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Seattle and Washington State Tourism • 020 8877 4514 • & visitseattle. org • Population: 6,897,012 • State Capital: Olympia • Largest City: Seattle • Local times: PST – 8 hrs behind UK • Weather: Temperate with pleasant springs and autumns, sunny summers and mild, damp winters • National/State Parks: 5 • Int’l Gateway: Seattle Sea-Tac

LOCATED on USA’s north-west coast, Seattle is a vibrant sophisticated city with a laid-back attitude.

The city is encircled by

water, two mountain ranges and three national parks. Washington State

offers pristine

natural beauty: the only temperate rainforest in North America; rolling hills with acres of vines producing award-winning wines; and dramatic landscapes of mountains, volcanoes and high desert. As a walking city, Seattle offers visitors many perfect days

options to enjoy exploring its varied

neighbourhoods and outdoor activities. Washington State has great regional cuisine so food lovers should be sure to experience a walking tour of Pike Place Market. Unique attractions include the Space Needle, Experience Music Project and the Chihuly Garden and

Wildflowers on the slopes of Mt. Helens

State secret Head to the San Juan Islands, North West of Seattle, reached by car, ferry or float plane. Go kayaking alongside Orca whales.


Peninsula across the Puget Sound from Seattle, where you will

Miss The Olympic see

Hurricane Ridge, Dungeness Spit, and the Olympic National Park. WISCONSIN The Badger State

Wisconsin Department of Tourism • 001 608 266 2161 • • Population: 5,453,450. Home to 11 Native American Tribes • State Capital: Madison • Largest city: Milwaukee • Local time: CST – 6 hours behind UK • Weather: Av. temp summer 67F (19C), winter 16F (-9C) • State Parks: 50 • International Gateways: Minneapolis and Chicago

THE Badger State revels in its abundance of seasonal delights, taking full advantage of nature’s year-round bounty. Fringed by lake coastline on two sides, the Mississippi River on another and with more than 50 State Parks and forests, outdoor enjoyment is at the heart of any stay in the northern state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is not only a prairie also

land but an agricultural

powerhouse and a cultural gem, capturing the rugged American spirit in grand style. You know you're in Wisconsin when you find award- winning cheese and brews or homes of famous folks like Frank Lloyd Wright or Harry Houdini. The largest city, Milwaukee, prides itself on its cosmopolitan flair, its rich brewing history and its title as the City of Festivals. The

mighty Mississippi Stand Rock in the Apostle Islands River WEST VIRGINIA The Mountain State

West Virginia Div. of Tourism • 001 304 558 2200 • • Population: 1.8 million • State Capital/Largest city: Charleston • Local time: EST – 5 hrs behind the UK • Weather: Hot summers (mild in the mountains); cool winters • National/State Parks: 43 • Int'l Gateways: Cincinnati, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, La Guardia and Charlotte

THE scenic rural Virginia with its state abundance adventure holiday. Driving

of West of

natural resources provides a perfect backdrop

for a true American tours

lead to quaint B&Bs and renowned warm hospitality, breathtaking landscapes carve routes for mountain


Glass. Head to Lake Union for a sightseeing tour of the city in a float plane or on the ground opt Emerald City Trolley tours.


journeys and RVs exploring state parks.

The camouflaged tracks of

the many hiking trails and fishing areas

display the natural beauty

while championship golf courses, ski runs and white water rafting offer seasonal sporting activities. Offering

unique describes kaleidoscope

and of


culture, John Denver’s ballad adequately

its turn colour state’s

country roads, dramatic scenery at every

spectacular in


Autumn. It is a state which is 80% forested, with 7 state forests, 36 state

Adventure options abound in West Virginia

parks and 200,000 acres of protected woodland parks.

State secret The 900 feet Seneca Rocks in the Monongahela National

Appalachian Forest, is one of the best-known

landmarks and has long been noted as a scenic attraction and popular with rock climbers.

Don't Miss Rev up your engine, strap on a helmet and head to West

Virginia for motorcycle fun like no other. Main highways and back roads alike welcome riders. WYOMING The Cowboy State

Wyoming Office of Tourism • 01825 76 36 36 • • Pop.: 532,668 • State Capital/Largest City: Cheyenne • Local Time: MST - 7 hrs behind UK • Climate: Hot summers, cold winters with snow November/April • Nat./State Pks: 47 • Int'l Gateways: Denver, Minneapolis/St Paul/Bloomington, Seattle, Chicago, Washington

provides the perfect backdrop for La Crosse and other river cities.

State secret The Wisconsin Dells are a treasure trove of indoor and

outdoor water parks, which makes the area one of the USA's most popular summertime destinations.

Don't Miss Summerfest in Milwaukee. This

11-day music

festival is billed as the largest in the world with live bands from rock to bluegrass. Take in a lumberjack show and try cheese curds.

IN the state of Forever West you’ll find iconic landscapes, compelling historical tales, an abundance of wildlife, Native American roots and a rich history of the American West. Wyoming is also a state where you can choose your own adventure – from winter sports and top tier rodeos, to outdoor hikes and fascinating fossil hunts. Wyoming’s natural wonders include well known icons such as Devils

Tower, the geothermal

features of Yellowstone National Park and jagged peaks of the Tetons, but take time to explore the lesser- known Wind River Canyon, Sinks Canyon, Vedauwoo, the Green River, and the Red Desert. Historic pioneer trails


the state, forts built to protect early settlers are waiting to be explored, vibrant small towns welcome visitors to their western lifestyle, and moose,

Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone National Park


elk, antelope, bison or even a bear could be lurking around the corner!

State secret Wyoming is full of firsts – the world’s

first National

Park, Yellowstone (1872); the first National Monument, Devils Tower (1906); and the first National Forest, Shoshone (1891).

Don't Miss Cheyenne Frontier Days, the world’s largest outdoor

rodeo and western celebration, takes place in Cheyenne during the last week of July.



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