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Funds are
Saracen remembered in Corsica
S/M Mike
raised for
A WARTIME espionage mission in camp in 1944 – laid a wreath on behalf
the Mediterranean is now recalled by of all the Saracen families among
steps into
a newly-built memorial at the beach whom were Graham Raikes (relative of
puppy and
where the agents went ashore. Lt Ivan Raikes) and Dannie Nicholas
On February 11 1943 HMS Saracen (son of PO Charles Nicholas).
surfaced in Cupabia Bay, Corsica, to Also present were a number of
the role
land the three agents on the island for Corsican dignitaries, including the
a dangerous and ultimately successful President of the Corsican Assembly.
spying mission. The visit was organised by TV
of Nelson
Their bravery, and the part played by scriptwriter Terry Hodgkinson, whose
the boat, are retold on the memorial, sculptor wife designed and created
THE Submariners Association
BRANCH secretaries are generally
which was dedicated on the 65th part of the memorial.
(Derbyshire) took a break from
a pretty versatile bunch – and
anniversary of the liberation of the Other appointments for the families
their puppy project to handle their
York branch secretary S/M Mike
island. included the unveiling of a further
poppy project.
Farrington proved the point by
Among those attending were plaque to the Resistance and Saracen
But with the Remembrance
taking a Frenchman’s musket ball
descendants of Saracen’s crew. at Coti-Chiavari, and a visit to a
season over, it is full speed ahead
in the line of duty.
One of them – Tina Minister, who further plaque commemorating the
again with the puppy – a guide
The incident was far from fatal
● The Saracen memorial is dedicated in Corsica never knew her grandfather Stoker loss of the British submarine off Bastia
dog puppy, to be precise.
for Mike, although the original
Derbyshire shipmates saw the
Picture: Dannie Nicholas
William Holt, as he died in a PoW on August 14 1943.
target, Lord Nelson, suffered a
first money roll in on August 1 last
different outcome in 1805.
year, and a further three months of
Double celebration
All were agreed that S/M Mike’s
dedication and effort from many
‘death’ on the deck was worth
people (including guide dogs and
seeing as one of the highlights
sea dogs) put the fund within
of the branch’s Trafalgar Night
touching distance of £2,000.
dinners, also attended by friends
Collections for Derby the guide
and shipmates from Leeds,
dog resumed last month, and,
Driffield, Hull, Scarborough and
as Navy News went to press, it
other parts of Yorkshire.
was hoped that the half-way mark
HARLOW branch staged a
The Ascot House Hotel was
would be reached just before
double celebration to mark
the venue for the Harrogate and
Christmas. their golden jubilee and the
District branch Trafalgar Night
The target is to hit the required dedication of a new memorial
dinner, at which Association
£5,000 mark in time to make sure
general secretary S/M Paddy
that Derby the guide dog will take
McClurg was guest speaker.
The service was held at the
pride of place at the launch of
Chairman S/M John Rushton
church of St James with St Luke at
HMS Ambush at Barrow.
welcomed the guests, S/M Mark
Staple Tye in Harlow, conducted
The association thanked
Emmanuel proposed the toast
by branch chaplain Revd Jim Gill.
everyone who has helped so
to Absent Friends, S/M Richard
Music for the hour-long event,
far in the campaign to obtain a
Jones proposed the Loyal Toast,
at which the old branch standard
“walking memorial” to assist the
secretary Doug Pointon read the
was laid up, came from the Epping
Trafalgar Epitaph and S/M David
Brass Band.
Ongoing reports and
Porritt proposed the toast to the
The lesson was read by Cdr
acknowledgments of donations
Immortal Memory.
Steve Deacon, Commanding
are available at www.
Grace was said by branch
Officer of 814 Naval Air Squadron,
chaplain S/M Rev Alan Robinson.
based at RN air station Culdrose
html/derby news.html
in Cornwall.
On completion of the
Derby will be in very good
Following the service the 23
speeches a presentation
company when he makes his debut
standards which attended lined
of a framed First Day Cover
– HMS Astute, sister to Ambush,
the entrance of the church to
commemorating the 250th
had her own guide dog present
form a guard of honour for the
anniversary of the birth
when the Duchess of Cornwall
new standard and guests through
of Nelson was made to a
launched her last summer.
which to pass.
very surprised S/M Doug
Pointon in recognition of
Friends separate
The standards then formed up
under the watchful eye of parade
his services to the branch.
marshall S/M Chris Durban, Selsey branch had to hold
FALLING membership has put
● Standards on show outside the church of St James with St Luke in Harlow
of Area 2, and marched to the their dinner rather later than usual
paid to the Friends of HMS
front of the church where the new subsequently presented the church were S/M Chas Claxton, Area 5 Dunstable, Roydon and Sudbury because they had to wait for a date
Crane 1943-62 Association.
standard was trooped through the with a new altar cloth to mark the president, and S/M Jan King, Area and District. at the only venue in the town big
Shipmates are asked to note that
line of standards. church’s 40th anniversary. 5 chairman. Other organisations which sent enough to cope with them all.
current membership of the Royal
An RNA Harlow benefactor Among the principal guests Association standards present standards along to the ceremonies Almost 150 members and their
Maritime Club in Portsmouth included Area 5, Aylesbury, included Chelmsford RMA,
guests sat down at the Solent
expires on December 31 and will
not be renewed, while the balance Shipmates mourned
Basildon, Brentwood, Ipswich MN, Tilbury MN, Harlow View restaurant on the giant Bunn
Chelmsford, Clacton, Walton Royal British Legion, Roydon Leisure complex – a very different
of admin funds – £370 – has been and Frinton, Harlow, Hertford, RBL, Chelmsford RBL, Harlow
scene to 30 years ago, when just
donated to the RNBT. TWO members of Ipswich president S/M Wally Thompson Letchworth, Luton and NVA and Harlow RAFA.
