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Essex Standard
tyros in honour
shine of unit
BRENTWOOD Junior Sea Cadets
from Ark Royal division completed
a successful year when they won
the Essex District junior unarmed
drill competition at Walton-on-
THE focus of the Inverness
annual fundraising party was
The latest success caps a good
the presentation of a standard in
year for the youngsters, who have
memory of a stalwart of the unit.
now won district trophies for
Some 60 guests watched as
athletics, pulling and drill.
the Wedderburn Standard – in
They also represented Essex
honour of Cdr Ian Wedderburn –
district at the London Area regatta
was handed to the unit.
at Royal Victoria Dock in London,
Cdr Wedderburn, who died in
where they again managed a
July last year, gave 30 years to TS
podium finish, taking third
place against some very strong
His son James made the
presentation, watched by his
Although Brentwood’s Ark
mother Desire, who had been a
Royal junior division was only
Wren during the war and had met
formed at the beginning of last
Ian when he came home after two
year, they managed to finish an
years in the cruiser HMS Ajax.
impressive second overall in all
● Capt Jonathan Fry and Mne Cadet John Newbury check a basha watched by Sea and Marine Cadets from Yeovil and District unit. Capt Tim Honnor, chairman of the
competitions out of 11 Essex
Fry, the Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps and Director of Operations, visited the Yeovil contingent at Sutton Bigham reservoir where they were unit, thanked the Wedderburn
units, and seem to have established
undergoing instruction. And although he watched the youngsters sailing and pulling on the reservoir and learning fi eldcraft, and met with family for their generosity, and
themselves as one of the main
some of the parents, he also had a more formal duty to perform. Yeovil has retained burgee status, and Capt Fry was there to congratulate said the standard will be paraded
junior contenders in the district,
staff and cadets on another successful year, and to present individual awards. with pride by the Inverness cadets
according to Officer-in-Charge
whenever they take part in civic
Juniors PO Fred Ryder.
functions within the city.
The successful drill team
Harlow heed
Crew tours
He added it was appropriate that
was JSCs 1st Class Joe Costerd,
the standard would have its first
Terence Allen and Lili Nicholls,
outing at the Remembrance Parade
Leading Juniors Farrell Roberts
RNLI base
at the Inverness Cenotaph.
and Andrew Manning (Drill
STORM clouds had a silver
The evening raised more than
Squad Commander).
lining for cadets who were
£12,000 for unit funds.
sailing TS Royalist along
Chairman Tim has just returned
the South Coast.
from a reunion at Dartmouth with
takes up
new role
call of the wild
While prevented from
52 of his fellow term-mates who
sailing from Poole by
joined the Royal Navy with him
autumn gales, cadets
50 years ago.
and staff were given a
Whilst the reunion was fun in
conducted tour of the
its own right, Tim said it was a
RNLI Training Centre and
huge bonus to be able to meet up
College in the town.
again with Mid Matthew Stewart,
LC LINDSEY Fitzpatrick was
The group had their
who had been Chief Cadet of TS
A FAR-from-unlucky 13 have
straight in at the deep end when
picture taken beside a
Briton and whose father, Ray, is
she assumed the mantle of Lord
enjoyed an unforgettable trip 30-tonne Tamar-class the First Lieutenant of the unit.
to Canada. lifeboat, the RNLI’s newest
Matthew, the first cadet from
Lieutenant’s Cadet.
The Harlow unit baker’s dozen, class of vessel, which first
the unit to have joined the officer
The Leicester cadet travelled
accompanied by seven adults, flew entered service in 2006.
entry to BRNC, had only been at
back from the unit’s CUTT
to Toronto and settled in with host Cadets and staff were
Dartmouth for four days when
course at Inskip to attend the
unit RCSCC Vanguard, whose shown the various inshore
Tim met him on the Quarterdeck
investiture ceremony, held at
members made the British visitors
and offshore craft and after attending church service.
County Hall in Leicester, where
most welcome and provided their
visited the workshops. Matthew joined the Inverness
she was appointed as one of the
HQ for accommodation.
