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Reunions Deaths
FEBRUARY 2009 or tel: 01823 663195 or see the Pearson on 01442 862274 or Ted Collier on Rear Admiral Sir Paul Woollven Greening. Mediterranean). Passing the CO’s qualifying & District branch, on welfare and social
HMS Andromeda Association: Annual website at 01494 574241 for further details. Educated at Pangbourne Nautical College course in 1955 he then commanded Seraph committee, also audit team. November 10.
reunion to be held at the Britannia Hotel, HMS Diana: Reunion to be held at before joining RN as a special entry cadet and later Trump and promoted to commander Albert ‘Bert’ Harris. AB. Served 1943-46
Fairfax Street, Coventry from February 27 to the Parkhouse Hotel, North Promenade,
MAY 2009
in 1946. His commands included Asheldam, in 1961; also appointed to the US-UK Polaris Burma, France and Italy. Battersea, Margate
March 1, all commissions and all ranks are Blackpool, March 6-9. We have a wonderful
HMS Tenby Association will be holding
the landing ship Messina, Lewiston, Jaguar programme and became an expert in the and Ramsgate RNA. November 14. Aged
most welcome. Full details from Birdie Cage friendly membership which is made up from
their 16th annual reunion at the Royal Court
and Aurora. His staff appointments included DASO requirement. He was 2iC of London 82.
at or tel: 01394 members of all commissions. Come along
Hotel, Coventry, from May 1 to 4. All former
fl eet plans offi cer for the Far East Fleet from then did two patrols in Resolution, one of Douglas ‘Dougie’ Coombes. L/Sea.
461082, Rick Matthews at rickmatthewsx@ and meet some old oppos. If not join us,
‘Tenby’s are welcome. Contact our secretary,
1969-70, Captain Naval Drafting 1971-74 which coincided with the Soviet invasion of Joined 1940 and served for four years or tel: 07836 747070 or visit and come along to the Sept 09 reunion in
Gary ‘Buck’ Taylor at garybucktaylor@yahoo.
and Captain of Dartmouth Naval College Czechoslovakia. During his command as CO in Argonaut damaged by enemy gunfi re,
the website at http://www.hms-andromeda. Birmingham. Application forms are available or tel: 0161 705 0173 for details.
1976-78; promoted to Rear Admiral 1979 of Resolution, she fi red Britain’s fi rst Polaris Talybont and Russian convoys. Camberley from John Fisher at sher@virgin.
HMS Solebay: 12th annual reunion will
be held at the Redlea Hotel, Scarborough
and Naval Secretary. He became Flag Offi cer missile at sea in 1968. He was selected for branch. October 9. Aged 85.
MARCH 2009
net or tel: 01530 242850.
from May 22 to 24. All ex-Solebays, friends,
Royal Yachts, took command in 1981. One promotion to captain in late 1979. Tours as a Muriel Mary Cullimore. PO Wren Writer.
Second Submarine Squadron (The
RNXS (East Anglia Group): 15th annual
relatives, or anyone interested in the ship
of his fi rst challenges was the honeymoon captain included director of naval operations Wartime service. Dursley & District branch.
Sunshine Squadron): Reunion for 2009 will
reunion will be at the Shipwreck, Shotley
is welcome. Contact Malcolm Clarke at
voyage of the Prince and Princess of Wales; and trade, two years in command of the November 21.
take place at the Weston Mill, Oak Villa Sports
Marine (ex-Enwright Block, HMS Ganges) or tel: 0117 962
upon relinquishing his command in 1985, four-boat Polaris force and in command Frank ‘Scouse’ Baines. Leading Air
& Social Club, Camels Head, Plymouth, on
on March 29 from 1200 to 1500. Contact
appointed KCVO. He was invited to become of Hampshire, retiring in 1978. Ships and Mechanic. FAA. Served 1948-55 Royal
March 7 commencing at 1200 until later.
Peter Brooke, 7 Penn Close, Capel St Mary, Master of the Royal Household, (1986-92) submarines included: Frobisher, Birmingham, Arthur and Lee-on-Solent, Halfar (Malta) and
For further details contact Alan Jones at
Ipswich, IP9 2UE or tel: 01473 310189. JUNE 2009 and was exceptionally advanced to GCVO. Kenya, Rochester, Forth, damant, Teazer, Lossiemouth Air Stations. Bathgate RNA. or tel: 01752 APRIL 2009
HMS Diomede (F16): The Communica- Council member of the Mission to Seafarers; London, Hampshire, Tactician, Seneschal, July 23.