36 people gathered in the Seagull
The association also point out branch have crossed the bar in died at the age of 96.
club and the branch could not
that they should not be confused recent weeks. Bill was a Chief Engine Room
afford to invite a guest of honour.
with the HMS Crane Association, S/M Bill Marsh, aged 79, was Mechanician and served in HM
This year’s guest was Rear
based in Nottingham, which secretary of the branch, while ships Hermes, Tyne, Superb, Wild
Admiral John Lippiett, chief
continues to be active. founder member and former vice Goose, Virago, Bleasdale and
executive of the Mary Rose
Trust, who spoke on the Battle
Wally could count HM ships
of Trafalgar and of the lessons
Calliope, Curlew, Pembroke,
learned by the demise of the Mary
Valiant, Malcolm, Woolwich, St
Rose centuries before.
Angelo (Dundalk), Southampton,
Branch chairman S/M Fred
Excellent, Phoebe (wartime) and
Flood paid tribute to colleague
Vanguard amongst his old ships.
S/M David Tindale, who is the
He was Chief of the Annexe
main organiser of the event, and
at HMS Ganges for three
Fred also thanked members of the
commissions, and ended his
committees for their efforts.
Naval service as a Chief Gunnery
Meanwhile, Gloucester
members met 24 officers and
ratings from their namesake
Winners go
destroyer at their Pickle Evening.
The following day the
ship’s company attended the
city’s Armistice service and a
● The Hood memorial at the National Arboretum
remembrance service for the men
of cruiser HMS Gloucester, sunk
THE mystery submarine in our A REUNION gamble resulted in
off Crete in 1941.
November edition (right) was
one couple being able to celebrate
RFA Wave Sovereign.
their wedding anniversary in
Arboretum hosts
She was correctly identified
style. New memorial is
by M Pullen, of Tavistock in
Keith and Sue Davies won
Devon, who wins our £50 prize.
the star prize at the Royal
shrine to Hood
unveiled in Hull
This month’s ship (above), is
Navy Safety Equipment &
pictured with submarines Andrew,
Survival Association event, MEMBERS of the HMS Hood Besides association members A NEW RNA memorial has been
Amphion and Ambush of the 7th
held at Bosworth Hall Hotel in Association gathered at the were representatives of the navies dedicated and unveiled by the
Submarine Division.
Closing date for entries is
Warwickshire. National Memorial Arboretum of Australia, Canada, New Zealand Lord Mayor of Kingston-upon-
February 9. More than one entry
What is the name of the ship,
can be submitted, but photocopies
The prize? A £4,000 five-star for the dedication of a memorial and Poland, all paying respects to Hull and Admiral of the Humber.
originally built as a tank landing cannot be accepted. Do not include
Caribbean cruise holiday for two – to the 1,415 men lost in the ship countrymen who died in the ship. Cllr Elaine Garland officiated
craft? anything else in your envelope: no
and the cruise coincides with their when she was sunk in action with Standard bearers from the at the ceremony, held at the
Complete the coupon and send correspondence can be entered into
Golden Wedding. Bismarck on May 24 1941. HMS Hood Association, Derby city’s cenotaph, which has
it to Mystery Picture, Navy News, and no entry returned. Another prize, won by Chris
The famous battlecruiser has RNA and the Fleet Air Arm were recently undergone a £100,000
HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH. The winner will be announced in and Sue Cooke, was four tickets never had a formal memorial, also present. renovation – as part of the process,
Coupons giving the correct answer our March edition. The competition
to any Manchester United game, and when association chairman Association chaplain the associations were invited to place
will go into a prize draw to establish is not open to Navy News employees
with hospitality from RBS in their S/M Peter Heys and Ken ‘Nobby’ Ven Archdeacon John Green new memorials.
a winner. or their families.
executive box. Clark visited the arboretum in conducted the service, and Rear The service was conducted by
For those who didn’t bag a star 2003 they decided that would be Admiral Philip Wilcocks, who lost Hull branch’s own padre, Revd
MYSTERY PICTURE 167 prize, there was still the comfort of its natural home. his uncle in the sinking of Hood, Duncan Harris, and was witnessed
Tot Time, sponsored by Pusser’s The result of much discussion, unveiled the memorial. by many branch members as well
Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rum. planning and budgeting was Following the laying of wreaths, as the general public.
The next Safety Equipment unveiled at a service made more the National Anthem and the The Burma Star Association
& Survival Association reunion sombre by the recent death of blessing, all returned to the also dedicated their own memorial
Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . will be held at Bosworth Hall, association president Ted Briggs, shelter of the arboretum building at the same time, and a joint
Market Bosworth, Leicestershire the last of the three men who to escape a biting wind, and a reception was later held at the
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . on October 23-25 this year. survived the sinking. specially-decorated cake was cut. Royal Hotel, where the Lord
Contact Gordon ‘Pixie’ Parkes Around 100 attended the Three men who took on the Mayor presented the organiser,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . on gordon.parkes@ntlworld. ceremony, including three burden of creating the memorial S/M Bob Reeves, with a silver
com or call 01483 823181. veterans who served in Hood – and organising the day – Peter crown in recognition of his efforts
My answer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . www.faasurvivalassociation. Ken ‘Nobby’ Clark, Cdr Keith Heys, Keith Evans and Derick at arranging the event at short Evans and Alec Kellaway. Collins – received a vote of thanks. notice.
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