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09 BenefiTs & ReTenTion suRvey

Whilst there has been increasing pressure on salaries over recent years many companies have looked at alternative ways to reward and retain their staff. At the same time employees are also placing more importance on quality of life factors that enable them to juggle their work and home commitments.

We therefore feel that it is important for companies to regularly review their benefits scheme to support talent attraction and retention. We have therefore conducted a survey which has assessed the benefits and incentive schemes currently provided by companies and reviewed these alongside what employees feel are important to them. We provide below the findings of our survey which we hope may assist you when reviewing your benefits and retention strategy.


Our survey found that there was a fairly even split in terms of bonus scheme provision with 52.8% of individuals polled able to benefit from some form of bonus scheme.

The majority of these schemes

are based on a combination of personal performance and company performance and as a percentage of salary represent predominantly up to 10% (c67% of respondents). Almost 20% of respondents receive between 10%-20% of salary.

Respondants who benefit from a bonus scheme

How bonuses are calculated

YES 52.83% NO 47.17%

Company performance 30% Personal performance 10% Both 60%

BenefiTs & ReTenTion suRvey

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