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News and information for serving personnel
Service skills transformed into civvy qualifi cations
SERVING and ex-RN senior and see so many people benefiting from working on these qualifications,
junior rates graduated at a ceremony at the excellent practical management which transform their Service human
Salisbury Cathedral, having completed experience that they have gained resource and management skills,
their Chartered Management (CMI) serving in the Royal Navy. expertise and competence gained
NVQ Levels 4 and 5 qualifications “All have worked hard towards over many years into nationally-
with Wiltshire College. winning this valuable qualification recognised and highly-valued civilian
Five of the 14 students were from that can be used both inside and qualifications.
HMS Daring, so it was appropriate outside the Service. These then become the springboard
that the RN VIP helping to celebrate “I am an extremely proud man for future employment, particularly
the event was the ship’s CO, Capt today.” for those nearing the end of their
fund will
Paul Bennett. Another 17 who had completed Service career.
WO1 Dean Rogers, of 2SL’s their qualifications were unable to Full use is made of the Enhanced
Divisional and Regimental Support attend because they were deployed at Leaning Credit scheme and the
Team and a member of the college sea, or had other commitments. Standard Learning Credit to fund
ease lot
teaching staff, said: “It’s great to There are also another 50 all ranks these qualifications.
● Staff and graduates line up for the camera in Salisbury
of troops
A NEW support package has
Stay in the loop –
been set up to ensure front-line
forces get maximum benefit from
The Operational Welfare Fund
was initiated by the MOD in
conjunction with SSAFA Forces
its worth
It was designed to complement
the MOD’s comprehensive
Deployment Welfare Package,
WHO said direct entry into the
which includes a free mail service,
clearance diving branch would
new 2-6 DVD is out 30 minutes of telephone calls a
never work?
week and Internet access, as there
Nine of the eleven warrant
was a recognition that there were
officers of the branch are direct
BLOCKBUSTER DVDs information, including briefs on Families Federation and submarine regarding any of this Internal still areas where life could be
entry, with a total of 242 years of
may be in short supply as
financial education, the personnel communication with families. Communication information, improved.
distributors struggle in the
package, adventurous training, So, if you want to be kept in the contact Lt Cdr Gregor Birse RN
service in branch between them.
The National Recognition
credit crunch – but here is one
Exercise Bavarian Surprise and the loop and not miss out, get access at
The nine were gathered for the
Study highlighted the public desire
that is out there and available.
transition to the Naval Outdoor to a copy now. or WO1 Baz Cooke at barrie.
inaugural WO1(D) conference,
to support our Armed Forces
Centre Germany, the Naval If there are any queries
the purpose of which was to try Not
and particularly those serving on
High School Musical or 007,
to identify problems within the
operations, but determined that
but the latest offering for all you
clearance diving branch, come
the mechanisms allowing them to
2-6 fans.
up with workable solutions
do so were limited.
Yes, it’s the latest 2-6 DVD and
and pass them up the chain of
The issue was exacerbated by
Personnel Support Brief which
the decision to discourage the
command to attempt to advise are out on the streets, and can be
public from sending unsolicited
and influence policy. picked up from your Divisional
parcels out to operational
It was also important to take Officer or downloaded over the
theatres, especially at Christmas,
away current information and internet via
in order to prevent delays to
disseminate it down through the The DVD contains the regular
personal mail.
ranks. On Ops feature and News belt items
It was significant in that it on JPA Appraisal for ABs and
Donations can be made
ensured those attending had all Leading Hands, the Continuous
online, with links from both
the current information regarding Attitude Survey and free copies
the SSAFA and the MOD
relevant issues, rather than all the of Navy News for Naval Service
website, on the phone by
buzzes out on the water. units.
calling 020 7463 9225, or
Therefore it was greatly Scrubbing Out is also featured
by sending cheques (made
appreciated to have the following – but this time it is good news.
payable to the SSAFA
subject matter experts to give If you want to know why, see the
Operational Welfare Fund)
comprehensive briefs on the DVD for details.
to SSAFA Forces Help,
following issues: CO (DDS And if you think the DVD is
Freepost NAT 19507,
Training), SofD (diving policy). good, bad or indifferent, or you
London SE1 2BR.
