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Top Gear star in a
reasonably dry car
WHEN considering the purchase of rehearsing with one of the new Fords. heated but not bullet-proof.”
a new small car, there are certain
And naturally, once their star arrived, Once he’d pulled to a halt on the sandy
questions you ask yourself: is it
suiting him up to drive through the dip-tank beach to disgorge his Royal Marine cargo,
practical; is it easy to park; can I afford
(pictured below). he did however point out: “These carpets
Maj John Lugg, OC of RM Instow, said: are excellent. No evidence at all of those
“The addition of water, it would appear, was Marines’ muddy boots.”
But only on Top Gear would you ask: what
a complete surprise to Jeremy Clarkson – he And so, the Ford Fiesta having proven
if I’m asked to take part in a beach assault
thought he was simply driving down a ramp its potential as a commando troop carrying
with the Royal Marines?
and hacking around a beach. small car, Top Gear retired from the beaches
Step forward 1 Assault Group Royal
“Our rehearsal resigned him to the fact of north Devon leaving a group of tired but
Marines to answer just that question, calling
that he was in for a cold, wet day.” happy Marines, whose hard work had paid
upon the skills of 11 Squadron, 10 Squadron,
It just goes to show the expertise off with a successful day’s filming for some
539 ASRM, 40 Commando and 847 Naval Air
available at Instow – despite the fact that, top telly...
not surprisingly, the Ford Fiesta is not really ...And some successful training for men
And so Instow beach became a filming
designed to be driven off a steep ramp into about to be heading out to the front line or
location as Jeremy Clarkson gleefully drove
two feet of water, their careful preparations solving the challenges brought back from
a bright green Ford Fiesta from a landing
meant that from first plunge to last (five the front line.
craft to the shore (“oh, that’s quite a lot
takes in total on the day) the Top Gear Ford The pilots and door gunners from 847
deeper than I thought”) amid supporting
just kept going. NAS, with their team from the MAOT,
‘fire’ from offshore raiding craft and 847’s Keeping his target question in mind, practised tactical landings and troop drills
Lynx helicopters. presenter Jeremy Clarkson pointed out a which will be put to use in their upcoming
Of course, driving just any car into the sea number of handy benefits that came with the deployment to Afganistan.
off Devon isn’t a great idea, so the experts Ford: “Look at that! The smoke grenades fit And 40 Cdo’s Capt Ramsey Waller RM said:
of 11 Sqn (in full 11 Amphibious Trials and perfectly into the cup-holders.” “It was a great opportunity to showcase our
Training Squadron) spent some weeks in And the occasional drawback to his core skills with the Top Gear team ahead of
advance of the filming waterproofing and green-clad passengers: “The windscreen’s an amphibious deployment in 2009.”
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