201583 or Nick Addison on 01579 346320 or HMS Danae First Commission: Reunion
tions Staff (1st/2nd Commissions) reunion Younger Brother of Trinity House. November Alcide, Trespasser, Seascout, Talent, Vernon ‘Scotty’ Scott. CPO. Served
write to Alan Jones, 101 York Road, Weston at the Park Inn, Northampton from April
will take place at the King Charles Hotel, 5. Aged 80. Trenchant, Tiptoe, Seraph, Trump and 1936-58 in Norfolk, Eagle and Russian
Mill, Plymouth, PL5 1AU. 3 to 4. Contact Dave ‘Boots’ Shoemaker
Chatham from June 26 to 27. More details Leslie Sayer DSM. CPO and wartime Resolution. He was the naval regional offi cer convoys. November 10. Aged 90.
HMS Bulwark 1961-63: If there is anyone at, see the
from Pete Legg at peter@leggpe.freeserve. telegraphist air gunner. Joined Ganges as for Scotland and Northern Ireland 1980-90
from this commission who would like to join website at or tel: or tel: 01304 375465. a boy seaman, selected for signalman. and for some years vice-president of the
us in Weymouth for the weekend of March 01665 714507. OCTOBER 2009
After serving in two cruisers he transferred Submariners Association and president of
Cdr Bill Brabrook. Associate member.
20, please contact R Jones on 01621 891835 LST & Landing Craft Association: Annual Royal Naval Electrical Branch
to the FAA as a telegraphist air gunner in the local Sea Cadets. He had been a case
Served in Hood. August 13 in Durban, South
or M Mowlem on 07767 233917. reunion at the Sand Bay Leisure Resort, Association: Reunion from October 2 to
a Swordfi sh ‘Stringbag’. Joined his fi rst worker for SSAFA since 1991. Submariners
Africa. Aged 98.
Verdala RN School Reunion: Thousands Weston Super Mare from April 20 to 24. All 5 at South Downs Holiday Village near
squadron 811 in Furious in 1937; promoted Association, Scottish branch. Association of
Tom Bashford. Served aboard 1945-47
of the ‘children of the navy’ spent some of welcome. Details from Mike Cresswell at Chichester. Great weekend planned. Full
to PO, qualifi ed as a TAG instructor and RN Offi cers. November 6. Aged 80.
as Seaman AB. September 9.
their schooldays in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, tel: Board. Remembrance Service in St Anne’s
posted to 825 NAS and the carrier Victorious Norman McElroy. CPO. Served in Armada,
Ron Cozens. Served aboard 1941-42 as
at Verdala, the Royal Naval Primary School in 07717 038300 or write to Park View Farm, Church Portsmouth Dockyard. If you are ex
where he won the DSM for his part in the fi rst Angelo, Indefatigable, Jupiter, Barleycorn,
PO Canteen Manager and 4” Port Ammo
Malta. On March 21, 2009 there will be a third Broad Lane, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3UE. Royal Navy Electrical Branch, this is where
carrier-borne aircraft attack on the Bismarck. Eastbourne, Sea Eagle, Maidstone, Theseus,
Hoist; also Bonaventure and Uganda.
reunion for the school, this time at the Manor HMS Peacock (U96, F96, P239): AGM and you should be. Further details on http://
He was on board Ark Royal when she was Iron Duke, Affl eck, Repulse, Ocean, Victory
November 3 in Georgia, USA. Aged 85.
Hotel, Yeovil, Somerset, and all former pupils annual reunion at the RNA Club, Leamington, contact Mike Crowe
torpedoed by a U-Boat and after being re- and BYMs 2055 and 2277. HMS Bruce
Dr Geoffrey R Kershaw. Served aboard
and staff will be very welcome. Details from Spa on April 18 at 12 noon, with a buffet at or RNEBA, 7 Heath
formed, 825 NAS was based at RAF Manston Association. July 9. Aged 88.
1942-43 and 1945 as a surgeon lieutenant.
the organiser, Sue Adams at s.badams@ and reception in the evening. Contact Dave Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PG.
from where six Swordfi sh were dispatched to Ronald West. CERA. Served 1937-61.
