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A day of two
MY DAUGHTER and her of Forth 1918’ and it lists the ships behind the Orion and then another
husband bought a house in as Orion, Conqueror, Monarch behind the Ajax.
Ramsgate some seven years ago, and Thunderer, the first four of Surely the one behind Orion
and as part of the conditions of the 13.6in-gun dreadnoughts was wrongly captioned, or did we
sale they had to keep displayed completed in 1911-12. actually have two battleships of
in the house three framed items Captain Wotton retired from the same name?
which, if they should sell, were to the Navy before WW2 and Can anyone tell me if this
remain there and be handed on to is then listed as a staff officer was a picture that was widely
the next purchasers. (Minesweeping) on the staff of distributed, did it have a personal
The items are: the proposed CinC NORE from 1939-46. He meaning for Capt Wotton and if so
plans for the house, captioned is related to the family who were what was it?
‘plan for proposed house for Capt the local brewers in Ramsgate, And can anybody help me trace
J V Wotton RN, 1937’; the bill of Thompson and Wotton. his career in the service? I know it
materials that went into the house; I looked for these four ships in is a long time ago but somebody
and the picture (above) which is the plan of the surrender of the might just have a clue and my
exactly as printed in the November German Fleet in the supplement daughter and her family would
issue of Navy News in the Der Tag but cannot find Conqueror, have the answers to as why the
supplement on page 3. however there are two HMS picture is there.
On the back of the picture are Centurions being shown in the – Malcolm Milham, ex C/JX
the words ‘photo taken in the Firth British Fleet, one three ships Able Seaman, Margate RNA
George’s Swede nature
READING The Time of Your Lives (December) about her out of the water.
rescuing the young woman in the harbour will give I just left the scene as others took over and I went
me something to talk about at my old ship reunion. back onboard. The fact that I was dripping wet did
I was serving on HMS Sirius at the time and had not seem to bother the gangway staff.
gone on a run ashore in Gothenburg, Sweden, with My boss, who was the PR officer, heard about it
the lads but everything was very expensive and we after somebody else asked who the mystery British
dwindled back onboard in dribs and drabs. sailor was.
On the way back I came across a scene in the He reported my name by signal and I was
dockyard with lots of people shouting and a woman subsequently awarded the Royal Humane Society
struggling in the water. testimony on vellum. It still hangs on my mother’s
She was deaf and dumb and apparently it was a wall.
suicide bid. I did not think but just jumped in. It was I do often wonder what happened to the young
quite high, but having done the pusser’s diving course woman.
and jumped from heights I was used to it. I pulled her – George Malcolmson,
to the side and a couple of US sailors helped me get Archivist, RN Submarine Museum, Gosport
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