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We asked respondents about their entitlement to fl exible working hours and found that 46% do indeed have this privilege and consider it a benefi t. We also found that this benefi t was considered one of the most important.

The details of these fl exible working schemes varied hugely, however two trends were highlighted within the data. First, 23% of respondents indicated that their company endorsed the idea of ‘core hours’, which tended to be between 10am and 4pm. Provided that employees are at work between these hours, the start and fi nish times could be fl exible.

The second trend was the practice of working fl exible daily hours around a pre- agreed number of hours per week (22% of respondents).


The survey found that there is almost a perfect 50/50 split (50.52% stated ‘Yes’, 49.48% stated ‘no’) in answer to the question of whether you are able to work from home. Interestingly, this also formed part of the Flexible Working scheme for some respondents, enabling employees to fi t the start of their work day around the ‘school run’ or other commitments at home.

sTuDy suPPoRT

The survey results showed that 20% of respondents are currently studying towards a professional qualifi cation and of this 20%, all of them are receiving some sort of Financial Support for their exams.

76% of respondents also receive time off to support their studies which shows that companies place a signifi cant amount of importance on these studies.

The number of companies that will support Continuing Professional Development (i.e. MBA etc) are slightly smaller with only 32% of companies providing this support. The majority of respondents that said there is support available for this also pointed out that it is also discretionary and is decided on the basis of an application and business case.

BenefiTs & ReTenTion suRvey

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