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News and information for serving personnel
Naval ‘schoolies’ take
JPA – all
the help
world class approach
you need
is there
DID you know…
“WE HAD a grounding on an emergency.” specialisation than ‘driving’
From April this year your
board HMS Superb whilst
That was just one day in the classrooms, as he has
annual leave total on JPA will
THE Ministry of Defence and the
life of Lt Martyn Tait, a qualified discovered…
include public holidays to ensure
Youth Hostel Association (YHA)

those who are deployed get their
Although it was terrifying at
submariner who works within the “I joined the specialisation in
are to run an activity holidays pilot
full leave allowance (2008DIN01-
the time, the training kicks in and
Naval Education and Training 2002,” he said.
scheme in August this year for
you don’t panic.
Service (NETS), part of Flag “One of the best things about
bereaved Service families.
JPA leave facility is working
“You know those around you
Officer Sea Training’s Naval Core being a training manager is the
The ‘FAB 09’ holidays will be
properly and should be used to
are not panicking; you get on with
Training Stream, supporting flexibility and opportunity to
from August 1-8 at YHA Coverack
your drills and do what needs to
personal and professional further professional and personal
apply for all leave – if you do not
in Cornwall and YHA Whitby in
be done.
development at sea. development.”
think that your leave balance is
North Yorkshire.
“The submarine is your lifeline,
Martyn is a training manager His assignments to date have
correct, then speak to your unit
Aimed at bereaved children and
so it is essential to know
– they’re often called ‘schoolies’, seen him go from engineering
HR office.
their parent or carer, the initiative
how to look after
but these days there’s instructor and training designer
will allow families with children
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her in
a lot more to the at HMS Sultan to managing the
Struggling to understand the
under the age of 19 who have
requirement and acquisition of a
abbreviations, such as MMA at
suffered the loss of either a mother
AFF - After CompletionAFFF AFF - After AFF - After Completion
n training service for submariners
PCR(UK), when making expense
or father to attend the camps.
manning the new Astute class,
Those who have lost a
a role that saw him working
The Self Service expenses pages
step-parent or another What is
at Abbey Wood, dealing
in JPA will be changing in July this
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in a legal relationship
with the application
year to make claiming expenses
are also eligible.
What is
is Life in the
of cutting-edge
more straightforward with clearer
Only the head of the
n t
thRoyal Marines

Life in the
yal Marin

simulation technology.
● Lt Martyn Tait
family will be charged –
Currently serving as
If you are not sure whether
£50 for the week – and
Royal Navy
like for you?ke for you?

the NETS Ops Officer in
and producing a tailored plan to
or not you should be making a
all other children will go
Faslane, he is responsible
like for you?
achieve them.
claim then speak to your unit HR
free less spending money
Tell us -
amilies’ Sur
us -
your views ar
The Armed F
orces Continuous
Attitude Survey (CAS) is your for fulfilling the education, To do this for the whole crew
and certain optional
e important
r view
y 2008
e important
opportunity to tell me what you
think about life in the Naval
The Armed FThe A
Service. The results from this
Arme training and resettlement
Tell us -
your views ar may take several weeks if the
survey provide me with the PLEASE HELP US T
PLEASE HELP US T AttitudAttitude Survey (CAS) is your
ed F
ude S
orces Corces Continuous
evidence to argue your case
The Families’ opportunity to tell me what you
ey 2008e
urvey (CA
at the very top of the Defence The Families’
what you think. think about life in the Naval think a
y to tell
) iis yyour
mme wwhhat yoy

important source of information that we can use to Survey is your opportunity to tell us
u needs of personnel deployed
Service. The results from this Servic
t life in
NETSO is embarked in a larger
I don’t know how to claim
management chain. Yto tell us what you think. argue your case at the very top of the Defence. The more
ce. T
The scheme is designed
survey provide me with the
he results
he NNavval
surveey pro
respond, the more convincing we can be on your
survey are an important source of information
management chain. Survey is your opportunity
The results of this survey are an
evidence to argue your case
vide me w
froom this

people that complete this
ence t in FASFLOT ships and
es’ Sur
OU behalf. Please don’t waste your chance to make
at the very top of the Defence at the
O to argue y
withh thhe
vessel, and often the best time to
expenses on JPA!
questionnaire – the more strength
e ver
U yo
that we can use to argue your case at the
to allow families to enjoy
your views heard.
management chain. Y
U ryy top of t
urr cacase

