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theibcdaily Welcome to IBC2014 By Michael Crimp, CEO, IBC

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to IBC2014, an event which I firmly believe to be vital in reflecting the industry’s innovation and enhancing all our understanding of technology and the electronic media business on a global level. Over the past year we have seen world economies stabilise, with budgets of corporations in some countries returning to pre- financial crash levels. But the

business climate has changed, in particular the approach of organisations to technology and purchase decisions. We see major capex decisions increasingly taken on the basis of return on investment and on a project-by-project basis. Ultra HD is one of the key driving forces, but investment in the infrastructure to bring it to consumers will be one of the key topics here at IBC2014. IBC is in constant motion and is different every year. Sometimes

the changes are obvious, such as with the development of ßthe IBC Leaders’ Summit and Rising Stars Programme, and this year’s launch of IBC Content Everywhere and IBC Content Everywhere Cloud and Workflow Solutions. However, sometimes it is

incremental, such as the subtle reorganisation of this year’s conference programme into themed days, each one telling a different part of the innovation story of our industry and

Welcome from The Mayor of Amsterdam

Dear IBC visitor, The city of Amsterdam is delighted to welcome you to IBC!

This week, the IBC exhibition and its agenda- setting conference will bring more than 52,000 industry professionals from all over

The Amsterdam Heritage Days – 13 & 14 September 2014

The Amsterdam Heritage Days annually explore and celebrate the city’s rich history by casting open the doors of important buildings, monuments and private homes to the public, all free of charge. With the theme of ‘Travelling’, the event returns on 13 & 14 September 2014. For more information, visit

the world to our city. Change and innovation are transforming the global media and entertainment industries. That is why IBC attracts the most talented and driven people from the worlds of broadcasting, ICT, consumer electronics,

research and technology. We welcome you to our

city – and invite you to stay. I hope you will leave IBC with renewed creativity, innovative spirit and business ideas for the future. Eberhard van der Laan Mayor of Amsterdam

Michael Crimp: “IBC is in constant motion”

anchored by hard-hitting keynote sessions. Professor Brian Cox OBE is providing our Sunday keynote, and you can expect some truly incisive deliveries from the other pre-eminent thought leaders, including Channel 4’s CEO, David Abraham; vice president of Google Europe, Matt Brittin, and Tim Davie who is CEO and director of Global BBC Worldwide.

One thing that does not change though is the great service that the IBC team provides, which means that, even with the economic climate still being a challenge, we are in

LiveTouch enters sports arena Quantel By Carolyn Giardina

Quantel has launched its new studio sports highlighting system, LiveTouch, entering a market currently dominated by EVS with additional players including Grass Valley. Currently being tested by an undisclosed major sports broadcaster, LiveTouch has a scalable design and can support productions in several studios.

BARB project Dovetail two years from market

Conference Analysis By Catherine Wright

How do you keep track of the audience in the age of connected devices? Now that more and more people view content on their smartphones or tablets, have organisations like BARB come up with new and accurate measurement tools? At a conference moderated by media commentator and journalist Kate Bulkley, ‘Following the viewer:

04 theibcdaily

Audience tracking and measurement in the connected era,’ Justin Simpson, BARB’s CEO, gave the lowdown on project Dovetail, a hybrid measurement system that harnesses the power of BARB ‘traditional’ panel data (12,000 people from 5,100 homes in the UK) and device- based data. “To my knowledge, nobody has delivered anything on this scale and ambition ever before,” he claimed. But he also admitted that the new hybrid measurement system was “probably two years

BARB CEO Justin Sampson discussed the hybrid measurement system

away” from hitting the market. One of the main challenges is obtaining universal acceptance for a standard of measurement that matches the accuracy of the traditional panel method.

The company differentiates it by noting that LiveTouch offers bidirectional editor integration, “making it faster and easier to integrate editing and highlights operations.” More specifically, LiveTouch

offers an optional integrated Quantel editing desktop and can work with other editing workstations on the same storage. The workflow is two- way, meaning that editors can access the highlights, with no media movement and the panels can play back any

completed sequence. For example, while the LiveTouch operator is capturing highlights on the fly and providing instant playback and slo-mos, an editor can be simultaneously editing the media recorded on the LiveTouch server, assembling the individual highlights into packages that are ready for playback from the LiveTouch panel the moment the live action is over. The media does not need to be transferred to a separate editor first. 7.A20

Jane Clarke, managing

director of CIMM (the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement), presented project BluePrint, which is attempting to develop such a cross-platform measurement system in the United States. The project, backed by some of the major US broadcasters such as CBS, Fox and NBC, and major advertising agencies such as Carat and Publicis, is in its “Phase 2” Pilot test. “SMPTE has approved the launch of a drafting room,” announced Clarke, a big step towards universal acceptance. But BluePrint is still about a year away from hitting the market. As Denise Turner, chief insight officer at Havas Media Group in the UK, indicated: “This is evolution, not a revolution.”

the enviable position of providing space for more than 1,500 world class brands, with innovation teeming across 14 halls. IBC provides the showcase to witness the latest advances in content creation, management and delivery with inspiration and surprises around every corner.

So welcome to IBC2014. I hope you enjoy a productive time, whatever your interests and goals, and I look forward to seeing you around the show.


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