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Fury 325 B&M’S best ever? The world's tallest non-launched rollercoaster has arrived at

Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina. Paul Ruben is impressed with the 325 feet (99m) Bolliger & Mabillard monster


his giant dog-legged out-and-back steel coaster is a world-class thrill ride that, according to the park, simulates the wild, daring, and spontaneous flight of

a swarm the hornets. Just like those pesky insects indigenous to the North Carolina region, Fury 325 fully embodies an aggressive power that just won’t let up. "Fury 325 was chosen as a signature coaster that will

forever define the skyline at Carowinds," notes the park’s vice-president and general manager, Mike Fehnel. "The visibility of the ride from Charlotte is absolutely stunning. It stretches across the North Carolina/South Carolina State line at our stunning new main entrance making this memorable for guests the minute they walk up. The coaster is amazing as it dives under a bridge while folks are entering the park causing extreme excitement right away." If you enjoy travelling at illegal speeds, you will love

Carowinds vice-president and general manager Mike Fehnel

riding Fury 325. Arguably this is the most thrilling rollercoaster ever built by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M). It's very fast, furiously paced, and lengthy, so it will soon find itself atop many coaster enthusiasts' list of favourites.

Bragging rights Including launched coasters, Fury 325 is the world's fifth tallest rollercoaster. With a top speed of up to 95 miles per hour (153km/h), it’s the seventh fastest. It's also the tallest and fastest coaster ever built by B&M, their second to exceed the 300ft (91m) barrier. Featuring 6,602ft (2km) of butter-smooth track, the $30 million ride is sprawled over 8.4 acres (3.4 hectares) of Carowinds and dominates the landscape. Together with Intimidator, a 232ft (71m) B&M coaster added in 2010, these two giant coasters envelop the park. Only three parks in the world have more rollercoasters than the 14 now featured at this Cedar Fair operated property. “We are making history here at Carowinds, and creating

another reason people can be proud to live in the Carolinas,” declares Fehnel. "The opening of Fury 325 gives Carowinds two of the 10 tallest roller coasters in North America. We want to be the destination for families near and far. The energy level of guests in the station has been astonishing. Some have had a few moments of trepidation while capturing a view of the 325ft lift hill, but resulting in immense feelings of joy after conquering the ride."

So what exactly awaits those guests braving Fury 325?

After boarding one of three 32-passenger four-abreast trains and ascending to the top of the 325ft (99m) tall lift hill, riders plunge into an exhilarating 81° first drop. The train then races through a series of hills, curves and quick transitions. The ride layout features a track that dramatically swarms above, then below the new front entrance plaza of the park, passing over guests four times. Following the first drop, riders speed into a complete

sideways turn that's 190ft (58m) tall. They then negotiate a high speed S-curve that delivers a series of strong g-forces. A horseshoe turn follows, as the train completes a 180° turnaround with high banking, tilting at a 91° angle, then

36 MAY 2015

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