I will have to my discussions on
very top of the Defence management chain. The more people whoThe results of this VIEWS DO COUNT
hee DeDefe
your behalf
. Please don’t waste WS DO OUR submarines throughout the
visit is during a lengthy deployment
Information to assist you in
s of this
The more people who respond, the more
people that complete this peopl
. Y
your chance to have your views
ple tha
t complet
. The more . . Thhe more
questionnaire – the more strength quest
an adventurous, safe and
convincing we can be on your behalf. Please heard.
I will have to my discussions on
ire – the
I will h
AS Survey is your opportunity to
The result hav world – from the Falklands to
The don’t waste your chance to make your views
V your behalfyour b
ee to my di
mooree stren
when there is a captive audience.
your use of JPA can be found
i behace hal
supportive environment,
Re a
nt source of information M your chance to have your views
f. Please don’t waste .
ssiions on
your c
chan M
The Reserves’The Re
CB a
Second Sea Lord and
sse heard.heard
e to have
donn’tt wast
E A d. e yoouur views Rio and Gibraltar to Bahrain – y
tell ustell us what you think.
us Commander-in-ChiefC Whilst on board the NETSO
in Self Service Guides and in
Naval Home Command Kim R
fostering self-confidence and
survey are an importsurve
Chairperson of the Navalicha
that wthat we can use to argue your case at the very
w Alte Families Federationrdson as well as looking after units in
rna Vice Admiral
t may also run a number of
the recently revamped Business
h t
top top of the Defence management chain.
o ive
friendship while having fun.
Vice Admiral https://www
e surve
ly if you would preAM Massey
mormore people who respond, the moreor A J Johns https/MembersArea.cfm?
y onlineCBE ADC
build closer to home in Glasgow
conconvincing we can be on your behalf. Pleaseon CBE ADC
id=8916 go toSecond Sea Lord and training workshops in areas such
Advice Guide (BAG).
Early this year applications
dodon’t waste your chance to make your viewso Second Sea Lord and T
o and log into the members’
Commander e
Kim Richardson
r to comple
Commander-in-Chief year
find out more about the feedback from lastNaval Home Command
heheard.e and Barrow.
http://wwwNaval Home Command’s survey to go to Chairperson of the Naval
Families Federation
as coaching and mentoring,
Follow the JPA link on the
for each holiday will be made
ADC summer 08.pdf area
Naval Home CommandNaval “Although personnel are l Hom
me Comma
’s andd conducting training in the
left-hand side of RN Web to the
available from the Service widows’
Thorne RD*
Commodore Royal Naval Reserves deployed, they still want to further
Commander Maritime Reserves workplace, and listening skills.
JPA website, then look under ‘Self
associations and other military
The 2007 Armed For
Please complete and return the questionnaire in theFleetweb A-Z (http://rd
f) via the link
ces Continuous Attitude Survey Report is available fres Continuous Attitude Survey Repor their personal and professional
envelope provided.
Attitude Survey
oyalnavy Martyn spent several weeks on
and charity websites.
om the
To find out more about the feedback from last year
survey go to RN W
t is avai
fl eet/a-z/a-z.htm)eet/a-z/a-z.htm)
lable froom the
m the
development and gain the
(http://royalnavy ces Continuous Attitude Survey Report is available fr© Autumn 2008
board Superb getting to know the
The Self Service Guides show
For further details contact project
The 2007 Armed Forport
smouth/rnrmquest/rnrm_res_final.polunteer Reserves Continuous
Fleetweb A-Z (http://rRN/RM V RESTRICTED - ST qualifications necessary to advance
AFF - After CompletionAFF - After CompletionAFF - After crew and offering interviews and
you how to use JPA; the BAG
officer Maj Belinda Forsythe on
their careers or to help smooth the
© Autumn 2008
advice to all.
shows who carries out the different
01722 437580 or email belinda.
transition to civilian life,” he said.
They were very appreciative of
JPA activities and links take you to
Whilst on board Martyn will
his efforts and, in the words of the
how to do them.
deliver presentations to the ship’s
On top
XO, he provided a “dedicated and
You will find all sorts of useful
company to make sure they
concentrated service that would
information, from understanding
● The Armed Forces Continuous
Attitude Survey (AFCAS) 2008, the Families
are updated on the educational
have been impossible were we to
your pay statement through to
CAS and the Reserves CAS were distributed in October/
opportunities, entitlements and
rely solely upon ship’s staff.”
a user-friendly Self Service
of the
November. Thank you to all who completed and returned
funding routes open to them for
The finding of a recent study,
Assistance Guide.
theirs. For those that have received a survey and are yet to
gaining qualifications or preparing
accepted by the Second Sea Lord
And for those still wondering,
complete it, remember this is your chance to have your say.
themselves for resettlement.
‘MMA at PCR(UK)’ stands
on behalf his RN colleagues, is
These surveys are important sources of information that are
Once everyone understands
for ‘Motor Mileage Allowance
PT tree
used to argue your case at the highest level. Don’t waste the
the basics, he will conduct one-
that there will be an enduring
at Private Car Rate (UK)’ and
opportunity to have your views heard. Further information
to-one personal development
requirement for the specialist skills
applies to some journeys made
from Paul Cox on 023 9262 5496 or
interviews, discussing the
of uniformed training managers in
using your own car – see JSP 752
THREE members of LPT
