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47 O PENNSYLVANIA The Keystone State

Pennsylvania Tourism • • Population: 12,773,801 • State Capital: Harrisburg • Largest City: Philadelphia • Local Time: EST - 5 hours behind the UK • Weather: Warm summers, cold winters with heavy snow in the mountains. Moderate rainfall throughout the year • National/State Parks: 120 • International Gateway: Philadelphia

PENNSYLVANIA offers visitors plenty to discover from big city excitement to small town charm, found along the many highways and byways that wind through the state. PA was the geographic and economic centre of the 13 original colonies and the bridge across the Appalachian Mountains, linking America's East Coast to Lake Erie and western USA. Philadelphia, the second largest city on America's East Coast, is known as the birthplace of American independence and is home to the Liberty Bell and Independence National Historical Park. The city

is also an ideal

destination for arts and culture. The state offers tax-free shopping on clothes and shoes and some of the best shopping outlets and malls in the country. Highlights also include Pittsburgh, Hershey, York,

Gettysburg (Destination Gettysburg) PUERTO RICO

Puerto Rico Tourism Company • 020 7367 0982 • • Population: 3.9 million • State Capital/Largest City: San Juan • Local Time: 4 hours behind the UK • Weather: Temperatures stay warm year round – from 73°F (23C) to 86°F (30C). Best time to visit is October/late-April • National/State Parks: 9 • International Gateway: San Juan

Gettysburg, Lancaster County, the Allegheny National Forest and the Pocono Mountains.

State secret Enjoy one of the world's leading private art collections

at the Barnes Foundation in

Philadelphia, and learn about the American Civil War at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Don't Miss The state is a home to the nation’s major sports including

American RHODE ISLAND The Ocean State

Rhode Island Tourism Division • 001 401 278 9100 • • Population: 1 million • State Capital: Providence • Largest City: Providence • Local Time: EST - 5 hrs behind the UK • Weather: Average in January – 32 F, average in July – 72 F • National/State Parks: Roger Williams National Park and 15 state parks • Int'l G'ways: Boston and New York

RHODE ISLAND offers the best of New England’s heritage and four seasons of natural beauty. Enjoy 400 miles

of winding coastline along

Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic, elegant Newport Mansions, sandy South County beaches, spectacular ocean vistas on Block Island, historic Blackstone River Valley, the shopping mecca of the City of Warwick, and one of Rhode Island’s best-kept

secrets – quaint Bristol,

known for its beautiful homes, historic treasures and harbour. From the Riverwalk of Providence see music,

you’ll art, seafood

festivals, Native American life, ethnic heritage,

Colonial life,

maritime heritage, an award-winning zoo, and much more.

Our compact size means you are

never far from our many museums, historic homes and art galleries. Create your own holiday memories

Sailing in Rhode Island (Tim Wilkes) Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Ice Hockey. Adventure Park of Toro Verde

PUERTO RICO has been a United States Commonwealth since 1952. The island shares the mainland’s language, currency and immigration system but has its very own exciting fusion of Spanish, Taíno and African influences. Puerto Rico has three main islands: Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques. Puerto Rico combines the laid- back luxe of the Caribbean with all the cosmopolitan nightlife of a U.S city. Sip on a Piña Colada and watch the salsa dancers spin in Old San Juan, put it all on black in one of the island's casinos, explore Caguas in the Central Mountain Range, laze on one of more than 250 flawless beaches and then explore El Yunque, the only National Park System rainforest. For fantastic shopping, stunning nature, fascinating history or simply chilling out on a beach, Puerto Rico has it all and more.

Taste premium Puerto Rican cocoa beans in the form of flavoured chocolate bars, chocolate beverages and even chocolate churros!

State secret The world's largest single-dish

radio telescope in

Arecibo is the only one that can accurately predict when and where an asteroid might collide with Earth.

Don't Miss More than 70% of the rum sold in the U.S. comes from

Puerto Rico; sample local brands and enjoy a rum distillery tour. SOUTH CAROLINA The Palmetto State

South Carolina Office of Tourism • 803 734 1164 • • Population: 3,500,000 • State Capital/Largest City: Columbia • Local Time: EST – 5 hrs behind UK • Weather: Short mild winters, long warm summers. Low humidity spring/autumn • National/State Parks: 7 • Int'l G'ways: Charlotte, Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C.


SOUTH CAROLINA is a state full of beautiful beaches, southern culture, championship golf and so much more. Southern hospitality is ingrained in everything! Our popular coastal cities of Beach,

Charleston Hilton Head are little slices

and of

that will last a whole lifetime.

State secret The portrait of George Washington on the one dollar bill is unique piece of art as it was first a painting by Gilbert Stuart, an artist born in Saunderstown, RI.

Don't Miss Norman Bird Sanctuary – founded in 1949 in

Middletown, RI, is a 325-acre

passive-use wildlife refuge with more than seven miles of hiking trails.


open year-round and also offers various events and programmes.

Southern paradise. With over 200 miles of sunny beaches, top-notch dining and entertainment, it’s the perfect place for your holiday! Home to more than 360 golf courses, South Carolina attracts golf enthusiasts from around the world. The stunning landscapes and mild weather create the ideal environment for a game of 18 holes — because here, it’s golf season all year long. But the essence of South Carolina is the history that created its distinct Southern culture that resonates in everything from plantation homes, American battlefields to cuisine.

Fun on the sand in Myrtle Beach

Come discover South Carolina for

an experience you’ll never forget … and one you can’t wait to do again.

State secret The nation’s ancient chain of eastern mountains called

the Blue Ridge ends in South Carolina with an abrupt drop. It is this set of cliffs that creates a high concentration of waterfalls.

Don't Miss As the South

embarks on a food revival take a culinary journey of the classics in Charleston at Hominy Grill.



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