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ISSA announces 2013 innovation awardwinners

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has an- nounced the winners of the 2013 ISSA innovation award pro- gramme. This annual programme provides cleaning industry distribu-

PHSGroup publishes key business trends for 2014

Whilst there are some posi- tive signs that the economy is slowly improving, this alone won’t be enough for businesses to succeed in 2014, warns workplace serv- ices provider PHS Group plc. Increasingly, customers are putting pressure on busi- nesses by demanding serv- ices which lead to better productivity and higher rev- enues, while keeping costs to aminimum. Following an investigation

into the top trends for next year, PHS has identified a number of elements set to play a key part in 2014 busi- ness practice. PHS says businesses should be proac- tive in developing a strategy to implement some of these trends. Andrew Johnston, group

head ofmarketing at PHS Group plc, said: “It’s com- mon sense for businesses to keep upcoming trends on the radar. Undoubtedly, 2014 is going to be challenging for businesses but if our 10 key trends are considered wisely, they could give companies a clear advantage over com- petitors. Business is con- stantly evolving and businesses, big and small, must embrace change or face the prospect of being left behind.” PHS says the following 10

trends should be considered throughout 2014:

Legionella control expert, Swiftclean Building Serv- ices, has welcomed the re- cent changes to the L8 Approved Code of Practice for Legionella Control by the Health & Safety Execu- tive (HSE), whichmore clearly spells out the key aspects ofmaintaining a healthy, legionella-free water system. The areas highlighted in the new ver- sion of the code are: risk assessment requirements;

• Bitcoin - this virtual cur- rency was launched in 2008 and is traded within a global network of computers. It’s set to gainmomentumin 2014, following the opening of the first Bitcoin ATM in Canada in 2013. • Speed - if you think things are fast-paced now, wait until 2014. Technology is getting faster, and with that, so are timeframes from customers. • Clever data - 2013 was all about ‘big data’, 2014 will move toward ‘clever data’ due to increased demands for personalised, real-time data, delivered safely and securely. • Little things - tiny en- hancements to businesses will build up to bigger bot- tomline improvements. Look out for business lead- ers focusing onmicro-im- provements in every area of their business. • Super-clean - the spread of diseases and infection, teamed with society’s para- noia about cleanliness and hygiene, will lead to the de- mand for highly clean work- ing conditions. • Helpful - businesses must bend over backwards in 2014 to please demanding customers - whether it be through products or serv- ices. • Natural workplace - get- ting teams in the right

Anthony Hoare, Swiftclean’s head of surveying and legionella control expert.

responsibilities of the ap- pointed competent person under the law, known as the responsible person; the con- trol scheme; the review of

6 l C&M l JANUARY 2014 l

frame of mind will be a core strategy for HR depart- ments, encouraged through greener workspaces, with more plants, fresh air, and better ambiances. • ‘In-outsourcing’ - 2012 brought outsourcing. 2013 brought insourcing. 2014 willmark the birth of the hybrid as business will mix in-house staff and out- sourced service providers to combine the skills of a number of experts and cre- ate an even tighter service. • The Internet of Things (IoT) - the concept that if all objects were equipped with identifiers they could be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things, and from there, managed and inven- toried by computers. This could lead to the transfor- mation of many businesses. • ‘Freemium’ - perhaps one of the biggest trends for 2014, more brands and businesses will invest in free content to forge direct relationships with cus- tomers and create in- creased loyalty and brand awareness.

To read about these trends in full, download PHS’ free 2014 trends guide by visit- ing: PHS-Group-plc-publishes- key-business-trends-for- 2014.

Increased clarity on legionella controlwelcomed

controlmeasures; and du- ties and responsibilities of those involved in the supply of water systems. This makes the responsible per- son’s obligations under the Health and Safety atWork Act and COSHH Regulations clearer than ever. However, it is still important to enlist ex- pert help in creating and maintaining robust legionella control processes, says Swiftclean. “It’s excellent to clarify the

tors and end-customers - including building service contrac- tors and in-house service professionals - the opportunity to choose which innovations in five categories take home awards. The 2013 contest featured 43 entries, and the winners are: • Cleaning agents: Clorox Professional Products - Clorox urine remover. • Dispensers: SCA - Tork Xpress countertopmultifold hand towel dispenser. • Equipment: Advance - SC1500 REV. • Services and Technology: CleanTelligent Software -Mobile surveys and work orders. • Supplies: Rubbermaid Commercial Products - Collapsible X- Cart.

contracts and relationships In 2014, the British Institute of FacilitiesManagement (BIFM) will be carrying out a series of activities in order to raise awareness of how successful contracts and relationships can be established within the FMsector. BIFMhas recognised the trend ofmore organisations out-

BIFMto advise on effective

sourcing key services within the built environment, increas- ingly on a pan-European or global basis. The FMsector affects all areas of industry, and its impact on the UK econ- omy and society ismore than apparent. As a result, the vol- ume and value of these total facilitiesmanagement (TFM) contracts have risen dramatically and have become a key area of discussion in the FMsector. Gareth Tancred, CEO of BIFM, said: “There are contracts

worth hundreds ofmillions of pounds between FMservice providers and businesses. A great example of popular and successful outsourcing can be seen in the London 2012 Games wheremany of BIFM’s corporatemembers helped ensure the world’s largest sporting event ran smoothly. However, wemust recognise there are cases of less suc- cessful relationships, and work together to sustain the high profile of the FMsector and promote the good work that service providers do for the UK economy.” After extensive research, consultation with FMservice

providers and client-side FMs, and in addition to a BIFM Leaders Forum, the institute is responding to calls fromkey industry professionals to take a lead in guiding the sector on how to run effective contracts and relationships. There have been cases where relationships between suppliers and clients have not always been successful. Tancred said: “BIFMrecognises that its position as the

professional body of the FMsector is to advise people oper- ating in the workplace and built environment. Part of this commitmentmeans providing guidance and support for indi- viduals new to FMor for those requiring knowledge when setting up outsourced contracts.”

duties of the responsible person under law for the control of legionella, but we would still recommend that youmake a point of checking every year that you don’t need a change of legionella risk assessment,” said An- thony Hoare, Swiftclean’s head of surveying and le- gionella control expert. Swiftclean’smanaging di-

rector, Gary Nicholls, said: “An annual check is wise, because there is a huge legal burden on the responsible person to comply with their obligations, and this is still a

complex subject. There is a new technical guidance doc- ument as well as the ap- proved code of practice, and it is certainly worth getting expert advice on whether you need to do anything to be sure that you are fully compliant. At this stage, the technical guide is an interim document and there will be a new one in 2014.Many will still find this an area in which expert advice is in- valuable, especially when the consequences of getting this wrong can be severe.”

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