAS website or office.
Preparatory School’s production of Bugsy Malone is anything to go
early to give more time to resolve
Contact the local HIVE, who
facilities in historic buildings. reassured that, in an increasingly
by. Alan Parker’s tongue-in-cheek gangster musical offers slapstick,
problems. If your child is at a
will have information on the local
Modern boarding houses offer hostile world, their children are in
farce, panto, comedy, music and dancing as well as a fast-moving
critical time in their education, ie
educational establishments.
comfortable ‘home from home’ a safe, secure environment.
plot set in New York in 1929. With custard pies and splurge guns
GCSE, AS or A-level years, you
If possible, arrange to visit
(above) the weapons of choice, and so much energy that it seemed
may be able to retain your house in
schools – inspection reports alone
like a cast of thousands (including gangsters, inept cops, speakeasy
Service Families Accommodation.
do not tell you whether the school
dancers, boxers and down-and-outs), there was plenty to keep the
Contact your housing provider
will be suitable for your child.
audiences rapt. See the school, based at Titchfi eld in Hampshire, in
for further information about the
Apply as soon as possible for
action for yourself – call 01329 842356 to arrange a visit
support for retention of quarters
your preferred school. Although
A liberating education for girls
the law in England allows you
to state a preference, it does not
require the Local Authority to
TRURO High School provides a
allocate your preferred school.
truly liberating education for girls
Admission Appeals
in Cornwall (see right).
CEAS can offer advice on the
Whilst academic excellence is
process of appealing or help in the
important – Truro High School
wording of the appeal.
topped the 2008 league tables in
However, do look at the school
Cornwall for GCSE and A-level being offered as it may satisfy your
pass rates – it is the extraordinary requirements.
personal touch which sets the Further Help
school aside from its competitors. If you have any worries about
“The staff really know my admissions, appeals or any other
daughter – her strengths, her matter regarding the education
weaknesses, her hopes and of your children, contact CEAS;
aspirations – and the relationship see or e-mail
between the staff and girls is very, or
special,” said one parent. call our helpline on 01980 618244.
Headmistress Jane Abbotts
said: “With teaching groups no
bigger than 20, girls receive the
individual attention they deserve.
“Whether gifted and talented
or perhaps struggling a bit in a
subject, we gear our teaching and
learning to what girls need.”
They are free to develop their
own individual self-confidence
without the distractions that can
arise in co-educational schools, Service
and it allows them to opt for
subjects which are traditionally
seen as more male without fear of
appearing ‘uncool’.
“Add to the timetable sport (an CURRICULUM CONCERNS
extraordinary 36 county titles over
the past five years), music, drama,
art, leadership opportunities and a EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCES
real sense of fun, Truro High School
girls are busy, happy, confident and
purposeful,” she added.
Truro High School constantly
strives to develop its provision
while keeping a mindful check on
the importance of value for money.
Call Mrs Ellison on 01872
272830 to arrange a personal tour
and taster day. CEAS is here to help you!
Contact us on:
01980 61 8244 or
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