November 5.
attack Scharnhorst and Gneisenau with the ERA apprentice 1937-41, in Nelson, Oakley, ASSOCIATION OF RN OFFICERS
Prinz Eugen; all were shot down and only fi ve Whitshed, Naden (Canada shore base), Lt Cdr E R Botting. Served in Victorious,
of the 18 aircrew were recovered including Mull of Kintyre, Commonwealth Japan, Albion, Tamar, Raleigh, Fisgard, Terror and
Ask Jack
Sayer. Later fl ew anti-submarine patrols from Aurora (Victory), Suvla, Adamant (Reserve Mercury.
an escort carrier on convoys to Russia and Fleet), Charity, Morecambe Bay, Hornet, Lt Cdr T W Bradley. Served in Falcon,
his fi nal posting was to 837 NAS in Glory (Far Bellerophon, Loch Fada, Sultan and Victory. Dryad, Black Prince, Harrier, Girdle Ness,
East). In 1947 he became the fi rst chairman November 6. Aged 87. Saker and Ark Royal.
of the Telegraphist Air Gunner’s Association; Ernest George ‘Boyo’ Adams. AB Cdr R W Keogh. Served in Phoebe,
he co-wrote with Vernon Ball a book Tag in a Radar plot. Served 1941-46 at Raleigh, Grenville, Launceston Castle, Helmsdale, St
HMS Daedalus: I am trying to fi nd anyone information regarding a sailor named Tony or tel: 01642 750585.
Stringbag in 1994. November 1. Aged 93. Victory Barracks, Sirius (1942-44 Operation Brides Bay, Hornet, Collingwood, Mercury,
who might have known my father Edward who visited South Africa in 1944. Derek’s HMS President: I’m trying to fi nd some
Capt ‘Alfi e’ Sutton DSC*. Joined as a Pedestal, Torch Landings, Sicily and Italian Meon, Forth, Mauritius, Ulster, Zest, and
Joseph Taber. In 1938 he was stationed grandmother Mabel Thompson who lived information about my grandfather Able
special entry cadet in 1930 and trained in Landings and operations in the Dodecanese), Hermes.
in Malta, and in 1948 he was stationed at at Olympus Road, Johannesburg, and Seamen John Graham. Details that I have
Erebus then served in Renown, Repulse Sphinx, Collingwood and Godwit (RNAS Lt Cdr J B Orton. Served in Harrier, Ark
HMS Daedalus, Gosport, where I was born. a member of the Navy Ladies League in so far are that he was born in Glasgow
and Basilisk before specialising as a naval Hinstock). November 19. Royal, Bermuda, Belfast, Dryad and Albion.
If anyone has any information or old photos South Africa had opened her home to Navy February 21 1921; he was a DEMS gunner
observer in 1937. Prior to the war he fl ew in Gordon ‘Freddie’ Glazier. AA1. A/E entry Cdr J Pearce. Served in Montclare,
would they please get in touch with me as personnel and one of the young men she attached to HMS President III which I
Swordfi sh 823 and 825 NAS in Glorious and series 03. Served 1948-72 with 800, 1833, Maidstone, Mercury, Phoenicia, President,
I have no photos of my father and would took in was Tony. Illustrious was in Durban believe is a land base on the Thames; he
Illustrious. Last survivor of the attack on the 1840, 803 and 892 Naval Air Squadrons Terror and NATO.
dearly love to have one. Thanks to anyone for repairs in 1944 and Tony had been given died according to the Commonwealth War
Italian fl eet at Taranto, where he won his fi rst and onboard Eagle, Victorious and Hermes; Cdr H B Wise RNVR. Served in President
who can help. Contact Veronica Robinson leave as his brother (think his name was Graves Commission on September 3 1943
DSC fl ying Swordfi sh L5K. In 1940 he and also RNATE Fisgard, RNAS Condor, Ford, 11.
at or tel: Peter) was in Barragwanith Hospital suffering and his name is displayed at Plymouth. I
‘Tiffy’ Torrens-Spence led a dive-bombing Bramcote, Lossiemouth, Lee-on-Solent and
01806 522725. with TB and died while Tony was staying with would like to fi nd out if possible how and
raid on Rhodes, then while fl ying with Lt Yeovil. October 16. Aged 76.
