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 IndustryNews FMcompanies see robust share price growth

The UK's publicly listed facili- tiesmanagement companies experienced a significant im- provement in share price per- formance in the third quarter of 2013, according to analysis frombusiness and financial advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP. The firm's quarterly Quoted

FMTracker, which follows the performance of 15 publicly traded UK FMcompanies, recorded an average share price rise of almost +12%for the peer group over the pe- riod. The sharp rise follows lacklustre performance of the group in Q2, which saw only

three of the top 10 companies (by size) record any share price growth. Driven upwards to a signifi-

cant degree by outfits such as Kier Group and ISG plc (who saw share price growth of +47.2%and +43%, respec- tively), the group’s average Q3 share price performance sig- nificantly outperformed both the FTSE All Share and FTSE Support Services indices - which saw +4.7%and +7.5% increases, respectively. David Ascott, corporate fi-

nance partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said: "To a large extent, the uptick in

share price performance will come as welcome relief for the group, as it catches up with other sectors that have been quicker to capitalise on the recovery. How long the group canmaintain this up- ward trajectory remains to be seen, but the positive signs we're seeing in the wider economic rebound will no doubt work in the sector's favour." Grant Thornton's quarterly

Insights into FacilitiesMan- agement, which analyses the volume and value of publicly announcedmerger and ac- quisition (M&A) activities in

Awardwin forDisposablesUK

Disposables UK was crowned ‘Business of the Year’ at the 2013 Hudders- field Examiner Business Awards, following a suc- cessful year for the family- run Meltham-based business. Disposables UK demon-

strated in its submission how, over the past year, the company has overcome diffi- cult trading conditions to grow the business, win new contracts, develop new prod- ucts, and improve opera- tions, in order to beat numerous finalists and scoop the coveted award. The winmarks the culmi-

nation of Disposables UK’s focus on growth and innova- tion during 2013, which saw the company relocate its four previous sites into one large 150,000 sq ft state-of-the-art site inMeltham. Consolidat- ing its operations in this way

the UK's FMsector, also noted amodest decline in transactions in themarket. In total, 22 deals were an- nounced over the period, down by just three transac- tions fromthe previous quar- ter. In year-to-date terms however, 2013 remains ahead of the previous year and over- all expectations are for the market tomeet or exceed the annual numbers seen since 2008. DomesticM&A continued

to dominate the landscape, although the proportion of overall activity accounted for by international acquirers re-

mains on the rise, represent- ing nearly a quarter of the sample in Q3. Ascott continued: "With

much of the quoted FMsector actively engaged in strategic reviews of their portfolios of businesses, significantM&A opportunities should arise - either for newentrants aswe sawwith GDF/WorkPlace or private equity plays, such as Lyceumwith SGP. Despite a slight slowdown in transac- tions over the past quarter, we can expectM&A activity to pick up again over the next fewquarters."

BCCwelcomes new memberWAMITAB

and providing a faster turn- around time on producing goods, has allowed the com- pany to deliver even better customer service. EmmaWood,marketing

manager at Disposables UK, said: “We are thrilled to have won the Business of The Year award and be recog- nised for our achievements. It has been a very exciting year for the company, with the sitemove and expansion so this really is the icing on

the cake. It is also recogni- tion for the teamwho strive tomake the company a suc- cess, both locally and nation- ally. As a leading company in our field, we are proud to have played such a strong part in themanufacturing renaissance of Kirklees and, as one of the largest employ- ers inMeltham, to have had a positive impact on the local economy.” www.

The British Cleaning Council has welcomed its 22nd mem- ber, WAMITAB, to the board. WAMITAB is an awarding organ- isation and charity that develops qualifications for those working in cleaning, street cleansing, facilitiesmanagement, resource management and recycling, and parking from oper- ative through to management level. Since it was formed in 1989, WAMITAB has evolved in line with the convergence be- tween the sectors with a clear focus on promoting and sup- porting environmental sustainability. With over 120 qualification pathways and 70 quality assured centres, WAMITAB offers a specialist network to support staff devel- opment. WAMITAB CEO, Chris James, said: “WAMITAB is delighted to

be accepted as amember of the British Cleaning Council, sharing common objectives around the development of skills and partnership working to further the reputation of cleaning as a key contributor to the UK economy and the environment: in short, why cleaningmatters.” BCC chairman, Doug Cooke, said: “The BCC is very pleased

to have extended its reach to include representation from WAMITAB. The work thatWAMITAB does is vital to the sector and verymuch in line with the BCC’s aims to encourage and increase training and development across the industry.We welcomeWAMITAB’s contribution and look forward to working together.”

KärcherAcademyCleaning Tips: Fast clean-ups any time

Turnaround times in busy restaurants and cafes are often very short. The need to keep tables occupied and reduce waiting times means that sometimes only a quick wipe of the table and the re-setting of places and chairs is possible. But this canmean that one cru- cial area is overlooked - the floor. Crumbs, cereals, wrappers, napkins, and cut- lery can bemissed when a table is being prepared for the next customer, and there’s often no time or space to get out a dustpan and brush and sweep the floor clean. Something as

cide not to return or to rec- ommend to others - nomat- ter how impressive the décor, ambience, produce, and service are. Kärcher’s innovative and

simple as this can cause customers to be left with a negative impression and de-

10 l C&M l JANUARY 2014 l

compact KM35/5 C is the perfect solution for these kinds of quick clean-ups. Its compact size and low noise mean it can rapidly sweep under and around tables and chairs quickly and quietly. Themachine is designed for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, and can even pick up napkins and cutlery. It’s easy to operate - just a

single on-off switch on the base that can be foot-con-

trolled. The pivoting handle makes it easy to steer, and its low heightmakes it easy to get under objects like chairs. Emptying the waste container is simple, just press the yellow button and pull out the container. The Li-Ion battery gives up to 45 minutes run time and is easy and quick to charge. The handle retracts and folds for easy storage, and it’s therefore easy to store themachine on a wall or door hook. It’s perfect for use in and around offices, shops, bars and restaurants to keep businesses well- presented and to provide

customers with the best impression. Formore information on

how the KM35/5 C can make a difference to your business, and to see a video of themachine in action, visit

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