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It’s that bear
NOVEMBER, that month of rain, chill and spotted bears,
broke upon a waiting nation bringing forth a flood of silly,
surreal and sustained fundraising for the BBC’s Children in
Need appeal.
Without a doubt the award for the bikers on the airstrip at RNAS
the most sustained fundraising Culdrose (pictured top) hauled in
must go to the Royal Navy Motor
another £1,500.
Cycle Club who year after year
Fundraising totals at Culdrose
eat up the miles criss-crossing the
were also boosted by a sponsored
south of the country collecting at
car wash (£207), a rowathon
Naval establishments and other
with 160 people racing 2,340km
(£800), a big breakfast at the
Over the past 21 years the biker
community centre (£210) and a
crew have raised £231,100, with
cake and crafts sale (£115).
the 2008 total boosting that even
It might be fair to ascribe a touch
of silliness to HMS Collingwood
In just one day the riders man-
when fancy dress parades (£246)
summoned up Pudsey Bear (of
aged to collect almost £3,000
course), Robin Hood, Michael
from collections on the gates at
Jackson, a walking beer bottle, a
Yeovilton (pictured right), then a
ninja and Darth Vader (pictured
trip to the Hydrographic Office
middle right).
in Taunton and the Met Office
Who also popped across the
in Exeter.
water to form the surreal sight
The annual sponsored run by
of a somewhat grim Star Wars
frontline (pictured below – it was
raining...) for the Royal Marines
Musicians fancy-dress procession
through HMS Nelson, playing
and collecting as they marched.
(The very masculine Bunny
Girls among the musical marchers
from the Royal Marines School
of Music were perhaps the most
But charity fundraisers were
also dropping from the skies in
Portsmouth, with an abseiling
challenge (£700) down the side
of one of the accommodation
Organiser Logs Sam Dawes
said: “I saw the TV adverts, sent
off for a fundraising pack and then
decided to arrange something suit-
ably exciting to get involved with
Children in Need.
“I’ve always wanted to do
something for this charity, and am
really pleased that my mates have
supported the challenge.” And
from the smile on her face it seems
that Logs Aitken (pictured top left)
enjoyed the challenge too.
Be grateful for the somewhat
sane cycle ride that took 12 Royal
Naval cyclists (pictured right) from
Navy Command Headquarters
(Fleet HQ as was) to Brighton
and back.
Organiser Lt Cdr Jon Pollard
said: “We could not have hoped
for a better day at this time of
year, it was dry with no wind.”
After six hours in the saddle, the
12 returned safely to Whale Island
with £625 boosting Pudsey’s
Pictures: PO(Phot) Shaun Preston, LA(Phot) Steve Johncock, LA(Phot) Luron Wright, Trevor Muston and others
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