Wing Cdr Hollis (joint EOD), would like to see changes to its
The parameters for what the
Dave Cunningham (diving content, watch the feature on Your
money from the fund can be spent
equipment and support), Cdr Views.
on are being kept deliberately
Atkinson (capability), CO Why? Because we want your
FDS (branch/career manager views on where to take the DVD
The intention, endorsed by
manpower), WO Andy Rainey – it’s as simple as that.
SSAFA, is that the decisions on
(Navywide issues) – and thanks For those who like the more
spending should be initiated by
to Capt Baun for sponsoring the adventurous things in life, LPT
those in theatre who will have
conference Buzzes. Jamie Buttle leads a Your Shout
the best feel for where the need
piece from Talybont explaining
Don’t know?
is greatest.
what they do up there and how it That could range from the
can benefit you. provision of decent coffee for those
Ask your DO!
The Personal Support Brief in transit right up to assistance with
contains a raft of important improving the facilities available in
the welfare village once it comes
on line.
WANT to know more about…
Current priority may lie with
Defence Internal Briefs ● (Above and left) Admiral Sir
improving the lot of those in the
24/08: Armed Forces Mark Stanhope addresses Navy marina
forward operating bases.
Compensation Scheme: proposed Command HQ staff at Leach
SSAFA’s status as a tri-Service
increase to lump sum injury Building
charity, and its track record,
led to the MOD choosing the
marina 22/08: New measures to
organisation to put the scheme
support Service Personnel, their CINC addresses
into operation.
families and veterans.
All donors will be given the
And be aware of…
option to Gift Aid their donation,
Galaxy 12/08 Enhanced Navy HQ staffmarina
allowing SSAFA to reclaim the
harmony support to units when
in base port;
COMMANDER-in-Chief Fleet
For further details on this
Galaxy 04/08 Increase to
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
and any other aspects of the
commitment bonus and affordable
gathered staff at Navy Command
scheme, contact the SSAFA
home ownership.
HQ during a clear lower deck to
Fundraising Team, details of
See your Divisional Officer!
consider past achievements as well
as look to the future.
which are at
The admiral spoke of the
or see
challenges and successes of 2008
and said he looked forward to
supporting Fleet operations
worldwide this year from his
Leach Building headquarters on
MORE than 300 delegates from Whale Island.
across the Defence spectrum
It’s your 2-6
attended a modern learning
symposium at HMS Sultan.
The event combined
If you can stand the heat…
NEED to get your message
across to the rest of the RN?
presentations with the opportunity
To feature in 2-6 contact
to peruse an exhibition of 29
THERE was plenty of support from the And although the competition was as fierce as Onlookers could enjoy the drama of the
Lt Cdr Gregor Birse (Fleet
companies and organisations
grandstand at Sandown Park racecourse, but ever, the event brings universal benefits in terms live theatre, where Service and MOD staff
Media Ops), 93832 8809.
involved in modern learning.
there was not a horse in sight. of development of culinary skills, nurturing competed against each other and the clock in
Among the subjects covered
The cheering and banter was aimed at professional pride and building team spirit. various categories, the parade de chefs, where
were the implementation of
Services caterers, chefs and stewards (and, It also allows competitors to pick up new each day a single-Service team produced a VIP
elearning for LET training and the
of course, logisticians (catering services ideas and best practice from each other. meal for 64, or the field team challenge, using
benefits of game-based learning.
(preparation and delivery))) (Too many The middle day was dedicated to the Navy, kit and ingredients available on operations.
Among the senior officers who
parentheses – Ed...). with dark blue teams and individuals competing The static classes also gave the technicians
visited was Second Sea Lord Vice
Forces foodmeisters locked horns at the against each other, but other contests between a chance to shine through buffets, show plates
Admiral Alan Massey.
12th Combined Services Culinary Challenge. the Services were played out over three days. and decorative cakes.
News and information for serving personnel
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