They also had a chance unit at the age of ten and rose to
three Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets
A packed programme began
to inspect the new range be best petty officer cadet in the
for the coming year and presented
that evening with a social, and
of rescue equipment Northern Area.
with her badge.
the following day visited Niagara
now used by the RNLI “It is a great accolade for all of
Lindsey’s first duty was to
Falls, taking a boat trip on the
in support of the rescue us in the Inverness Sea Cadets,
accompany the Lord Lieutenant of
river and touring behind the falls.
services inland as well to have one of our cadets go to
Leicestershire, The Lady Gretton,
On the way back there was time
as the traditional service BRNC,” said Tim.
to the Festival of Remembrance at
to enjoy a barbecue with relatives
provided around the UK “We are very proud of him and
the De Montfort Hall.
of Sarah Bourne, wife of officer-
coastline. we wish him all the best in his
Lindsey said: “I am proud
in-charge and tour leader S/Lt
chosen career.”
and honoured to be chosen as a
Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet and to
(SCC) Jack Bourne.
represent my unit TS Tiger and
Day three of the trip saw the
● Harlow cadets take to the water in Canada
the Sea Cadet Corps.
Harlow cadets bid farewell to their
“In my role of Lord Lieutenant’s
counterparts at Vanguard and plenty of excitement. waterways in powerboats.
Cadet, I am looking forward to
head for Madawaska in Ontario River kayaking and canoeing was And that evening one of Ian’s sons
participating in all my duties and
– and specifically for a campsite on the agenda in the afternoon, led the party to a particular spot
responsibilities in the year ahead.”
resort run by a former member of and Ian and his sons passed on where, with a little encouragement,
Lindsey took over from POC
the unit’s staff, Ian Collins, and some of their bushcraft skills. the wolves did howl – a magical
Mark O’Conner, of Hinckley
his family. There were also chores to be moment for the visitors.
An area of the site had been set done, and the evening finished Subsequent days saw a trail
aside for the cadets, along with with a quiz around the campfire. through part of the Algonquin Park
Comrade ship
tents and the use of site facilities, More watersports were laid on to a lookout hill, and whitewater
including boats and canoes. the following day, starting with the rafting – one of the highlights of
That evening was set aside for the construction of rafts to encourage the trip.
MEMBERS of the RN and RM
cadets, along with several Canadian team-building. One of the party celebrated
Old Comrades’ Association
families, to experience the eerie Using various bits and pieces to his birthday in style, and there
attended a presentation evening at sound of wolf howling, but the
hand, the results were mixed; one was plenty more watersports –
Bristol (Filton) Sea Cadet unit’s wolves were silent that night.
sank upon hitting the water while including a successful raft race (ie
training ship TS Endurance, at Day four was typically busy. another broke up mid-way, but the more than one raft floated) before
Horfi eld Barracks in the city. Staff and cadets trekked out to third made the grade. it was time to strike camp and
Awards were made by the Lord a beautiful viewpoint in the forest There was then a chance to visit head back to the airport.
Mayor of Bristol, Cllr Christopher in the morning, taking in the local Barry’s Bay, a nearby tourist town, An open invitation has been
Davies, to the Sea and Marine wildlife on the way – a colony for some sightseeing and shopping, extended to their Canadian hosts
Cadets present. of beavers and their dam caused while others explored the local to reciprocate the visit.
Unit pulls through
Parade brings
A GROUP of 18 cadets from Scarborough
unit – six of them juniors – have raised
almost £2,000 by pulling a gun and back memories
carriage through the town.
Starting at the lifeboat house, the group FIVE cadets from Flitwick and Ampthill unit
walked 13 miles dragging the kit – a travelled to Fort Blockhouse to join up with
miniature version of the Naval field gun cadets from their district – Cambridgeshire
weighing 120kg – and all participants, and Bedfordshire – and London area cadets
including a trio of ten-year-olds, completed to form the guard for the national Sea Cadet
the course. Parade in Trafalgar Square.
During the walk, on ten occasions the Staff and parents travelled to London
gun and carriage had to be dismantled to watch ACs Howe, Boxall, Newton and
into seven sections to pass over stiles and Bettle, and POC Fowler, of TS Leopold
gates. Muller, in the parade.
Last year’s gun pull raised £1,360, but Unit Commanding Officer Lt Cdr (SCC)
this year £1,902 will be going towards the Lisa Maynard said: “I remember being in
purchase of a Pico dinghy – a decision this parade with a platoon of GNTC and
made by Officer-in-Charge CPO Julie today I am watching my son follow in my
Davies in consideration of the 1,000 cadet- footsteps.
hours spent on Wykeham Lakes gaining “I’m proud of him and all the cadets
● LC David Hewitt, of the Hartlepool unit, on duty at the launch
various qualifications. involved – they have worked hard and put
of the Daring-class destroyer Dragon on the Clyde. Sea cadets
on a good show. from the north of England and Scotland played a prominent part
“This is the first time they have paraded ● The Scarborough gun-pull crew make in proceedings at the BAE Govan yard in Glasgow, including the
their presence felt with these rifles.” provision of a guard of honour
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