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37 O ALABAMA Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama Tourist Dept • 020 8339 6122 • • Population: 4.6 million • State Capital: Montgomery • Largest City: Birmingham • Local Time: CST – 6 hrs behind UK • Weather: Summer av. temp 80F (27C) winter averages 46F (8C) in the north, 52F (11C) in the south • National/State Parks: 24 • Int'l Gateway: Atlanta

SWEET Home Alabama is a state full

of surprises, amazing history

and musical heritage. Be surprised by the 32 miles of white-sand beaches, amazing statewide RTJ golf trail, and a host outdoor experiences.

of other Be surprised

by the music heritage which includes Muscle Shoals, the legendary site of recording studios with a sound that is purely southern soul where a host of famous artists have recorded and continue to record. Experience the live blues, country and jazz you’ll find in our bars every single night of the week. Be surprised by the history made

in Alabama; Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Helen Keller, Harper Lee and Hank Williams lived and made history here. And did you know that our U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville is the largest space

Live music in Birmingham, Alabama ALASKA The Last Frontier

020 7953 7470 • • Population: 722,000 • State Capital: Juneau • Largest City: Anchorage • Local Time: Alaskan - 9 hours behind UK • Weather: Anchorage 5F (-15C) in winter to 68F (20C) in summer; Juneau 30F (-1C) to 61F (16C) • National/State Parks: 17 • International Gateway: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau

museum in the world?

State secret Enjoy a true southern music weekend in Birmingham. Go to one of the last backyard Juke Joints, Gip’s Place, on Saturday night and then attend Sunday service at historic 16th Street Baptist Church to hear a lively Gospel choir.

Don't Miss great BBQ. Alabama has the highest percentage of BBQ

restaurants of any American state and will celebrate with the 'Year of Alabama Barbecue' in 2015. AMERICAN SAMOA

American Samoa Visitors Bureau • 001 684 688 9805 • • Population: 55,000 • State Capital/Largest City: Pago Pago • Local Time: 12 hours behind UK time • Weather: Tropical climate with heaviest rain between December and April. Best time to visit is May to September • National/State Parks: 1 • International Gateway: Pago Pago

AMERICAN SAMOA'S five islands (and two atolls) are located in the heart of Polynesia, with Hawaii, Rapanui (Easter Island) and New Zealand making up the three points of the Polynesian triangle. The Samoan Islands (which are made up of American Samoa – the eastern part of the Samoan Archipelago

– and independent

Samoa) were first discovered by European explorers in the 18th century but the islands have been inhabited for more than 3,000 years. The islands offer the unspoiled natural beauty of Polynesian life and Samoan culture. Archaeologists believe that the early Polynesians

travelled from

South East Asia into the Pacific Ocean area populating the islands of the western Pacific right


from Papua New Guinea to Tonga and Samoa.

The Aiga bus is the perfect way to travel

State secret The Polynesian islands of American Samoa in the

Pacific have a total land area of just 76 sq miles made up of five volcanic islands – Tutuila (the main island and home to Pago Pago), Aunu’u, Ofu, Olosega and Ta’ú and Rose and Swains atolls.

Don't Miss The American Samoa National Parks on the islands

of Tutuila and Manu'a. These parks are the only national parks south of the Equator which feature a pre- historic rainforest.

ALASKA, the USA’s largest state counts on 590,000 square miles of land, 44,000 miles of coastline, more than 3 million lakes and five regions all just waiting to be explored. But don’t let the size overwhelm you, because these numbers tell only half the story. The state is easy to explore, whether admiring its coastline from a cruise ship or exploring the state by road in a motorhome. Activities include fishing, hiking, kayaking, walking on a


glacier, watching whales and bears, seeing the Northern


flightseeing, taking in the view from the railway, or indeed a combination of all of the above! Plus, Alaska is more accessible than you might think. With the total flying time from the UK taking around 16 hours, via Reykjavik or Seattle, Alaska is just a hop, skip and jump away.

Alaska's pristine wilderness

State Secret Alaska covers a land area of about 365,000,000 acres. If

you were to walk 1,000,000 acres per day it would take you a year to cover the state.

Don't Miss A whale-watching day cruise. Many companies

guarantee a whale sighting on your way to a calving glacier. You will also come across sea lions, seals, sea otters, and puffins to name just a few of the fascinating wildlife creatures that live in and beside the waters around Alaska. ARIZONA The Grand Canyon State

020 7367 0938 • • Population: 6.4 million • State capital/Largest city: Phoenix • Local time: Mountain time. GMT -7 hours behind UK in winter • Weather: Nearly consistent sunshine – over 330 days a year. • National/state parks: Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest plus 20 other areas. • International gateway: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

FROM sun-drenched desert cities, spas and dazzling resorts to Native American and Hispanic heritage and Old West legends, Arizona is an inspiring

destination. Experience

adventurous guest ranches, diverse shopping, exhilarating sports and much more.

Arizona offers an amazing range

of places in which to fish, sail, swim, peddle, paddle or just relax. Climb into the sky by balloon or hang- glider, explore the depths of great caves, go whitewater rafting or put miles between you and civilization on horseback. With more than 300 golf courses, Arizona is regarded as the birthplace of desert-style golf with many alpine fairways and traditional courses. With such a huge variety to choose from, avid golfers are sure to find a tee to suit exactly both their taste and pocket.

Grand Canyon National Park Looking for some accommodation

with a real difference? Alongside campgrounds and cabins, why not stay in a houseboat on Lake Powell or a Navajo Hogan.

State secret The two largest manmade lakes in the U.S. are Lake

Mead and Lake Powell – both located in Arizona.

Don't Miss The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of

the world is over a mile deep, 277 miles long and 18 miles at its widest.



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