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Memory in stone
A MEMORIAL to all those who have been n
killed in conflict zones since the end of World d
War 2 has been dedicated at Westminster r
Abbey by the Princess Royal.
The plaque, to be found in the south clois--
ter, reads: “Remember the men and women n
of the Armed and Auxiliary Forces who lost st
their lives in times and places on conflict ct
since the Second World War”. Around the e
THERE’S a few Naval doggy
metal plaque are carved in stone the words: s:
tales out there: one who leaves a
“Today – Tomorrow – Forever.”
calling card; one who got high;
Defence secretary John Hutton said: “This s
and one who has said goodbye...
memorial provides a focus in London for r
Buzz, Faslane’s one and only
those killed in conflict since the end of World d
arms and explosives search dog,
War 2. It is only right that the sacrifices made e
has a unique calling card, but
by those serving their country are remem--
fortunately it’s not the one you
bered in such a historic location.”
might expect from a four-legged
The memorial is a tribute to all those killed d
in support of the Armed Forces, regular and d
Buzz has his own business
reserve, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Merchant t
card, and spends his evenings
making sure that the Naval base
Defence ministers and senior military perr--
is safe for all who work there.
sonnel were joined by 400 Service personnel el
Chief Inspector Jim Gillen
from all three Forces at the ceremony.
of the MoD Police said: “It is a
standard check but the Base is
high-profile location and we have
Family life in
to make sure that it is location
which is as safe as we can make
“Buzz helps us do that –
but I have to stress that it is a
routine procedure in any military
The dog patrols at night to
make sure that any Base staff
who do not like dogs or who are
allergic to them will not be upset
● One of the Raiders basketball team tackles the sinking ship
or disturbed.
simulator at HMS Raleigh
Buzz’ handler PC Stephen
A whole new
a blue suit
Gray said: “Buzz loves his work
– and I think he is the only dog
who has his own business cards...
ANOTHER month, another
and someone to carry then
family member joins the
around for him.”
ball game
Royal Navy...
Steve Beard’s dog in Gibraltar
is possibly looking for a career
Cdr Kevin Cooper was proud
change as a sniffer dog, after
to watch his son trainee Warfare
finding an unusual package upon
Specialist Myles Cooper complete
WHEN you’re a basketball player, there are certain challenges you might
Western Beach.
his basic trainng at HMS Raleigh.
not expect – to save a sinking match, yes; to save a sinking ship, perhaps
Naval officer Steve and his
But Kevin was even more proud
wife Paula were walking Alfie on
to see his son (pictured together left)
However the members of the Airwave Plymouth Raiders Basketball
the beach one night when they
was a member of Walker Division,
team did indeed take on that task in HMS Raleigh’s sinking ship
became rather concerned about
one of the six new-entry training
simulator Havoc.
his health – Alfie was suddenly
divisions which he, as a lieutenant,
Although the tough demands of hammering wooden wedges into the
swaying from side to side,
had headed up in 1995.
flooding simulator as it rocks from side to side are well known to anyone
bobbing his head up and down,
Kevin, who is currently serving
in the Naval service, Raiders director Iain Woodhead did admit to
and was struggling to keep his
with the MOD in Bristol, said: “It
concealing a few details from his players prior to their day at Raleigh.
eyes open.
is a happy coincidence that Myles
WO Andrew Day said: “Training in the simulator is very realistic. It is
“At first I thought he might
became a member of Walker
also a very effective team-building school. Teams have to think on their
have had a stroke,” said Steve,
Division where I enjoyed one of
feet and it helps to develop communication and leadership skills.
“and Paula was really upset at the
the most satisfying jobs of my
“As well as training for the Royal Navy, Havoc is regularly used by
state he was in.”
career. I hope that Myles goes on
other military units from across the Armed Forces and commercial
Steve and Paula were so
to have a career that is as enjoyable
organisations. We have also had a number of rugby teams undergo
worried that they took him to
and rewarding as mine.”
training including Gloucester, Bristol and the Barbarians.”
the vet, whose first question was:
Myles is now at HMS Drake
“Had Alfie been walking on the
training as a hydrographic,
meteorological and oceanographic
It seems that Alfie had found
a stash of drugs blown ashore on
Trainee Logistician Katie
the beach – and eaten them.
Gibson was welcomed into the
Poor Alfie was stoned...
senior service by her two brothers
However after a monstrous
(pictured left). Engineering
hangover, and plenty of water to
Technician Bill and Naval Airman
drink, Alfie made a full recovery.