HMS Drake: Arthur Slack is seeking my grandmother. I am led to believe that where he died and any ships he was on
Cdr ‘Ginger’ Hale they led a torpedo strike John Hobbs. AB Radar Operator. Served
P W ‘Bill’ Butters MiD. Stoker 1. Served
information on his father, Stoker 1st Class, Peter was buried in West Park Cemetery, (my father mentioned the Ohio). Also where
against an enemy convoy off Sicily and a in Onslow, Caesar, Norfolk. 6th Destroyer
1942-46 in submarines Otway and X-craft.
John Slack from Manchester. He served in though date is not known. Also think that he would have done his training and any
bombing raid over Tripoli; twice mentioned Flotilla Association, The North Russia Club
Barrow branch. Aged 84.
Drake, Pembroke, Cormorant, Ferret, Hornet, Tony and his brother may have been twins. other relevant information or contacts that
in dispatches for these operations. Became and the Russian Convoy Club. November
W A ‘Bill’ Hay MiD. ERA. Served 1941-
Girdleness, Cochrane and Cheerful. Would I have undertaken to try and fi nd his burial could send me in the right direction would
naval liaison offi cer in Greece, planning 23. Aged 82.
46 in submarines Clyde and Spark. Australia
especially like to hear from Samuel McGill place to ensure that his grave is properly be greatly appreciated. Please contact John
nightly operations by 815 NAS against Italian Chris Prince. O/S. Served in Plover,
branch. Aged 87.
who was best man at John’s marriage to marked, but without names and records it is Graham at or tel:
shipping from the Albanian mountains. Vanguard, Solebay, Glasserton, Victorious,
J ‘BP’ Belton-Perkin. CRS. Served
Hilda Brown in 1946. Please contact Arthur diffi cult. If you have any suggestions please 07957 681552.
Beachmaster at Sphakia, where the Aisne, Loch Fada and a member of Loch
1953-57 in submarines Selene, Scythian,
Slack at 20 Kingsley Avenue, Heaton Norris, contact Derek Drennan at dwdgear@mweb. Pubs: Bill would like information on pubs
defeated Allied forces were evacuated and Fada Association. November 26.
Subtle, Talent, Tally-ho, Tactician, Ambush,
Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 1PW. or write to PO Box 15197, Farrarmere, of yore in Devonport and Plymouth, names
awarded a Bar to his DSC for his outstanding Lt Cdr Colin McMillan. Served in Bulldog
Tiptoe, Aeneas and Artemis. Dolphin and
HMS Felixstowe: Douglas Purvis is Benoni, 1518, South Africa. and locations please. If you can help, contact
gallantry. As staff offi cer (air), Eastern Task and was First Lt of Morecambe Bay Korea
Southampton branches. Aged 73.
searching for anyone who served on HMS Brazilian Sailing Ship – Meet Your Navy Bill Campbell at william80.campbell@
Force during Operation Torch, he helped 1951-54; he spoke fl uent Russian and
G ‘George’ Marré. Matelot (Torps). Served
Felixstowe, a minesweeper of Bangor class 2008: I am a member of the RAW Samba mypostoffi or write to 45 Findon
plan the taking of Algeria and Morocco; air proved that Russian pilots were fl ying MiGS
1934-46 in French submarine Surcouf La
which was sunk on December 18 1943 off band on the Isle of Wight. We played at the Gardens, Belfast, BT9 6QL.
staff offi cer of 846 NAS fl ying Avengers from in Korea. HMS Morecambe Bay Association.
Chaudiere. Merseyside branch. Aged 87.
the coast of Maddalena. Contact Douglas at ‘Meet Your Navy’ event during the summer Recipients of the RNXS Medal: If
Ravager (Battle of the Atlantic); operations September. Aged 85. or tel: 0191 257 and were asked to play for the Brazilian any member of the RNXS is known or
offi cer in Implacable with Firefl ys of 1771 Colin Scruton. St Vincent boy and
0410. sailing ship as she departed. I am told that remembered from the Commonwealth who
NAS locating Tirpitz at Tromso, and made shipmate of the Comus Association.
Horace ‘Sam’ Hardy, Chief Yeoman: the crew had tears in their eyes as they left served in the RNXS, Mr M P Cocker would
the FAA’s last airborne torpedo strike of the November 13. Aged 73.
