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BenefiTs & ReTenTion suRvey


We think you will agree that some of the results to this survey are surprising, and some perhaps less so. Perhaps the most important thing to take from this is that the traditional (monetary) benefits are being viewed as less important than some of the more lifestyle-oriented benefits. In a time where technology enables us all to be more efficient and more connected, there is a drive towards using this technology to enable people to fit their work around their lives outside of the office. There are many companies for whom this sort of flexible approach to work will not work, but it is important to understand the importance it holds for prospective employees.

When you consider the results of this survey with regard to retaining your best staff, it is clear that peripheral benefits are important and indeed, a fairly emotive subject. Some of the best performing companies in terms of retention are those that go that ‘extra mile’ to make their employees feel valued.

Flexible benefits are very common among the larger businesses, and enable employees to pick and choose the things that are relevant to them. But with 57% of respondents to our poll suggesting that their current employer needs to improve their benefits package to remain competitive, it is important to assess whether your company is one that is performing well or not – from both an employers, and an employees, point of view.

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