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BenefiTs & ReTenTion suRvey

Percentage of respondents

13 WHAT’s iMPoRTAnT To eMPLoyees?

This was truly a fascinating part of our survey and unearthed some excellent information.

The graph below shows the benefi ts that were voted ‘Very Important’ in order from left-to-right. This shows that the benefi ts people see as being ‘Very Important’ seem to be more peripheral, lifestyle-oriented benefi ts (Free parking, Flexible working, Healthcare etc) rather than what we would perhaps consider to be more ‘Traditional’ benefi ts such as Mobile phone, Company Car (tax implications likely to be the reason for this) and Childcare vouchers.

Benefi ts considered ‘very important’

0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00%

Benefi ts

This next chart, which shows the benefi ts that were classed as ‘Important’ in order from Left to Right, displays this leaning towards more lifestyle-oriented benefi ts in even more clarity, and actually, Flexible Working Hours comes out at the very top.

Free / Onsite parking

Flexible working hours Life Insurance Healthcare

Study support (time) Study support (£) Study support (CPD) Car allowance Child care vouchers Long service initiatives Long service awards

Mobile Car Gym

Discounted products / Vouchers Secondments


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