He served from 1932 to 1946 in Ganges, and as we have now been asked by the be pleased to learn of their details. He is
Sports lottery
war. Commanded the frigate Bigbury Bay, Christopher John Docherty. CPO
Renown, Shropshire, Royal Sovereign, Brazilian Naval Attaché to contact him with a only aware of two, a Canadian Army Captain
chief staff offi cer of Squadron during the Radio Electrical Artifi cer. Served 1951-65 in
Tempest, Harrier, Sharpshooter, Kelly, view to playing on other occasions involving and a Lt Cdr in the RANVR, details of whose
Suez invasion, and fi nished as Director of Comus, Victorious and Aurora. RN and Inter-
Sheba, Chelmer and Gozo. We are looking the Brazilian Navy, we are hoping to trace unit, Command area (Flag Offi cer) rank or
the RN Staff College, Greenwich 1962-65. Service track athlete. Medalist in 440yds,
for anyone who may have served with him any photos that may have been taken of us rate, nothing further is known. Both served
He was aide-de-camp to the Queen in 1964 long hurdles and 880yds at RN events. RN
especially when he was in the last three from playing as the ship departed. The tears were in WW2. If you have any information please
22 November: £5,000 – Lt Cdr V R A
and appointed CBE. He held a unique record Champion for 880yds 1957. PTO with MoD
1941 to 1946. Please contact Miss A Carnt because we reminded them of home rather contact Mr Cocker at 10 Ellerbeck Road,
Noyce, HMS York; £1,500 – ETME2 J M
in having won the Admiralty’s Naval History (Navy) 1973-95 at RNAD Coulport, Mercury
and Mrs J Emptage at alison.carnt@talktalk. than because they thought we were awful! Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs, FY5 1DH or tel:
Thorne, HMS Kent; £500 – ETWE1 J D
Prize essay competition in 1939, 1947, and Collingwood. Fisgard Association.
net or tel: 01795 844703. If you have any photographs please contact 01253 865038.
Hazelden, HMS Iron Duke.
1949 and 1956. Association of RN Offi cers. November 4. Aged 73.
HMS Hardy, AB Povey: Trying to fi nd Dave Jones at HMS St Vincent: I was interested to read
29 November: £5,000 – Lt Cdr R A
November 6. Aged 96. Sid Bancroft. AB. Served in Hound.
out more about Able Seaman Povey of HMS or tel: 01983 721217. in November 2008 issue of Navy News about
Forster, Fleet HQ Portsmouth; £1,500 –
Rear Admiral John Adams. Joined in Algerines Association. November 16. Aged
Hardy, 1940 (a pastel on paper portrait). Was HMS Nightingale: A colleague’s friend the ‘St Vincent Plaque is Rededicated’. HMS
MEM2 J D Rastall, HMS Chatham; £500 –
1936 and at outbreak of war was a sub- 84.
he a survivor of the attack? Was he rewarded is searching for information about his St Vincent and the association enjoyed close
POLogs(CS) S T Reeves, HMS Endurance.
lieutenant in Walker, supporting attacks on Kenneth Lowe. AB Radar. Served in
for his part in the action in any way, ie did father’s career in the RN. He is stuck on links with the town of Stone in Staffordshire.
Narvik. He joined Cleveland as 2iC providing Cardigan Bay 1945 and Forecastle, 5 Mess,
he receive a medal? Is he still alive and can HMS Nightingale circa 1947, which he Could this be where the saying ‘Stone
support for the attack on the St Nazaire dock Liverpool 1946-47. Cardigan Bay and
he be contacted? If you can help, contact Dr seems to think was a minesweeper. The Frigate’ originated? Perhaps readers would
gates and in 1942 he was MiD for action Liverpool Associations. November 24. Aged
Michael Ward at only information I can fi nd is that she was know. Contact Mick Cobby, 10 Alverstone
against E-boats in the Channel; Cleveland 82.
uk or fax: 01865 311125 or mob: 07831 attached to Vernon, possibly as a training Road, Worthing West Sussex, BN11 2JR.
Frank Sutton Taylor
also took part in the Allied landings in North
410193. vessel. Can anyone enlighten me please? If
Africa and the invasion of Sicily. Qualifi ed as
HMS Illustrious: Derek is seeking you can help contact Kevin ‘Reggie’ Perrin at
a torpedo expert 1943 and joined the staff of
William ‘Bill’ Marsh. Chief Engine Room
Captain (Destroyers) Western Approaches.
Mechanician. Served in Hermes, Tyne,
Post-war he became an anti-submarine
Superb, Wild Goose, Sirago, Bleasdale and
Where are you now?
specialist; then CO of Creole; joined HMY
Indefatigable. Secretary Ipswich Branch.
