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40 O HAWAII The Aloha State

Hawaii Tourism Authority • 001 808 973 2255 • • Population: 1.2 million • State Capital/Largest City: Honolulu • Local time: GMT -10 hrs. • Weather: Av. high 83°F (28°C), Av. low 68°F (20°C) Year-round moderate temps • Nat./State Parks: Volcanoes, Nat. Park – Big Island • Nat. Park - Maui • Int'l Gateways: Honolulu, Hilo, Kona

HAWAII is like no other place on earth. Discover the Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. The warmth of Hawaii's people wonderfully complements the Islands' perfect temperatures and with six unique islands to visit, they will all capture your imagination and heart. You can find inspiration on

Hawaii's Big Island with the world's most active volcanoes and tallest sea mountain, feel energized on Oahu, the birthplace of surfing and home to the only royal palace on US soil. Relax and rejuvenate on the stunning island of Kauai, which offers the most seductive beaches, three PGA ranked golf courses and is the backdrop to over 100 major films. Captivating Maui offers farm to

table cuisine in small towns, Molokai is enlightening, rich in culture and history and with a ship-wrecked beach Lanai embraces the active yet

Hanauma Bay on Oahu

peaceful feel. We warmly invite you to discover each island's unique character, flavour and personality... this is Hawaii!

State secret Hawaii’s Big Island: Taking a guided star-gazing tour on

the tallest sea mountain in the world. The stars light the sky like glitter!

Don't Miss Maui: Watching the sunrise above the clouds from the

summit of Haleakala National Park’s highest peak – or the 'House of Sun' ILLINOIS The Land of Lincoln

Illinois Office of Tourism • 08456 020 574 • • Population: 12,830,632 • State Capital: Springfield • Largest City: Chicago • Local time: CST – 6 hrs behind the UK • Weather: Hot summers/cold winters with snow December/March. Moderate rainfall rest of the year • Nat./State Parks: 135 • Int'l Gateway: Chicago O’Hare

ILLINOIS provides you with a truly


authentic American Start your journey in

Chicago, a world-class destination with its stunning architecture, shopping, museums and nightlife. It’s the starting point to explore iconic Route 66 which has many must-see stops such as Pontiac and the Route

66 hometown Association to of

Illinois Hall of Fame & Museum. Stop in Springfield, state capital, and


Abraham Lincoln. Explore his home, office and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Or head west to Mississippi

River Country, and visit the small town charm of Galena, with its quaint B&Bs and unique boutiques on historic Main Street. You can taste local wines, take a hot air balloon ride or enjoy golf. You can then continue along the Mississippi

Chicago's Navy Pier

River for breath-taking views. Travel to Rockford, the ‘City of Gardens’, to explore the exquisite gardens and fantastic golfing.

State secret Seasonal waterfalls, awe-inspiring bluffs

and rugged

canyons dominate the landscape at Starved Rock State Park. There’s hiking, water sports and picnicking.

Don't Miss TILT at 360 Chicago gives

views of

thrill-seekers unsurpassable the city, from a tilting

platform at 1,000 feet up. IDAHO The Gem State

Idaho State Tourism • 001 208 334 2470 • • Pop.: 1,525,000 • State Capital/ Largest City: Boise • Local time: MST/PST – 7/8 hrs behind UK • Weather: Warm summers, moderate winters • Nat./State Pks/Forests: 35 • Int'l Gateways: Denver, Minneapolis/St Paul/Bloomington, Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City

IDAHO is an undiscovered treasure and the last state to be explored by EuroAmericans. It is ideal for family travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those just looking for a relaxing getaway. Whichever part of


magnificent state you choose to discover, you'll find an array of spectacular scenery, fun things to do and friendly, helpful people. You'll also find that

unhurried, unspoiled

Idaho is and

unassuming. The state is second only to Alaska in the amount of wilderness and white water rivers it offers – more than 3,000 miles. Hells Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon; Shoshone Falls is higher than Niagara Falls and Bruneau Sand Dunes are larger than those in Death Valley. Also visit the starkly beautiful Craters

National Monument

of the Moon and

the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

stunning mountains of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

State secret The Statehouse in Boise and dozens of other buildings

are geothermally heated from underground hot springs. In fact, Idaho is sprinkled with hot springs.

Don't Miss Sun Valley was the first European-style ski resort

anywhere in North America and where the chairlift was invented. It's now a superb year-round tourist destination. INDIANA Honest-to-Goodness

Indiana Office of Tourism D'ment • 001 800 677 9800 • • Population: 6,537,334• State Capital/Largest City: Indianapolis • Local time: EST/CST – 5/6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Av. July temps 63F-88F (17C-31C) • National/State Parks: 28 • International Gateways: Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati and Indianapolis

IN Indiana you can spend your days paddling a winding river, fishing an inland lake or browsing the shops on Main Street. You can visit a bustling capital

city, sunbathe beneath the soaring sand dunes, climb the highest hilltops or explore the deepest depths beneath the earth's surface. You can enjoy homegrown produce—and get to know the growers—at our farmers' markets, eateries and vineyards. Our cities offer world-class museums, performing arts and high-energy sporting events you expect with friendliness that’s an added bonus. Everywhere you go in Indiana, the people are genuine and the experiences are, too. Even our busiest attractions aim to

satisfy and delight because here, more

so than hospitality matters. Park View Field in Indianapolis anywhere else,


real. That’s Honest-to- Goodness Indiana.

State secret Brown County mountain bike trails were designed with mountain bikers’ desires


mind. Explore a trail that best matches your level while enjoying scenic routes and great terrain.

Don't Miss Parkview Field, home to the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

In downtown Fort Wayne, it has been declared the best Minor League Baseball experience in the country.



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