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We launch our salary survey after what has been a roller coaster year for most companies with business confidence fluctuating significantly. This has been borne out through job flow activity with Q1 and Q3 being extremely busy however Q2 and Q4 being some what quieter.

The year has seen an increase in the volume of ‘added value’ accounting roles such as project and commercial accounting roles with more traditional finance roles remaining fairly static. These roles were the first to be cut in the recession and we therefore see this as a positive sign as companies gear themselves up for growth going into 2014.

Temporary business has remained reasonably stable despite continued legislation changes whilst Fixed Term contracts continue to grow with clients preferring the balance between flexibility and a degree of commitment from candidates. Permanent recruitment, as previously stated, has fluctuated throughout the year however overall we have seen an increase in job flow compared to last year.

We are seeing the pendulum swinging back to a candidate driven market with talent being increasing difficult to source and candidates being more selective about career opportunities. This will no doubt start to filter through into increased salaries over time.

In summary we would conclude that the recruitment market is gaining momentum, albeit slower than expected, and generally market confidence has improved. We anticipate that 2014 will see this trend continuing with companies looking more seriously at succession planning than they have over the past couple of years.

David Heron Managing Director

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