Britannia as the fi rst executive offi cer in 1954.
October 18. Aged 79.
Although not a submariner he was selected
Walter ‘Wally’ Thompson. Chief GI
to be captain of the 3rd Submarine Squadron
Instuctor. Served 1927-56 Calliope, Curlew,
and depot ship Adamant. From 1960-62 he
Pembroke, Valiant, Malcolm, Woolwich, St
was captain superintendent of the Admiralty
Angelo (Dundalk), Southampton, Excellent,
848 NAS, Malaya Association: Seeking HMS Fisgard, 743 entry: John Howe,
Underwater Weapons Establishment at
Phoebe (wartime) and Vanguard; was
HMS Raleigh: I did my National Service
survivors of the original ‘Junglies’ who have Fisgard entry 743, ex-Sovereign, Splendid
Portland. From 1964-66 he was CO of Albion
Chief of the Annexe at Ganges for three
training at HMS Raleigh in December 1954.
not already joined the association. Contact and Sceptre. Calling anyone that is still
operating between Aden, Singapore, Borneo
commissions. Vice president and founder
In my class was a young man named Alex
the Secretary, Les Smith on 01584 711910. around. I have been Stateside now for
and Sarawak, with more than 100 hours
member Ipswich RNA, also treasurer and
Pringle who came from Hawick in Scotland.
HMS Ark Royal: I am trying to trace my roughly 20 years, would like to talk to anyone
fl ying in helicopters. Final post was Assistant
vice chairman Royal British Legion, Ipswich.
I’d like to contact him, I have some good
cousin, Lynn Green, who I believe served on those boats and get any photos of the
Chief Naval Staff (Policy) where he argued for
September 17. Aged 96.
photos of our graduating class along with
on Ark Royal. His mother (my mother’s boats. I am sadly lacking in photos. I now
command aircraft carriers with helicopters
Bill ‘Shorty’ Empson (alias Poop Deck
some good memories. I was drafted out of
sister) Violet Green and his sisters, Narelle live in Florida. I left as a CCMEA in 1991.
and VSTOL aircraft, much to the then 1SL’s
Pappe). CPO. Served 1936-61 in Ajax (as
Raleigh to HMS Birmingham for 18 months
and Lorne came out to live in South Africa Contact John at or
ire. He was appointed CB on leaving the
gunnery rating at Battle of River Plate),
We seek contact with former ship-
at Malta and the Med fl eet. Stoker was my
for some time, but Violet and Narelle settled write to 2525 NW 21st Avenue, Gainesville,
Navy. November 3. Aged 89.
Falmouth, Dampier, Reclaim, Superb, Forth
lofty rank. I look forward to reuniting with ‘old
mates or comrades who knew my
back in the UK during the 1960s. If you Florida, 32605, USA.
Capt Michael Charles Henry. Joined
and Manxman. Visited the town of Ajax in
ships’, I am now retired in Victoria, Canada.
can help contact Barry Adamson at barry. HMS Hermes: I am searching for long
Dartmouth as a cadet aged 13 in 1942 and
Canada in which the town of Ajax has streets
Father in HM Royal Navy WW II
Please contact Barry Phillips at redtape99@ or write to Telegraph lost friend POPT Robin ‘Pusser’ Hill. He
served as a midshipman in HMS Kenya
named after the crew of the ship and Bill was or write to 2463 Costa Vista
Cottage, Market Street, East Harling, Norfolk, was onboard the Hermes in Plymouth,
(West Indies), followed by Birmingham.
proud of his Empson Close and visited there
Name: Frank Sutton Taylor
Place, Victoria, BC, V8Z 6Y5, Canada.
NR16 2AD. the last time I saw him in 1977, and would
Qualifying as a submariner 1949 he joined
several times with his ship’s association.
HMS Valiant: My uncle Thomas Rigg
Graham Finnis: Seeking Graham Finnis have left the Navy approximately 1980,
the submarines Alcide and Sea Scout rising
Margate RNA. November 7. Aged 88.