individual’s aspirations and goals
the Naval Service.
and check with your unit HR
Qualifying Course No 20 find
Whilst this might seem
Office before claiming.
themselves at the top of their
surprising in the light of the current
profession 25 years on.
Chapman Centre opened
programmes to ‘contract out’
The trio – WOPT Ian Binks
more of the day-to-day shoreside
Fresh ideas
(Portsmouth), Lt Doug Wylie
training delivery services, these
only serve to highlight the need
A NEW cookbook aimed at
(Faslane) and WOPT Neal
THE learning centre at RNAS Yeovilton has been The building includes an internet suite, an IT
for specialists who can ensure that
military chefs (or logisticians
Frame (Devonport) – completed
rebuilt to meet the needs of the 4,500 people classroom, a computerised library, two classrooms
our requirements are accurately
(catering services (preparation
their gruelling course at the RN
Physical Training School HMS
based at the air station – and has a new name. with electronic ‘smart boards’ and several offices,
identified and that delivery quality
and delivery))) backed by Gordon
Temeraire in August 1984.
The new building has been named the Chapman and offers courses ranging from basic maths
is maintained.
Ramsay has been launched.
Now, almost a quarter of a
Centre in honour of Lt Cdr Darren Chapman, the and English up to post-graduate management
And, as Martyn’s experiences
It contains more than 50 recipe
century on, they are delivering
CO of 847 NAS, who was killed in action in Iraq studies. show, the reality is that the ideas for those on operations, and
the PDev (Physical Development)
in 2006. Darren’s widow Liz, as guest of honour, formally traditional view of the schoolies’ includes such modern classics
agenda which comprises three
Darren was a regular attendee at the centre, and opened the centre, accompanied by her daughter habitat being limited to a classroom as corned beef balti, spicy bean
pillars – sport, adventurous
is fondly remembered by the staff. Chloe, sister Kate and Darren’s father Don. became obsolete long ago. burgers and Italian tuna pie.
training and physical education –
in their respective base port areas.
“This is a fantastic and exciting
period in our careers, extolling
the virtues of the benefits of Moonlight (battle) and shadows
participating in sport and
recreation,” said Doug. TROPHY 10999 (right) is an and light cruisers HMS Ajax
“Not only are we interested in extract dated 1788 from the and HMNZS Achilles – Force
the delivery of many activities and Captain’s Standing Orders of G, under Cdre Henry Harwood
pursuits at all levels, but we would the second HMS Andromeda, a – encountered German pocket
like to see much more inter-part 32-gun 5th rate frigate of 1784. battleship Admiral Graf Spee off
and grass-roots activities.
The previous Andromeda, a
the River Plate in Argentina.
“The PDev agenda has backing
28-gun 6th rate, had, in January
The German ship was armed
from 2SL downwards and should be
1780, been part of a squadron
with six 11in guns in triple turrets;
embraced by everyone to enhance
under the command of Admiral Sir
Exeter’s main armament was 8in
their wellbeing and health.”
George Rodney which defeated a
calibre and the two light cruisers
He added: “All personnel of
Spanish fleet under Admiral Don
carried 6in guns.
whatever ability should make full
Juan de Langara 12 miles south of
Although outgunned the
use of the fantastic sports facilities
Cape St Vincent in what became
cruisers were able to split the
available in their respective
known as the Moonlight Battle.
enemy’s fire and succeeded in
establishments,” noting that they
During the War of American
hitting the German several times.
are so much better than when he
Independence, Rodney’s squadron
Exeter sustained most damage
first qualified.
was tasked with escorting a relief
– two of her three turrets were put
“Then you were lucky to have
convoy to Gibraltar and Minorca
out of action while the third could
a decent range of weight training
and to then sail to the West Indies.
only be operated by hand, and she
equipment, never mind the
Having captured a Spanish
had to use emergency steering,
extensive CV equipment which is
convoy of 22 ships off Cape
with helm orders being passed to
the norm today.”
Finisterre on January 8, eight
the tiller flat by a line of sailors.
days later he sighted a squadron to be fought by night and Trophy 23688 (right) is a crucifix
Unable to escape to sea, Kapitän
waiting to engage him, so having
of 11 Spanish ships off Cape St relieved considerable pressure on made from the mast timbers of
zur See Hans Langsdorff took Graf consulted Berlin, the Graf Spee
Vincent. Gibraltar. heavy cruiser HMS Exeter. Spee into neutral Montevideo for was scuttled on December 17
The enemy made for Cadiz, With the convoy safely delivered The base bears a brass plate repairs, where her stay was limited 1939, and Langsdorff committed
but Rodney gave chase and in the Rodney sailed to the Caribbean, indicating that the trophy was by neutrality rules. suicide just days later.
ensuing action one Spanish ship but for Andromeda it was a one-way made to commemorate the Battle A successful British intelligence Meanwhile the damaged Exeter
blew up and six were captured. trip – she was lost in a hurricane in of the River Plate. operation convinced Langsdorff had made her way to the Falkland
This was the first fleet action October off Martinique. On December 13 1939 Exeter that a carrier and battleship were
Islands to effect her own repairs.
News and information for serving personnel
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