Charlie were at Raleigh to cheer
Finally Leading Hound
their sister on through her passing
‘Semie’ Semtex, the Senior Naval
out parade.
Officer Northern Ireland’s one-
The three are all former Sea
time sniffer dog at Airport Jetty
Cadets and were members of
in Belfast Harbour Estate, has
Hornchurch Sea Cadet unit.
passed away aged 15.
Katie said: “It feels amazing to
She was well-known at
have reached the end of my basic
SNONI, and regularly patrolled
training. I feel I have achieved
out on Belfast Lough in a Navy
a huge amount and completed
boat or RUC rigid raider.
things I never thought I would
Her ashes will be scattered
by AB Brian Higgins over the
“My brothers have been an
Belfast Lough which she
enormous help to me along the
way. I’ve been on the phone to AB Higgins and his uncle
them most weeks and they’ve Robin adopted Semie after the
given me a lot of guidance and closure of the Airport Jetty.
support to get me through.”
Katie is still to be found at
Raleigh where she is being trained
at the Defence Maritime Logistics
School. whereas brother Bill is
currently serving with the Royal
Marines Logistic Corps at Borden
and Charlie is going through
A NEW inshore lifeboat has been
specialist training at HMS Sultan.
dedicated at the RNLI station in
● Musicians from the RM Band Plymouth with the Devon Youth
Wind Orchestra
Aberdeen as a legacy from the
late Eileen Storey Simpson.
In tune with the band
MWC recall
A rum do at BRNC
The boat is named James
Bissett Simpson in memory of
FORMER Collingwood man John Miss Simpson’s brother
FIFTY musicians from the Devon Band for a residential course – and Glencross returned to the Fare- THE Catholic Bishop of Leeds Bishop Arthur Roche paid a call on one S/Lt J B Simpson RNVR
Youth Wind Orchestra joined one of their former members John ham establishment with his broth- his priests Father Simon Bradbury at Britannia Royal Naval College. who, along with his pilot and
forces with members of the Royal Salmon is currently going through er Douglas some 27 years since he Father Bradbury has been on secondment to the RN for 12 years, telegraphist, went missing in
Marines Band Plymouth at HMS initial training with the Royal last served there. but the visit by the Bishop allowed him to get some experience of the a Fairey Swordfish aircraft in
Raleigh. Marines Band Service. John, who was shown around Naval life, witnessing training in the Bridge Simulator at the navigation October 1943 while serving with
Flautist Ellen Harrison said: ■ MEMBERS of the HMS the base by the museum curator department. 842 NAS.
“Everything sounded so much Collingwood Volunteer Band Lt Cdr Bill Legg, said: “I can’t Watching the cadets steer the ship into Portsmouth Harbour, a com-
better at Raleigh than anywhere headed down to the Falkland Is- believe how much everything has ment by the bishop about the benign weather conditions merited a quick
else we have rehearsed. lands to provide musical support changed. It’s amazing how many change with stormy seas and strong winds adding a touch of challenge
Bronze shoe
“It was really nice to play with to their Falklands Battle Day Pa- memories this has brought back.” to the navigators’ duties. AN unusual relic of a previous
the Royal Marines Band – they rade in early December. John joined the Navy in 1952 Bishop Roche said: “It was a privilege to experience for myself some- Cumberland was collected
are so good. Before going, youngest member as an electrical mechanic, com- thing of the life as a priest and chaplain to the Royal Navy. It was an by Lt Chris Jones of HMS
“It was a bit daunting at first, Steph Widdowson (aged 16) said: pleting his initial training at HMS excellent opportunity to meet so many excellent people who are clearly Cumberland.
but they were very friendly and “I don’t really know that much Collingwood. a credit to our country.” He visited Mrs Jean Taig,
keen to help out. It was a great about the Falklands. I just know His service career includ- The Catholic community welcomed the Bishop at mass, and gave him whose family has assisted in the
experience.” there was some kind of war.” ed time on board submarines some mementoes of his visit – including a bottle of Pusser’s Rum. decommissioning of the 13th
This is the second occasion that The band will also play a HMS Andrew and Turpin, and This the Bishop kindly left behind with orders for them to splice the Cumberland in the 1880s, to
the Devon Youth Wind Orchestra concert to raise money for the playing football for both HMS mainbrace when celebrating the feast of the 40 Martyrs of England and collect a horseshoe made from
have visited with the Royal Marines Falklands Veteran Foundation. Collingwood and the RN. Wales. the bronze of the ship.
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