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Park News

Fountain of Dreams ECA2’s Chinese water wonder

The Fountain of Dreams is the latest multimedia spectacular from ECA2, opened last month in China. To see it, you must head to the town of Wuyishan in the heart of northwest Fujian’s tea-growing mountains. The night time experience from the French show expert plays tribute to this privileged natural setting, which enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status. Through 12 compelling scenes over 46 minutes. the story unfolds of Wuyishan’s fabled waters. ECA2

created the show from scratch over a two-year period using a rich palette of light, sound and other effects including a 2,500-seat theatre immersed in water that is believed to be the first of its kind. Water curtains are all around. Flashes, flames, 3D video mapping, LED, lasers, cascading waters, music and ghostly characters from China’s past all interact. The stage, seating, a pond and even the roof become a unified staging area.

Much of the technology is concealed within the

theatre’s cantilevered roof, which appears to float weightlessly. The video mapping posed particularly tricky problems, says ECA2. With images projected onto the irregular 3D shapes of the set, multiple scans had to be made to achieve seamless imagery. One of the biggest surprises comes when a mountain turns into a seated man, a central character in the story. Other challenges included directing 10,000 cubic metres per hour so that it did not interfere with any technical equipment and launching fireworks from a water-drenched set. If you can’t make it to Wuyishan, then you can see

a short video of the show at

New York carousel renovation

The Forest Park Carousel, a New York City Historic Landmark, has opened for its fourth year under the operation of the Ride Entertainment Group (REG), following one of the largest investments of care and money in its history. Built in 1903 and moved to its

present site in 1972 from Dracut, Massachusetts, it replaced a previous carousel destroyed by fire in 1966. The attraction contains 52 figures including 36 jumpers, 13 standers, three menagerie figures and two chariots. It also has its original band organ. It is one of two known surviving carousels built by the Muller brothers. The REG team worked with carousel expert Todd Goings of Carousels and Carvings to repair and replace parts of the ride including the top bearing, cranks, sweeps and commutator (rotary electrical switch/contacts). "The entire machine was disassembled and every mechanical and electrical component was examined,” explains David Galst, director of REG’s operations division. “As with any type of aging hardware, certain parts had to be fixed and replaced. By performing this major rehabilitation, this timeless piece of magical art and master craftsmanship should be able to spin for decades to come." The ride, which operates in Queens amongst 544 acres of parkland and in the American tradition is located undercover, is now ready to run for families from across the city's five boroughs. A single ride is a reasonable $3, and deals are offered to those purchasing multiple tickets. 16

Local IP confirmed for Malaysian park

Malaysia’s Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) will feature some homegrown intellectual property alongside various international brands, including those licensed from DreamWorks. RSG, the co-owner and co-developer of the project (together with Perak Corporation) has entered into a partnership with MONSTA, a local animation content developer and creator of the character BoBoiBoy, who is expected to make his theme park debut at the venue in Ipoh, Perak. “Together with MONSTA, we have a synergistic partnership that excites and meets

Malaysian and Asian family values,”believes RSG founder and chairman, Ramelle Ramli. RSG, formerly Sanderson Project Development Malaysia, hopes to announce plans for more projects elsewhere in the country by the end of the year. The company is reported to have completed 40-45% of the inaugural park in Perak, which will feature over 40 rides, shows and attractions including Malaysia’s tallest drop tower, a stunt show and more. Opening is scheduled for early 2016. A phase II expansion will include a hotel, serviced apartments, and a unique “lifestyle retail and dining concept”. As well as the local market, the park will be targeted at travellers from Penang to Kuala Lumpur.

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