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46 O NORTH DAKOTA The Peace Garden State

North Dakota Tourism Div. • 01825 76 36 36 • & • Pop: 723,000 • State capital: Bismarck • L'gest city: Fargo • Local time: CST/MST – 6/7 hours behind UK • Weather: Wide temp. variation, low humidity, sunshine • Nat./State Pks: 14 + 2 Nat. Historic Sites • Int'l G'ways: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City

CREATE your own legend in North Dakota's amazing places including one of the three units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the International Peace Garden or the Pembina Gorge. Step back in history at the Custer

House in Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Bonanzaville

or the

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Become one with our cultures at the United Tribes International Powwow or Roughrider Days rodeo. Looking to take part in the

adventure? Mountain bike, hike or ride horses on the Maah Daah Hey Trail


in the Badlands or dig for at

one of the many

paleontological sights in the state. Want to live our history with us?

Start at the Bagg Bonanza Farm, Black Leg Ranch or at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. Golf some of the west's greatest courses.

Hiking the wilderness in North Dakota

We like to say “Arrive a guest, leave a Legend!”

State secret The Maah Daah Hey Trail is a 140-mile non-motorized single track through North Dakota's Badlands. The name comes from the Mandan

Indians' language. The

phrase means ‘an area that has been or will be around for a long time’.


International Powwow is held annually in early

in Bismarck drawing nearly 20,000. OKLAHOMA The Sooner State

Oklahoma Travel & Tourism • 01292 313969 • • Population: 3.815 million • State Capital/Largest city: Oklahoma City • Local time: CDT/DST - 5/6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Dry + breezy. Temp 25/50F (Winter) 80/100F (Summer) • National Parks/Sites: 8 • International regional gateways: Oklahoma City (OKC), Tulsa (TUL)

EPIC in every way, Oklahoma will take you on an unforgettable journey through time with Native American, Western, outdoor and contemporary experiences. Discover its rich history, from the

movement of the great tribes, to the treading out of the cattle routes, to the discovery of oil and the rise of 400+ miles

museums and historic sites tell the vibrant story! Immerse


Miss United Tribes September

OHIO The Buckeye State

Tourism Ohio • 001 800 282 5393 • • Population: 11,400,000 • State Capital/Largest City: Columbus • Local time: EST – 5 hours behind UK • Weather: Av. temps from 9.7 to 29.7F (-12 to -1C) in Jan to 62.9/85F (17 to 30C) in summer • National/ State Parks: 1 National Park and 75 State Parks • Int'l Gateways: Minneapolis and Chicago

OHIO has a great mixture of impressive engaging

cities and equally rural and small-town

locations. It is a state that invites visitors to explore by car and get out and about to encounter some unique Ohio experiences, such as five way chilli, peaceful Amish farmers, car museums and some of the world’s scariest roller coasters. The Lake Erie islands are the ideal place for fishing, boating, hiking and wine tasting. Start your visit in Cleveland, right

on the shore of Lake Erie, with a rich cultural scene and vibrant nightlife, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum. The city of Cincinnati boasts the

likes of the world-famous Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden,


Contemporary Arts Center and the art

deco Union Terminal Morning skies over Rock Hall train

station which today houses three lively museums.

Columbus has shops, restaurants plus a zoo and water park.

State secret Wake Nation in Cincinnati is one of only eight places in the US where you can learn to wake-board without a boat!

Don't Miss The legendary amusement

park, Cedar Point,

which has a world-class line-up of roller coasters with new rides being added all the time. OREGON The Beaver State

State Information: Travel Oregon • 01326 250213 • • Population: 3,790,060 • State Capital: Salem • Largest City: Portland • Local time: PT – 8 hrs behind UK • Weather: of the 10 different climate zones in the world, Oregon offers seven • National/State Parks: Crater Lake National Park and 188 State Parks • International Gateway: Portland

of Route 66. 300+ such Oklahoma’s

contemporary lifestyle – music, food, and breathtaking art in venues like the Gilcrease and Philbrook museums. Take to the great outdoors – pristine mountain streams and pine forests; peaceful lakes and sandy beaches; rugged ranches and wildlife refuges. History and heritage,

fairs and

festivals abound – whilst cosmopolitan and friendly

cities Experience real Native America as Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bartlesville and Sulphur intrigue!

State secret Vibrant, colourful Native American and Cowboy culture and heritage throughout the state, no more so than at June’s Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City – the biggest in the world.

Don't Miss Drive Route 66 – the iconic ‘mother road’ – right

across Oklahoma; stop in Tulsa for the music

and art scene Oklahoma City for Bricktown. and Crater Lake (Steve Terrill)

WHATEVER your passion, Oregon’s natural and scenic variety – coast, mountains, rivers, high desert, plains, forests and valleys – lends equally to exhilarating outdoor adventure or tranquil exploration. With more scenic byways and tour routes than any other state, no sales tax and plenty of shopping opportunities there is plenty to discover in this diverse state. Besides 363

miles of pristine

public beaches, high-desert country, painted hills and wine-producing valleys, Oregon is home to North America’s deepest river gorge (Hells Canyon) and deepest lake (Crater Lake) and the world’s second-most- climbed mountain (Mt. Hood). Come experience Oregon’s hidden

travel gems for yourself – award- winning golf courses, culinary masterminds, world-class spas and tucked-away luxury properties, all in

the midst of wide open beaches, jaw- dropping waterfalls, lush forests and amazing mountain peaks. Oregon – we love dreamers.

State secret Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is heaven

on earth to the hikers, campers and rafters who have experienced its many faces and offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the west.

Don't Miss Mt. Hood is the only year-round ski area in all of

North America.



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