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Helping customers savewater and energy

Using less water is undoubt- edly themost important way of reducing warewasher run- ning costs. One of the biggest changes to ware- washer design has been the reduction in wash tank size though this is not simply a question of resizing the washtank itself, but rather a complete redesign of the ef- ficacy of the various ele- ments of the warewasher. The Nelson Advantage

range has water and energy saving qualities. The ma- chines not only have low ca- pacity washtanks, but have many other features to com- pensate for the reduced water consumption. The wash and rinse arms, for in- stance, produce extremely powerful, strategically aimed jets that are very effective, and the body of the washtank is seamless and graded to- wards amulti-level filter so

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beyond what is available when using a conventional backdrop.” The company has, over

the past sixmonths, been working closely with floor- ing specialist Traffik UK Ltd which, amongst its range of flooringmaintenance and refurbishment services, is one of the leading service providers of new PU wear layers for existing flooring. Traffik can refurbish and renew any resilient hard

that debris and the dirtiest, coolest water are readily ex- pelled, thus maximising the usefulness of the remaining water. The small amount of water

expelled at the end of the wash cycle is replaced by freshly drawn, hot clean rinse water meaning that once a load is finished, the hot rinse water is used for the subsequent wash cycle. During the rinse cycle, no cold water can enter the sys- tem meaning that glasses or dishes have the longest pos- sible contact time with the hot water.

floor at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement and without causing any en- vironmental damage by dis- posing of old flooring into landfill sites. The system is suitable for refurbishing damaged and worn vinyl, linoleum and rubber floors. With limitless colour options, coloured flecks, printed foils and even bespoke graphic elements, the company was well placed to create the perfect flooring solution that Numatic was looking for - a hardwearing new surface,

Protection for lone workers

Arcis:Altos, based in Dares- bury, just outside Warrington in Cheshire, and Lone Worker Solutions, from Bury in Lan- cashire, have created ‘lone worker packs’ for people who work in isolation and could be at risk of injury or accident without anyone knowing. The packs feature the Noroclear Lone Worker Hygiene

Pack, which meets an individual’s personal need for hygiene and protection from infection, together with a one month full access, free trial subscription to Lone Worker Solutions which allows workers to call for help and be constantly monitored when going into potentially risky situations. The software utilises multiple communication technologies

to safely monitor and communicate with lone workers via theirmobiles, computers or dedicated devices. Employees log into a secure platform when entering a potentially dangerous situation and register how long they expect to be in this situa- tion. If they fail to make contact within the given timescale, the secure platform sends out a message to the individual and if they fail to respond a predefined escalation procedure is activated. The software package options are fully customis- able to fit individual requirements from sole users to large corporates with thousands of users. The packs include surface wipes, hand wipes and hand

foam to enable employees tomaintain their personal hygiene needs in the absence of washing facilities, in addition to de- tails of the free trial software for download.

Schutz white PU finish fol- lowed by a further coating of a clear PU matt finish - all undertaken within a 24 hour period causing no downtime. Ernill concluded: “The

suited to photographic and film usage - without any en- vironmental impact. The studio flooring was re- placed by Traffik using Dr

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flooring looks brand new with a surface ideal for both still and video production as well as being capable of bearing the heavy traffic load created when photo- graphing ride on scrubber dryers and building room sets.”

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