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41 O IOWA The Hawkeye State

Iowa Tourism Office • T 001 515 725 3084 • • Population: 3,046,355 • State Capital: Des Moines • Largest City: Des Moines • Local Time: CST – 6 hrs behind the UK • Weather: Four distinct seasons – ranging from an average high of 74 degrees F in August to an average low of 17 degrees F in January • State Parks: 55

VISITORS to Iowa will find several new destinations. The Elkader Whitewater Park on the Turkey River includes three distinct

kayakers, boogie boarders,

features that cater to tubers

and fishermen. The McGrath Amphitheatre


located on the banks of the Cedar River across from downtown Cedar Rapids. Fort Frenzy in Fort Dodge includes bumper cars, water wars, roller

skating, mini golf, mini

bowling, laser tag, bumper boats, an arcade and go karts. The Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum in Clarinda, due to open September 2014, houses an extensive international art collection. The John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset is scheduled to open by May 2015. When completed, it will be the only

The McGrath Amphitheatre in Cedar Rapids

State secret One of the first-ever train robberies occurred near Adair

on July 21, 1873. The culprits were Jessie James and his gang.

Don't Miss RAGBRAI, a week- long event held every July, is the

world’s oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event. Riders dip a tyre in the Missouri River at the beginning and the Mississippi River when they reach the end. KENTUCKY The Bluegrass State

Kentucky Dept. of Travel & Tourism • 01462 440 766 • • Pop: 4,339,357 • State Capital: Frankfort • Largest city: Louisville • Local time: EST/CST – 5/6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Summers very warm, cool evenings. Spring/autumn breezy • Nat./State Pks: 52 • Int'l G'ways: Cincinnati, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, N York

KENTUCKY lives up to its

reputation as the Horse Capital of the World with the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, the Keeneland Thoroughbred sales and being the home of the largest area of Saddlebred farms in the world. We are also home to unbridled

adventure with many lakes, mountains and caves: Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world; Lake Cumberland THE place to relax on a houseboat vacation; Red River Gorge, with the finest rock climbing in the U.S.; Western Lakes, an outdoor recreation area for water and nature lovers. Kentucky’s music

heritage is

strong, being the birthplace of Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass and country music greats such as Loretta Lynn and Keith Whitley. With distilleries producing 95 percent of

Keeneland horses KANSAS The Sunflower State

Kansas Travel & Tourism • 01292 313969 • • Population: 2.886 million • State Capital: Topeka • Largest city: Wichita • Local time: CDT/DST - 5/6 hrs behind UK • Weather: 4 distinct seasons; average temperature of 56F (13C) • National Parks/Historic Sites: 10 • Int’l regional gateways: Kansas City (MCI), Wichita (ICT)

KANSAS can be as eclectic, energizing and exciting – or as reflective, relaxing and rejuvenating as you want…or both! Discover its

rich history, from

museum in the world dedicated to honouring John Wayne.

westward expansion along the Oregon, California, and storied Santa Fe Trails to the cattle routes – headed up from Texas along the Chisholm and Great Western Trails and creating the Wild West towns of Wichita, Dodge City and Abilene. Feast eyes on the unforgettable,

unexpectedly varied scenery of 11 Scenic Byways, as you drive through ever-friendly, often


communities offering local art and delicious food. Stop and chat – Kansans love to talk about the best burger or finest pie in the county, or where to hike and fish, swim and camp, bike, horse-ride and sail. Music and festivals, family rodeos and town fairs abound – whilst

Moore Ranch

eclectic cities like Topeka, Wichita, Lawrence and Manhattan delight!

State secret Historically a

crossroads for explorers heading out west, and cattlemen driving herds of cattle north to the railheads, Kansas has plenty of cosmopolitan cities and culture too.

Don't Miss Drive the two

distinctively different and beautiful National Scenic Byways of Kansas – Flint Hills NSB, and the Wetlands and Wildlife NSB. LOUISIANA The Bayou State

Louisiana Office of Tourism • 020 8460 7082• • Population : 4,625,470 • State Capital: Baton Rouge • Largest city: New Orleans • Local time: CST – 6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Summers warm and long, mild winters • Nat./State Pks: 19 • Int'l Gateways: Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Detroit

LOUISIANA has one of the most colourful histories of any state and of many countries, created through its diverse cultures having collided for two centuries with the rest of the world. Louisiana is a rare and exotic mix of nations, keeping the best from its

experience that

unique dining experiences, and our Southern hospitality, it’s hard not to love Kentucky.

State secret The town of Middlesboro is located entirely

inside a meteor crater. One mile west of the Cumberland Gap, the trail Daniel Boone discovered that led to the westward settlement of the U.S.

Don't Miss Paducah the world’s bourbon, is

designated a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art, one of only seven in the world.

history and offering an is

so rich in its

colourful way of life that it cannot help but deliver holiday memories that will last a lifetime. From world-class music to spirited

festivals, Louisiana has something for everyone.

Louisianans create

from the heart with all their soul; whether music, food, dancing, art, storytelling or just a great excuse for another party – they do everything with an emphasis on fun but always with that unique Louisianan twist. It’s time to visit Louisiana, where of life is a full time

enjoyment occupation!

Music is an integral part of a Louisiana stay

State secret In 1803 the United States paid $15millon for the

Louisiana Territory from which

thirteen states were subsequently carved, doubling the size of the United States.

Don't Miss Louisiana has the newest North American World

Heritage site, Poverty Point located near Monroe, Louisiana. The prehistoric earthworks site is the largest-known complex built from the

Archaic gatherers. period by hunter-



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