Rank: Able Seaman
served on the Valiant during the war. I wonder
so that I can return the cap tallies of each having completed Pensionable Service.
to 2iC of Talent and Trenchant (Home and
Ivy Findley. Associate member of Wigston Service No: JX 324358
if anyone out there remembers him? He was
ship that he served on. He was on the fi nal He qualifi ed as a PTI in 1964. He lived in born in Bootle, England. Please contact Ms HMS DAUNTLESS
voyage of the Ark Royal as well as many Cornwall with wife Margaret. I served with Pamela Benich at
other ships. These items are for Graham Robin at Yeovilton 1966-69 and he, like a lot or write to 313 Whippoorwill Heights, New
17 June 1942 - 10 April 1943
only or a member of his family. It is believed of PTIs was responsible for shaping our lives Albany, Indiana, 47150, USA.
that when Graham left the Navy he joined for which I am eternally grateful. He was a HMS Walrus: Has anyone seen Stanley’s
the Police Force and possibly joined the great character and nothing would please brother, Peter Butler, ex-POEL? Last seen 20 11 April 1943 - 15 September 1944
Hampshire Constabulary. If you know the me more than to meet up with him again. years ago in Liverpool/Manchester area. His
whereabouts of Graham could you get him Anyone out there know where he is. Please last boat was HMS Walrus. Please contact
to contact Pat McGrath, New Orchard Farm, contact Jack Halford at jackhalford@mac. Stan Butler at or tel:
Brig M J D Noble to assume command of 16 September 1944 - 29 July 1945
Upper Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Kent, com or tel: 07847 303236. 01329 312729 or write to 35 Montgomery
ME9 0QL. HMS Kenya: I am trying to trace anyone
Road, Gosport, Hants, PO13 0UZ.
RNAS Yeovilton on July 21.
HMS Bulwark, Albion & Centaur who knew Brian Franklin (born 1936) who
Speak to John Lister
Please contact Russell Taylor,
PO Box 469, Kumeu,
Association : Did you ever serve in Bulwark, served on HMS Kenya as well as Daring. I
Albion or Centaur? The association is open know he spent some time in Portsmouth. I
01395 568652
Auckland 0841, New Zealand
to anyone who served at any time on these am also trying to obtain a photo or postcard Contact sheet
ships. Magazine three times per year plus of this ship if anyone can help? Please
events including AGM/Social, sea-days and contact Linda Dudzinski at,
Phone: 0064 941 18629 “Collect”
anniversary commemorations. Whilst our tel: 01803 328152 or mobile: 07849 770541.
‘Home Port’ is Pompey, this year’s AGM and HMS Orion: I would be interested to hear
social will be at Sand Bay Holiday Village, from anyone who served on HMS Orion, one
Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
Weston Super Mare. Membership is just of three ships moored together in Plymouth
£8 per annum. Enquiries to Leigh Easton dockyard in the early sixties. I was a stoker
Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975,
at or website http:// awaiting draft after a two-year stint on
www, or write to Girdleness and was subsequently sent to Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. RN Community:
Glenmoray, Hayford Place, Cambusbarron, serve on Exmouth doing anti-submarine Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
Stirling, FK7 9JX. exercises in the Irish sea as a stoker. Orion Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
HMS Crossbow: Shirley is looking for comprised of ships, Roberts (a shallow draft RN and RM Service records: 023 9262 Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
anyone who knew her late husband Tony monitor with massive guns and a bulge 8779 or 023 9262 8667 www.fl
Hammond. He was on Crossbow 1961-63 surrounding the hull), the Zeebrugga (landing Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823, Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,
then went on to Protector. Contact Shirley craft) and the Woolwich, a depot ship. We
at or tel: 0121 all lived on the Woolwich. I remember that RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,
360 7756 or write to 4 Sutherland Close, the routine was quite relaxed with work 0296 (grants),
Great Barr, Birmingham. B43 7LT. allocated on various ships some of whom British Legion: 08457 725725, www. National Maritime Museum: 020 8312
HMS Fearless: Seeking any MEM, LMEM were ‘mothballed’. I remember seeing a 6565,
or POMEM who was onboard HMS Fearless fast minelayer called Ariadne which could Naval Families Federation: 023 9265 Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,
Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
during 1969-70 (the trip out to the Far East). achieve incredible speed, faster than modern 4374,
There is a surprise party for two of the crew, ships. On evening rounds nobody would go
or email:
William John ‘Sooty’ Sutton and David down below into the Roberts boiler or engine
‘Smokey’ Fagg, as they are 60 this year. If rooms because of a weird feeling and tales Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts in
you were onboard at that time contact Mrs of dead dockyard ‘mateys’ trapped in tanks
B J Fagg at or tel: below. Contact Paul McHugo at pauljm@
February’s Noticeboard must be received by January 12
07747 399369. or tel: 01244 812845.
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