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44 O MONTANA The Big Sky State

Montana Office of Tourism • 01825 76 36 36 •, • Population: 1 million • State Capital: Helena • Largest City: Billings • Local Time: MST – 7 hrs behind UK • Weather: Warm, dry summer with cool evenings • National/State Parks: 6 • Int'l Gateways: Minneapolis/St Paul/Bloomington, Denver, Seattle and Salt Lake City

START with two of the world’s greatest treasures, the unmatched scenic splendour of Glacier National Park’s snowcapped peaks and Yellowstone National Park where geothermal forces gush out while bison graze nearby. Next, fill the vast open spaces between the parks with wilderness refuges, soaring Rocky Mountains, extensive prairies, rivers and lakes. Finish with bucking rodeos, lively festivals,

art galleries,

small communities and modern cities, museums, elegant resorts and ranches and unparalled wildlife. Activities abound: hiking, horse

riding, mountain- or road-biking and world-class

fishing; skiing, snowmobiling or whitewater

rafting, river floating or boat tours; downhill

snowshoeing. Even simply fill your day with a scenic drive, a prime seat to witness

the majestic and wild natural surrounds. A Montana bighorn sheep

Don't Miss Glacier National Park, via a red bus tour on the

Going-to-the-Sun Road. NEVADA The Silver State

Nevada Commission on Tourism • 020 7367 0935 • • Pop.: 2,700,551 • State Capital: Carson City (pop. - 55,274 U.S Census Bureau) • Largest City: Las Vegas • Local Time: PST – 8 hrs behind UK • Weather: Av. temp 67F (20C) NW has four seasons; east cities cooler. S Nevada temps higher • Nat./State Pks: 26 • Int'l Gateway: Las Vegas

HOME to some of the most varied and captivating landscapes on earth; everything from stunning snow- capped mountain ranges

to countryside and stark

desert. The state’s national parks are the perfect base to explore the rugged


hiking, mountain biking, fishing and camping.

Nevada’s untamed

landscape is also home to some of America’s most

extreme sports,

including everything from land sailing on the Misfits Flat to white water kayaking in the Truckee River. Not just for adrenaline junkies, the state

is home to over 100 golf

courses, ranging from lush lakefront courses and country clubs to high- desert greens. Venture to the North of Nevada to find Cowboy Country – a region where old west hospitality rules! The ever evolving Las Vegas continues to dazzle with its world- class entertainment and new hotels

Valley of Fire

and attractions including The SLS, The Delano and The LINQ.

State secret Every May visitors head to the Royal Peacock Mine in

north-western Nevada for Opal season. Whatever you find, you are allowed to keep, including the rare Black Fire Opal.

Don't Miss The Virginia City International Camel Races in

September, which see camels racing to a soundtrack of banjos, harmonicas and cheering. NEBRASKA The Cornhusker State

Nebraska Tourism Commission • 001 402 471 3796 • • Population: 1,826,341 • State Capital: Lincoln • Largest City: Omaha • Local Time: CST/MT, 6/7 hrs behind GMT • Weather: Temps range from -20°F (-29°C) in the winter to more than 80°F (27°C) in the summer • Nat./State Pks: 86 • Int'l G'ways: Denver, Colorado and Kansas City

Year round, the state of Montana’s

welcoming communities serve as gateways to days of adventure as well as evenings of relaxation.

State secret Montana’s ghost

towns invite you to peer into the past. Explore the two gold rush towns Bannack State Park


Virginia City – and nearby Nevada City, where Montana’s history lives.

ALTHOUGH Nebraska is the Cornhusker State, there’s more to it than just cornfields. Spanning over 77,000 square miles, Nebraska’s varying landscapes make it a hub for ecotourism, agritourism and much more. The Nebraska landscape is as diverse as any with tall prairie grass to rolling sandhills to verdant river valleys. Our agricultural background makes Nebraska the place for farm- to-table meals and farmer’s markets. But that’s not all. Nebraska has abundant, perfectly manicured golf courses


with national and recognition.


golf, there’s plenty to do outside. The great outdoors features great hunting, fishing and animal watching. The Sandhill Cranes’ migration is a sight to behold. Hiking and biking lures adventurers to follow the trails of past pioneers, cowboys and explorers. Go further

Kiting in Nebraska

back in history and uncover fossils and visit dig sites and become a paleontologist.

State secret Kearney, in central Nebraska, hosts

the Classic Car

Collection with almost 200 vehicles from the early 1900s through to the modern era.

Don't Miss The changing ecosystems of Omaha’s Henry

Doorly Zoo and Aquarium which features the world’s largest indoor desert and rainforest. NEW HAMPSHIRE The Granite State

New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism • 001 603 271 2665 • • Population: 1.3 million • State Capital: Concord • Largest City: Manchester • Local Time: EST – 5 hrs behind UK • Weather: Av. monthly temps in Concord range from 20-70F (7-21C) year-round • National / State Parks: 71 • Int'l Gateways: Boston, Montreal and New York

COUNTRY roads, all await fields you and

forests, vibrant towns and peaceful villages

in New

Hampshire’s rich and varied landscape. Explore our main streets and back roads, lakes and mountains, valleys and shorelines all within a single trip! We have 1,300 lakes, 18 miles of coastline and 48 mountain peaks over 4,000 feet in the state. Across the

state, you’ll variety of restaurants, find a farmers’

markets, shops and eateries that serve up a bounty of local foods and fresh produce. We’re up to 33 award- winning breweries, micro-breweries and brew-pubs spread throughout the state. For wine lovers, there are at least 30 wineries and vineyards. Visit our quaint and unique shops, from old-fashioned 5 & 10¢ stores to name brand factory outlets and antique galleries. Shopping is tax free 365 days of the year throughout

New Hampshire's perfect autumn colours the state of New Hampshire!

State secret The Keene Pumpkin Festival holds the world record for the largest number of carved, lit up jack-o-lanterns (30,581!) The festival is held every October.

Don't Miss Fall foliage season! The trees are ablaze with magnificent

oranges, reds and yellows. Drive

down back roads surrounded by stunning colour,

experience a

harvest festival, or pick your own apples at a working orchard.



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