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Flooring& Floorcare Adding precision to cleaning routines

As companies constantly look for new ways to cut costs while still implementing vari- ous environmental regulations, your cus- tomers aremost probably taking steps towards themore economically and ecolog- ically advantageous concentrated chemi- cals. Indeed, transport and carbon footprint are strongly reduced compared to standard ready-to-use solutions and container waste cut to a bareminimum. Besides, operating costs are significantly

lessened as concentrated chemicals allow users to spend the exact amount of product they need, hence avoiding unnecessary waste. However, it is essential to imple- ment the right in-house infrastructure to ensure that chemicals are used safely and to their full potential, securing a high re- turn on investment for the business. Brightwell created a range of on-premise

diluting and dosing systems thatmeet all these needs: the ECOrange. Connected to themains, ECOmix is a proportionner that is pre-set to dilute a certain amount of chemical into water avoiding any direct contact with the cleaning products. It cre- ates an immediate ready-to-use solution whether in a bottle, a large plastic con- tainer or a bucket. ECOshot is amanual dosing systemthat dispenses an adjustable volume of chemical, between 5ml and 30ml, for any type of container. Both sys- tems are available in a bucket-fill version, enabling dosing or diluting floor cleaning chemicals into a large recipient such as a scrubber-dryer. Although different systems, ECOmix and

ECOshot enable efficient, flexible, on-site diluting and dosing processes. Sharing the same innovative features, they offer a one- stop cleaning station thanks to their flexi- bility, their reliability and their easy maintenance, allowing businesses to bene- fit fromthe ideal economical and ecological chemical dispensers. Your customers will

treatment Home to the famous face of Henry, Nu- matic International is one of the UK’s leading commercial cleaning equipment manufacturers. The company’s dedicated ‘media centre’ provides advertising and promotionalmaterial for use across its internationalmarkets producing litera- ture, audio and video components to sup- port its worldwidemarketing strategy. The flooring within this purpose built fa- cility, and in particular the studio space used for both still and video production, is a hardworking and heavily trafficked and needs to be continuously clean. This 40 sqmetre studio area had, until

Receiving the Traffik

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recently, been covered with a typical pho- tography studio white vinyl back-dropma- terial which was in need of either replacing or refurbishment. Andrew Ernill, head ofmedia at Numatic, said: “We needed a replacement backdrop that could stand up to constant use and re- main spotlessly clean and brilliant white. The decision tomove to a permanent, non-slip,matt, and brilliant white floor froma conventionally hung backdrop was an easy one. In addition we were able to increase the working photography space

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no longer need to invest a large amount of time andmoney into stock replenishment and wastemanagement and will now be able to focus on their core business rather than on operations. Brightwell Dispensers has been an ex-

pert in the cleaning industry since 1947. Over the years the company has gained a solid reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable specialist, a reputation that helped Brightwell to secure strong partnerships with companies on every continent. In order to enhance the distribution of the EC- Orange, Brightwell Dispensers offers the possibility for companies to lock the dis- pensers to their own chemicals and resell themunder their own company name, an easy way to increase brand exposure.

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